OpenEdge 12.2

OpenEdge 12.2: Evolve your business by delivering applications that are high-performing, available and agile.

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Progress Talks: Migrating from the Classic AppServer to the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge

Migrating to PAS for OpenEdge is the first step in achieving a modern, evolved application architecture that will continue to add value to your organization as user and business demands shift and change.  The OpenEdge team discusses the value and benefits along with customer experiences.

Whitepaper: Opportunities for Modernizing Progress OpenEdge Applications

This IDC white paper examines the opportunities to modernize application development and elaborates on the ability to leverage modern application development practices and tools, such as cloud deployment, Agile development, DevOps, micro-services and APIs, modern integrated development environments (IDEs), and observability and monitoring technologies, with OpenEdge.

Scale to New Heights

OpenEdge 12.2 continues to address the need to evolve your business by delivering applications that are highly-available and agile. Support your business continuity with new auto-recovery enhancements that get you back up and running within seconds of a critical failure.  Address downtime concerns with improved performance and availability monitoring through new DevOps tooling.  Gain new levels of DevOps and deployment agility through enhanced capabilities.


Significant database uptime enhancements to deliver closer to the demands of Five 9’s.


Improve monitoring of performance and availability through new DevOps tooling.


Continuous security improvements to help you operate with minimal risk of compromise.


Ease ability to train new OpenEdge developers to maintain technology investment.

Hear From Our OpenEdge Partners About Their 
Business Evolution.

With OpenEdge 12.1, we are particularly excited about its performance and ability to truly scale. We’re glad to have it in our production environment, especially for our larger customers.

Ken Walsh Product Manager Constellation Financing Systems

We have been very impressed with the ease to which our existing systems have automatically been upgraded using a utility that took only a few minutes to run. Over 2.2 million lines of code compiled with only one change to one procedure in OpenEdge 12.

Philip Leslie Group IT Development Director, Loxam, (October 2019)  

While we constantly evaluate other platforms and tools, Progress consistently comes up on top. It is such a reliable and capable platform that there is no need to make the change.

Anna Lehtoranta CGI Account Growth Executive

Including OpenEdge Pro2 within our Visualfiles platform has allowed us to deliver a ‘shrink-wrapped’ solution that meets our clients’ needs to obtain immediate business information. We are able to accommodate high data volumes and high transactional processing in near real time. Our clients are already seeing beyond management reporting and using the Pro2 warehouse to increase automation, integration and communication with their clients. It’s helping to drive exciting business solutions.

Nigel Williams LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions

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Database Trends and Applications Trend Setting Product for 2020

Progress OpenEdge was chosen by Database Trends and Applications as a trend setting product in Data and Information Management; recognized in helping organizations derive greater benefit from their data, make decisions faster, and do so with higher levels of security.

Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Award for 2020

Modernizing to the latest OpenEdge version will help you leverage new technologies while protecting the equity and familiarity of the OpenEdge codebase. Organizations can use the breadth of the Progress portfolio to realize “40% reduction in time-to-market for business-critical apps and a 60% reduction in app development and deployment costs.”

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