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Market-leading organizations have websites
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Today, winning websites are constantly evolving. They are increasingly personalized, optimized and customized, so that organizations can deliver growing marketing strategy and achieve business goals cost-effectively, quickly and efficiently.

Craft a successful digital experience with
Sitefinity Insight

Progress® Sitefinity® Insight℠ streamlines digital analysis and content optimization so that you can easily enhance marketing effectiveness. Analyze, optimize and personalize digital journeys to positively contribute to the bottom line with built-in functionality.

Be a Marketing Maverick

Utilize Insight from Multiple Channels
Make the best marketing decisions based on insights that account for the entire business.
Get Real-Time Analysis and Recommendations
Readily understand marketing program performance, successful user interactions, friction areas in the buyer journey and utilize information for a quick time-to-market.
Deploy Personalization and Optimization Independently
Personalize and optimize content with little help from IT. Execute a marketing strategy that achieves business KPIs.
Deliver Personalized Experiences
Validate the impact of content changes and deliver web experiences based on true ROI, maximizing marketing impact.

Be an IT Hero

Collect Data Across Systems
Easily connect the right set of data from the relevant systems that encompass all interaction touchpoints.
Support Automatic Analysis and Recommendations
Sitefinity Insight produces real-time performance dashboards and machine-learning recommendations, so that you no longer have to.
Empower Your Marketing Team
Enable marketers to publish variations of content through Sitefinity Insight’s personalization and optimization features, with little help from IT.
Engineer Impactful Experiences
Execute and deliver web experiences based on true ROI, maximizing IT’s impact.

Key Capabilities

By utilizing Sitefinity Insight’s key features, improve the success of your website’s content to achieve business results cost-effectively, quickly and efficiently.

Audience Intelligence 

Understand your audience better and gain insights that help you improve each visitor’s experience.

Key Features
  • 360-degree visitor view
  • Customer journey analysis
  • Interaction data across channels
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Content Personalization

Deliver tailored experiences to target visitor segments. Get insights on personalized versions.

Key Features
  • Segmentation and personas
  • Personalized versions
  • Personalization reports
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Actionable Marketing Insights

Get rich data and smart insights with detailed analytics reports on key metrics and goals and measure the attribution.

Key Features
  • Marketing attribution
  • Tracking & reports
  • Predictive analytics
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Data tracking &

Sitefinity integrates interaction data across multiple channels - websites, mobile apps, and chatbots, so that it does not end up siloed.

Key Features
  • Merge data across systems
  • Integrate with CRM, MAS, Google
  • Custom tracking scenarios
  • Data tracking standards compliance
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Security Standards & Compliance

Sitefinity is a powerful, scalable and secure solution with focus on customer data protection and standards compliance.

Key Features
  • EU and US deployments
  • Tracking consent
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Customer data protection
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