Sitefinity CMS AWS with Continuous Deployment & Delivery

Easily deploy and manage Sitefinity websites to Amazon AWS


Leverage the entire set of AWS capabilities to streamline the development and deployment processes inside your company. IT administrators can take full advantage of Amazon Web Services with Sitefinity by using Amazon RDS for the CMS database, EC2 instances as underlying infrastructure and Amazon S3 for storage. In addition, every website could use Amazon CloudSearch for indexing and searching content. With Sitefinity and AWS, everything is set up and configured for you to deploy and manage quickly.



Sitefinity and Amazon make your business scalable by handling low and high visitor traffic with more computing power, using only what you need but ramping up when you need it. With Elastic Beanstalk you manage your EC2 servers on which the website runs. On top of it, the ElastiCache capability boosts your performance.

Continuous Delivery and Integration

Shorten release cycles and reduce time to market with the help of a Jenkins build server and Sitefinity. Leveraging Sitefinity's smooth integration with Elastic Beanstalk coupled with GitHub updates configured to the live environment, organizations can easily manage continuous delivery with less resources. It’s as simple as connecting your Sitefinity web application repo to Jenkins, build it and automatically promote the package to the production servers.


Cost Effectiveness

AWS solutions help companies handle infrastructure and scaling, while they leverage the critical potential of their teams on more mission-critical tasks for higher ROI. To optimize your company's potential further, Sitefinity and the Amazon monthly calculator predicts your future expenses in detail.


Low level support

Having full control of the AWS deployment process gives development teams great flexibility. That’s why Sitefinity adopts the best practices from Amazon and provides CloudFromation template and Powershell Desired State Configuration to provision and configure Sitefinity web applications in every single detail.


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