Marketo Connector for Sitefinity

Track web traffic and behavior, while enabling the synchronization of Sitefinity forms with any Marketo lead.

Integrate Web Forms for Scoring and Events

Sitefinity CMS web forms are tightly integrated with Marketo so you can define if the form should add to the lead score or if it should trigger a workflow in Marketo. You can copy and reuse existing forms and modify their properties for Marketo based on the goal of the marketing campaign. 
Integrate Web Forms for Scoring and Events

Deliver Truly Personal Experiences Through Every Channel

The Sitefinity Connector for Marketo allows you to use any contact fields such as lead scoring, touch points, and company size to dynamically personalize website experiences. The tight integration between Sitefinity CMS and Marketo enables you to deliver a consistent brand experience for multichannel deliver and successfully guide visitors to predetermined, desired outcomes.    

Enable Website Tracking with a Click

With just one click, the Sitefinity Connector for Marketo allows you to paste the Marketo tracking code into a central place and apply to all website pages. Define lead scoring and type per page to determine lead activity, interest and movement down the funnel. 
Enable Website Tracking with a Click

Leverage Custom Forms and Logic

You may require custom web forms with special logic that are connected to various systems throughout your organization. Sitefinity intercepts the information from custom forms and auto feeds that information into Marketo. You can then decide whether the form submission triggers an event or assigns a certain lead score to continue the journey and refine your profile. 


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