Development Platform

Build Content-Driven Solutions Fast

Custom Content Types

Reduce development time and ongoing maintenance by enabling your web team to create content structures with related data and custom fields, without coding. Boost productivity with auto-generated content widgets and comprehensive API documentation.

UI Framework

You bring the HTML, we'll bring the content. The modern frontend development framework lets you control every pixel rendered using the latest and greatest technology, such as HTML5, AngularJS or Bootstrap. 



Build clean, modern, fast websites using the latest Microsoft ASP.NET MVC technology. Take full control over your model bindings, Razor views, controllers and resource routing. Create new widgets with MVC, and use them together on the same website page with widgets built in ASP.NET WebForms.

Comprehensive API

Meet all your current and future website requirements with a CMS platform that has comprehensive and completely open native, fluent and RESTful APIs, which are easy to extend and fully documented. Leverage the Microsoft ASP.NET Provider Model with full support LINQ to store, access and query all your application data.

Visual Studio Support

Increase your developer productivity with Sitefinity™ VSIX, a feature-rich plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio. Spend more time developing your specific requirements, and use the Sitefinity plugin to generate infrastructure code for website templates, themes, widgets, modules, web services and more.

Headless CMS

Easily bring your content to any device. Leverage Sitefinity as a Headless CMS, relying on its OData APIs and modern user experience for content creation. Take advantage of all the built-in capabilities and decoupled architecture that come with Sitefinity to reduce your time to implement a headless strategy. 

Site Starter Kits and Add-Ons

Spin up additional websites quickly with Site Start Kits. Eliminate redundant work and ensure quality by leveraging existing sites, including page templates, pages, content, custom code and more, to start new website projects. 

Plus, you'll improve developer productivity with Sitefinity add-ons. Save time by reusing website templates, functionality and content across website projects and by creating NuGet-based add-on packages that can be installed on multiple Sitefinity instances using the latest export and import capabilities. Sitefinity Marketplace

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