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The World Changed.
Now, as a Marketer, It’s Your Turn.

Generic experiences just don’t cut it anymore. Consumer expectations for personalized brand experiences have become the new standard in this increasingly digital world. When you evolve to meet modern-day demands, the results are immediate.

Craft a Successful Digital Experience with
Sitefinity Insight

Build 1-1 digital relationships with high value prospects that exceed their expectations  
and yours. Differentiate the customer journey while accelerating time to market and driving marketing ROI.

Feature Spotlight

Sitefinity Insight is continuously enhanced to ensure you have everything you need to build purposeful, ROI-driven experiences. Discover what's new.

Comprehensive Conversion Attribution Modeling
We’ve added a dash of AI to conversion attribution modeling, to help you ace your KPIs. Auto-discovered touchpoints (assets /interactions) enable you to identify the exact interactions that are contributing to conversions.
Detailed Video Performance Tracking
With video consumption on the rise, take your video-based marketing to the next level by tracking the success of video content and measuring its impact on the visitor’s journey and sales funnel.
Contact Property-Based Lead Scoring
Refine your sales funnel models by incorporating contact properties imported from external systems such as customer status, active opportunities, offline event attendance and more. Build corresponding detailed persona profiles to deliver targeted programs.
Customer Journey Retargeting
Target the most relevant audience by updating sales funnels when a lead for one sales journey displays a change in intent that places them in an entirely different journey (ex: an once sales prospect filled out a job application).
Most Visited Keyword Report for Personas
Do you know what topics resonate most with your audience? Leverage word cloud visualizations in Sitefinity Insight to highlight popular words based on frequency of content consumption and relevance with visitors.
Proactive Sitefinity Insight Alerts
Increase conversions or spot problems before they negatively impact the business through proactive notifications to users.

This is a Sitefinity Insight Premium feature. Gain additional features along with an increased visitor quota with Sitefinity Insight Premium.
Google Data Studio Connector
Connect to Google Data Studio to enable marketers to export data from Sitefinity Insight and expand data analysis options.

This is a Sitefinity Insight Premium feature. Gain additional features along with an increased visitor quota with Sitefinity Insight Premium.

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