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Create Value from Enterprise Knowledge with Metadata Management and Semantic AI

Maximize the value of your information with meaning and context for your business. Progress Semaphore generates metadata that transforms your complex enterprise information into meaningful, actionable intelligence to power new business opportunities and achieve growth.

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Join the Semaphore Team This September at MarkLogic World Tour – Washington D.C. 

Explore the Future of Data with industry leaders, innovators and professionals in the data space. Secure your spot to engage in practical workshops and examine topics like knowledge management, data harmonization and generative AI.

Get Accurate Answers and Avoid a Bad Reputation with Trustworthy GenAI

Unlock the full potential of your data with data in context for more accurate, trustworthy generative AI results. Explore the power of semantics in generative AI solutions.

A Semantic Layer for Your Digital Ecosystem

Get more from your data and fuel analytics and AI initiatives with quality, contextual and operational metadata that adds meaning and context to data for downstream systems. The Progress Semaphore platform removes the layers of information complexity and helps you realize the business value of your information, extract intelligence and drive innovation.

Understand Your Data

Make sense of your data and address vocabulary gaps, information silos and language ambiguity to find relevant information faster.

Trust Your Data

Enhance the value and quality of your existing data with precise metadata in information-intensive business context.

Analyze Your Data

Classify documents and extract information to support language-intensive processes and make more informed decisions.

Leverage Your Data

Apply a rich semantic layer across disparate data sources for a complete picture of enterprise information to drive new initiatives.

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Elevate Knowledge Management to Drive Innovation and Change

Capture enterprise knowledge, analyze structured and unstructured information to extract hidden facts and relationships and classify subject matter so it can be integrated across your technology portfolio. This enables your organization to accelerate automation, insight discovery, interoperability and data sharing across systems.

Why Choose Semaphore?

With Semaphore, your organization gets an enterprise-scalable, business-focused and feature-rich solution that allows you to quickly and accurately generate and apply knowledge at scale without the time penalty or cost of machine-learning techniques.


Grow and scale across the business, seamlessly accommodating varying data volumes and business needs.

Usability and Accessibility

Support a swift adoption with a business user-friendly environment and an intuitive and collaborative interface.

Evolving Enterprise Features

Leverage knowledge tools that cater to diverse business needs with market-leading capabilities and constantly evolving features.

“Powerful, flexible product, especially for transparent AI classification.”

Knowledge Managment Specialist

Public Sector / Government

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Explore What’s New in Semaphore

Discover all the amazing new features in the latest Long Term Support (LTS) release, Semaphore 5.8, and our first innovation release, Semaphore 5.10. Now business experts can leverage their knowledge management practices, boost their efficiency and productivity and achieve better business outcomes.

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2024 MarkLogic World Tour

2024 MarkLogic World Tour

Learn the latest best practices from our customers and partners on the front line of AI, data visualization and semantic knowledge—and discover how to get the most value from your data. Join us in Washington D.C. this September.

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KMWorld 2024

Progress Semaphore is a Platinum sponsor of KMWorld 2024, where experts in knowledge and information management share how knowledge management and related fields can benefit your organization and unlock its knowledge. Meet us at the Networking Reception to discuss the latest trends and developments.

Proactive Care Through Predictive Analytics Drives Better Patient Outcomes

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Proactive Care Through Predictive Analytics Drives Better Patient Outcomes

Healthcare professionals are leveraging high-quality, contextual data to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes while reducing costs.

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Leverage Semantic Knowledge to
Power New Opportunities

Turn your enterprise information into actionable intelligence for better business outcomes with Semaphore.