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Market Leaders Win with Purpose-Driven Websites

Today, winning websites are constantly evolving. They are increasingly personalized, optimized and customized, so that organizations can deliver on shifting marketing strategies and achieve business goals with greater speed, efficiency and efficacy.

Craft a Successful Digital Experience with
Sitefinity Insight

Progress® Sitefinity® Insight  streamlines digital analysis and content optimization so you can easily enhance marketing effectiveness. Analyze, optimize and personalize digital journeys to positively contribute to the top line with built-in functionality.

Key Capabilities

Optimize and personalize your website’s content to achieve business results cost-effectively, quickly and efficiently.

Audience Intelligence 

Understand your audience better and gain insights that help you improve each visitor’s experience.

Key Features
  • 360-degree visitor view
  • Customer journey analysis
  • Interaction data across channels
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Customer Journey Personalization

Deliver tailored experiences to target visitor segments. Get insights on personalized versions.

Key Features
  • Segmentation and personas
  • Personalized versions
  • Personalization reports
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Actionable Insights

Get rich data and smart insights with detailed analytics reports on key metrics and goals and measure the attribution.

Key Features
  • Marketing attribution
  • Tracking & reports
  • Predictive analytics
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Web Analytics &
Data Tracking

Make sure your data isn't sitting in silos. Sitefinity integrates interaction data across multiple channels, including websites, mobile apps and chatbots. 

Key Features
  • Merge data across systems
  • Integrate with CRM, MAS, Google
  • Custom tracking scenarios
  • Data tracking standards compliance
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Security Standards & Compliance

Protect your data and stay compliant. From the beginning, Sitefinity was designed to be a powerful, scalable and secure solution.

Key Features
  • EU and US deployments
  • Tracking consent
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Customer data protection
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Feature Spotlight

Sitefinity Insight is continuously enhanced to ensure you have everything you need to build purposeful, ROI-driven experiences. Discover what's new.

New in 13.3
Lead Scoring Based on Content Classification
Leverage extended lead scoring options based on content classification (Technical, whitepaper, video, top of funnel, MVC, Productivity, etc.) to produce better lead attribution and to target highly engaged visitors.
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New in 13.3
Negative Lead Scoring
More accurately capture visitors’ level of buying interest and likelihood to convert by taking into account both positive and negative interactions via lead scoring.
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New in 13.3
Common Touchpoint Reporting for Personas
Identify the most common touchpoints that various personas engage with to better understand visitor behavior and further enhance marketing programs and content.
Advanced Personalization Experiences
Marketers can deliver advanced personalization based on custom tags such as tittle, campaign source or other attributes stored in the system regardless of the initial touch point.
Comprehensive Personalization View
Gain new metrics from a redesigned report that provides marketers a comprehensive view the performance of personalized content.
Proactive Sitefinity Insight Alerts
Increase conversions or spot problems before they negatively impact the business through proactive notifications to users.

This is a Sitefinity Insight Premium feature. Gain additional features along with an increased visitor quota with Sitefinity Insight Premium.
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Google Data Studio Connector
Connect to Google Data Studio to enable marketers to export data from Sitefinity Insight and expand data analysis options.

This is a Sitefinity Insight Premium feature. Gain additional features along with an increased visitor quota with Sitefinity Insight Premium.
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In Publishing Industry

Cambridge Innovation Institute Quadruples Conversions by Personalizing Its Customer Journey with Sitefinity

Whenever personalized content is served to visitors, the level of engagement and conversion improves. That was our key objective when we started using Sitefinity.

Jaime Parlee,Marketing Analytics Director, Cambridge Innovation Institute

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