Complete Set of CMS Tools for Inspired Content Creators and Smart Devs

Create compelling customer-centric content and multichannel digital experiences with a platform that has it all—and takes ease of use seriously.

Platform Architecture

The complete set of CMS platform capabilities that enable you to minimize overhead while delivering top line results across audiences, channels, devices and geographies.


Sitefinity can be self-hosted or deployed on a range of public or private clouds, on real or virtual servers. Flexible hosting options allow adopters to fast-track release cycles and shorten time to value. Deploy locally and enjoy the multiple benefits of a superbly equipped enterprise CMS with multisite and multilingual support. Choose Sitefinity Cloud PaaS for a complete set of modern DevOps, automation and security services for extensive scalability. Host your Sitefinity projects on your own Microsoft Azure or AWS infrastructure to leverage the power of commercial clouds.

Sitefinity Cloud

Cloud-native enterprise hosting solution for Sitefinity to develop, deploy and maintain complex multichannel digital experiences at scale.


Deploy locally and take full ownership of infrastructure configuration and maintenance, DevOps, security and upgrades. Build yourself or with a partner.

Commercial Cloud

Host in a commercial cloud of choice, setting up the infrastructure and services to deliver both client-side and server-side performance.

Content Management

With intuitive and feature-rich page building and editorial tooling, Sitefinity enables marketing teams to independently create and deliver engaging digital experiences driven by personalized and search-engine-optimized content. Modern technologies and a rich, flexible toolset enable technical teams to build, integrate and deploy solutions that impress. Consistently praised for its outstanding ease of use, Sitefinity puts the right tools in the right hands. Whether you're writing content or code, it's a platform that fosters productivity, collaboration and creativity.

Build engaging experiences with intuitive content creation and delivery to the touchpoints your audience cares about the most.

Connect with multilingual audiences in their native language. Deliver localized content and digital assets across channels and geographies.

A new level of editorial independence and marketer productivity. Reuse content that works and shorten time to value. Page building made simple.

Textbook content governance with isolated environments, lifecycle management, secure publishing workflows, pipelines for content and code.

Customer Data Platform

Connect, track and aggregate customer data to build one-to-one digital relationships, orchestrate relevant, personalized experiences and boost your marketing ROI with a powerful CDP toolset. Capture every customer interaction. Optimize campaign performance with targeted email marketing. Identify opportunities and trends through built-in and integrated analytics. Make data-driven decisions backed by advanced A/B testing. Collect and combine data from online, offline and third-party sources to create an all-round profile of each contact. Leverage AI-assisted tools and algorithms to deliver tailored content and 1:1 personalization to each prospect and customer.

Know your audience and gain insights into behavioral and demographic preferences that help you improve each visitor’s experience.

Shape journeys and tailor messages across channels to increase conversion potential, optimize user experience and drive pipeline.

AI algorithms automatically identify and promote content for the next best step in the visitor journey to boost engagement and conversions.

Advanced low-code connectivity to business-critical systems and data sources. Bridge siloed data and provide tailored experiences.

Marketing Automation & System Integration

Bridge siloed data and extend the robust built-in features through integration with critical business systems and data sources. Orchestrate successful digital marketing campaigns that are powered and informed by third-party data. Automate critical editorial and publication processes and make the most of your content, digital assets and customer data. Expand your automation and integration capabilities across the organization to reduce development costs and increase productivity.

Build a connected digital ecosystem around Sitefinity with turnkey integrations and connectors for critical MarTech systems.

Leverage powerful and user-friendly digital media management tools to boost editorial productivity and brand consistency across channels.

Effortlessly create connected experiences or move content and data between critical business apps with straightforward low-code integration.

Extend the already rich functionality of your Sitefinity solution with these powerful add-ons and integrations developed by our technology partners.

Experience Management

Great experiences start with content and Sitefinity makes it easy to manage complex digital experiences across audiences, channels and geographies. Tap into all traditional and emerging digital touchpoints to deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels and devices. Use the best tools available to craft truly engaging modern, digital experiences. Empower marketers and developers alike to create meaningful content and UX, and seamlessly engage customers on their preferred channels—with a single interface to manage it all.

Manage a cohesive experience across channels with a content-as-a-service ready platform. Deliver content to multiple frontends.

Create personalized content for your website and make it instantly available to the channels that your audiences engage with most.

Make every transaction an experience. Manage complex product lines seamlessly integrated with both your content and your critical business applications.

Drag and drop the web chatbot widget on any Sitefinity page to personalize conversations and shape the journey to accelerate pipeline.

Technology & Developer Tools

Sitefinity provides a feature-rich and future-proof web development platform to confidently build enterprise projects and digital solutions on the latest technologies. Sitefinity is built for agility and integration flexibility, without compromising security and administration integrity. Superbly equipped for enterprise performance, scalability and availability, Sitefinity offers a robust development toolset including powerful content APIs, decoupled presentation, the latest .NET Core and multiple JavaScript UI frameworks, CDN, load-balancing, multi-layer caching and a built-in responsive design engine.

The latest ASP.NET Core technology to boost resource efficiency, developer productivity and quick delivery of custom functionality.

Develop on your preferred frontend technology. Deliver technology-agnostic content to web and native applications.

Industry-leading Telerik and Kendo UI components to support DX across web, mobile and desktop.

Sitefinity Marketplace is a collaborative repository to easily share and download solutions that extend the Sitefinity toolset.

Deliver content to application-based frontends (web, desktop and mobile) via robust OData and GraphQL (CaaS) APIs.

Deploy new functionality and effortlessly apply updates. Automate the deployment and delivery process.

Fully equipped to safeguard your assets and customer data and meet internal and regulatory compliance requirements.

All the right tools and technologies in a future-proof high-performance CMS for developers.

Enterprise Services

Keep things running smoothly with new functionality inspired or requested by the Sitefinity community. Get peace of mind knowing that any critical patches, hotfixes or updates for your supported versions are just a download away. Get the practical knowledge your team needs to effectively use Progress technology. Proactively influence the product experience and roadmap. Network with thousands of Sitefinity users and developers around the world, building the digital experiences of tomorrow.

Proactively influence the Sitefinity product roadmap, request features, share ideas and network with thousands of Sitefinity customers like you.

Navigate complexity by planning infrastructure requirements, system architecture and key project management concerns with Progress professional services.

Access personalized support services so you can proactively resolve issues, prevent downtime and quickly deliver business results.

Self-paced on-demand training and instructor-led courses to make the most of Progress technology—beginner or advanced, online or in person.


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