Sitefinity's Cloud Content Management System

Minimize IT complexity and overhead while meeting 
business demands with Progress Sitefinity Cloud. 

Your Challenge

Manage Your Experiences, 
Not Your Infrastructure

With digital experiences becoming key competitive differentiators for modern businesses, the underlying architecture has never been more important. The best digital experiences demand a content management system with an architecture that facilitates agility, extensibility and scalability.

Sitefinity Solution

Carry the Business Forward with
Sitefinity Cloud

Hosted on Microsoft Azure by Progress, Sitefinity Cloud enables system integrators, digital agencies and end users to develop, run and manage Sitefinity-powered digital experiences without the complexity of building and maintaining infrastructure. 

Key Benefits

Sitefinity Cloud enables you to swiftly scale your business with its simplified architecture, while maintaining its ability to support complex, large-scale digital projects.  

  • Reduce Infrastructure Overhead

    Sitefinity Cloud is a full Platform-as-a-Service hosted on Azure by Progress minimizing the need for internal infrastructure management.

  • Minimize Downtime Risk

    Leverage an autoscaling infrastructure backed by 99.9% service level availability and 24/7 support.

  • Proven Performance

    Sitefinity's best-in-class performance delivers up to 1,200 page views per second exceeding performance requirements for today’s digital economy.

  • Achieve Operational Efficiency

    Microsoft Azure DevOps lifecycle management tooling enables high visibility into state-of-the-art CI/CD processes required for today’s WCM environments.

Highlighted Features

Don’t limit organizational productivity with unneeded complexity. Sitefinity Cloud gives you all of the features that you need to develop and create content, all in one unified, virtual platform.

Auto-Scaling Environments in Azure

Sitefinity Cloud is a full Platform-as-a-Service offering hosted and managed on Azure by Progress.

Multisite Management 

Take advantage of Sitefinity's multisite management to host up to 1,000 websites.

1,200 Page Views per Second

Sitefinity Cloud speed and scale delivers up to 1,200 page views per second.

Dedicated 24/7 Support

Proactive monitoring and dedicated support ensures quick resolution in the unlikely event of incidents.

99.9% Availability

You can expect superior quality and 99.9% service level availability with Sitefinity Cloud to keep you up and running.

Developer Productivity Tools

Take advantage of built-in monitoring and management tools and CI/CD across development and production environments.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Put modern development practices to good use as you leverage built-in CI/CD capabilities that enable developers to release new functionalities with a click of a button.

Management Portal

Take control of your entire deployment via a single users, resources and services management center.

Performance Dashboards

Gain high visibility into the development process through detailed reports and metrics on the information you care about most.

Data Backup

Effortlessly backup and restore your data across development and production environments.

Code Repository

Benefit from an isolated environment for code base changes. Easily review code and collaborate with other team members.


Gain visibility through built-in monitoring and management tools.


Sitefinity Cloud

Achieve operational efficiency and drive business growth.