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Customer Data Platform for Building One-to-One Digital Relationships

Aggregate customer data, deliver uniquely personalized experiences and optimize your marketing ROI.

Sitefinity Insight Product Overview:
What Is Sitefinity Insight

Let the Data Tell the Story

Capture every customer interaction. Optimize campaign performance. Identify opportunities and trends. Make insight-driven decisions.

Unify Customer Data

Collect and combine data from online, offline and third-party sources to create a unified profile view of each contact.

Deliver 1:1 Personalization

Deliver tailored content and 1:1 personalization to each prospect and customer.

Prove Marketing ROI

Elevate your marketing with data-driven insights. Leverage lead scoring, multi touch attribution and A/B testing to increase conversions and optimize your sales funnel.

Stay Compliant

Maintain compliance with a SOC2, HIPAA-certified platform that safeguards your data and protects the privacy of your contacts.

Customer Data Platform: What is it and How to Choose the Best CDP?

Learn how Customer Data Platforms (CDP) can enable organizations to consolidate siloed data, unify customer information, adopt insight-driven marketing

Sitefinity Insight "Ask Me Anything" Series

A weekly Q&A Session on LinkedIn Live.

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Craft a Successful Digital Experience with Sitefinity Insight

Leverage integrated customer data management, digital experience analytics, personalization, and AI-driven content and campaign optimization capabilities. Easily segment your audience and transform the customer journey while accelerating time to market and driving marketing ROI.

Included Features

of Included Features

Data Capture

Import data from online, offline, third-party sources and 1,000+ business systems as a foundation for building a complete customer profile.

Data Capture

Capture Web, Mobile, Form Data, Custom and Offline Interactions

Provides a unified view to track and built-in capabilities to personalize the customer journey across channels and business systems, even during offline conversions and interactions.

Traffic Filtering

Filter biased data generated by automated bots performing website visits or exclude traffic from specific networks to obtain a more accurate view of your data.

Data Import, SDKs and Google Tag Manager Templates

Facilitate the development of custom applications, data import and integration of external sources.

Chatbot Interactions from NativeChat

NativeChat integration enables marketers to understand whether chatbot interaction positively affects the overall customer journey.

Included Features

of Included Features

Customer Data Management

Use combined data to build a unified view of customer interactions, understand their needs to ultimately increase conversions and retention.

Customer Data Management

360 Customer View

Get a unified view of every interaction across channels from the initial touchpoint and every step along the user journey to the desired outcome or goal such as a website inquiry, product purchase or offline interaction.

Multi-parameter, Segment-based Contact Search

Use multiple search parameters to find a particular contact. Users can search by Persona, Lead stage or if they’ve interacted with you or not.

Custom Contact Properties

Define and store custom contact properties collected through a form submission or external system (i.e. industry, salary, product affinity or product type).

Import Contact Data from Third Party Systems

Manually or programmatically import contact data from third party systems and start building well-rounded customer profiles.

Included Features

of Included Features

Customer Journey Mapping

Follow every interaction along the user journey. Visualize how prospects and customers experience your products or services.

Customer Journey Mapping

Journey Visualization

Provides a customer journey map, visually illustrating the user flow through your site, starting with the initial touchpoint and continuing through the process of engagement towards a predefined conversion point or desired outcome.

Touchpoints and Conversions per Customer

Map and track crucial digital and offline goals, touchpoints or conversion points with business impact to the customer journey.

Video Consumption Analysis

Measure the impact of video content on the visitor’s journey and sales funnel.

E-commerce Events per Customer

Track key e-commerce actions as part of the customer journey to help expand analytics options.

Included Features

of Included Features

Personalization and Targeting

Deliver 1:1 personalization and promote relevant content, product offerings or services. Increase engagement, boost conversions and retain customers.

Personalization and Targeting

AI-Driven Content Recommender

The data-driven algorithm automatically identifies and promotes content to produce the next best step (a recommendation) for the current visitor’s journey.

Real-Time Personalization

Personalize the user journey based on a visitor's engagement, readiness to convert or a predefined customer segment.

Segment Targeting (by conversion and by touchpoint)

Increase engagement by promoting relevant content based on conversions or specific touchpoints.

Contact List / Segment Export (with criteria)

Export contact information to facilitate segmentation and targeting in third party MarTech systems.

Included Features

of Included Features

Analytics and Reporting

Track interactions, gain critical business insights and visualize data in meaningful reports. Broaden your view without losing focus on important metrics.

Analytics and Reporting

Real time A/B Test Report

Reporting on specific metrics - Conversion rates, statistical significance, winning variation and more.

Touchpoint Uplift Analysis and Heatmap

Provides insights on how interacting with specific touch points impacts conversion rates and clarity into the number of visitors who converted after interacting with a defined touch point.

Configurable Summary Dashboard

Customize the look and feel of the dashboard to highlight important metrics (conversions, touchpoints) for each user.

Content and Touchpoint Attribution Analysis

Gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and assign monetary value to the different touchpoints and resources on your web properties.

Included Features

of Included Features

Audience Analysis and Modeling

Learn about your visitors' behavior, preferences, and engagement and research audience models with what-if persona segments to fine-tune your targeting.

Audience Analysis and Modeling

Scoring for Unknown  Visitors and Known Contacts

Segment anonymous and known visitor and customer bases based on user-supplied variables or past interactions (form submissions, CRM information, support tickets, etc) and tailor the messaging or product offerings to the needs of the audience or aggregate results for reporting purposes.

Lead Funnel/Score and Persona Segment Modeling

Easily define lead scoring and persona models and track the visitor journey as they express interest in your products and then travel through your funnel to become a paying customer.

Behavior and Property-Based Segmentation / Scoring

Leveraging behavioral and demographic segmentation in Sitefinity, marketers can target specific behaviors to help produce their desired outcomes and employ personalization to ensure their visitors’ needs are met.

Segmentation by Content Tags/Classifications

Sitefinity Insight supports audience segmentation based on content consumption – content tags (title, keywords) and classification (intended audience, content type) to segment their visitors and tailor the messaging or product offerings.

Included Features

of Included Features

A/B Testing

Test new page layouts, designs and content ideas. Easily determine which version has the maximum impact on user engagement, conversion rates and business metrics.

A/B Testing

Put Assumptions to the Test

Easily split traffic between design control and challenger variations and conduct unlimited A/B or multivariate tests.

Improve Accuracy and Thoroughness with Segmented A/B Testing

Target specific audience segments for improved accuracy.

Take Complete Control Over Your Optimization

Control all aspects of your optimization campaign including the duration of the test, the number of variations, traffic distribution and the conversion goals you are seeking to optimize.

Get Data-driven Insights

Readily identify the variation that delivered the best performance based on a combination of goal completion rate and statistical significance of results.

Included Features

of Included Features

Administration and User Management

Consolidate data collection, contact information, user accounts and access to personally identifiable information in one central location.

Administration and User Management

  • Multiple data center management
  • User access rights management
  • PII access management
  • Single Sign-On with Azure Active Directory
  • Multi-Factor Authentication

Included Features

of Included Features

Security and Compliance

Leverage a certified solution meeting your internal and external compliance and data residency requirements.

Security and Compliance

  • ISO/IEC 27018
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • GDPR Compliance
  • SOC2 Compliance
  • Azure Cloud Infrastructure
  • Data Residency

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