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What's New in OpenEdge 12.8?

Our newest release is now available.  Here are a list of the new features you'll want to check out.

Why OpenEdge

It’s reliability, cost-effectiveness and focus on addressing evolving demands, continues to make Progress OpenEdge a wise investment.

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Supercharge our impact and earn a competitive salary. Start your free OpenEdge Developer path and certification.

OpenEdge for Everyone


Developers have access to a comprehensive platform that empowers them to efficiently develop applications, seamlessly integrate various components, and effectively manage databases.

Database Administators

Database administrators (DBAs) can efficiently manage and optimize database configurations, security, performance, troubleshooting and issue resolution for applications built on the platform.

Business Leaders

Business leaders drive innovation and achieve business goals with a comprehensive platform for the development, deployment and management of mission-critical enterprise applications.

End User
End Users

End users experience the seamlessness of high-performance and scalable business applications developed and deployed on a robust and agile platform.

Your Mission-Critical Application Development and Deployment Solution

Develop and deliver business applications that are highly-available, high performing and agile. The OpenEdge platform supports your needs to address the demands of your customers and users today and tomorrow.  The Progress OpenEdge approach provides measured steps towards development and deployment that eliminate the need for re-architecting. Take a moment to discover what OpenEdge 12 can do for your business.


Unprecedented database uptime. Deliver closer to the demands of Five 9’s.


Monitor the performance and availability through modern DevOps tooling.


Continuous security improvements to help you operate with minimal risk of compromise.


Combine OpenEdge functionality with AWS Cloud services.

See What’s New in
OpenEdge 12.8

Learn more about all the exciting new features in the latest Long-Term Supported (LTS) release, OpenEdge 12.8. Now users can boost their developer productivity, enhance database management, and application security.

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Become an OpenEdge Developer

Supercharge your impact and earn a competitive salary. OpenEdge developers build rock-solid and innovative applications that are the backbone of travel, car manufacturing, healthcare, and financial companies across the globe who bet their business applications on OpenEdge.

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OpenEdge Training

Get the best out of OpenEdge. From beginner to advanced, boost your knowledge of the OpenEdge database and grow your OpenEdge development, integration and management skills with on-demand courses and instructor-led training.

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2024 OpenEdge World Tour

Join the Progress tour and connect with the OpenEdge team.

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Hear from OpenEdge Users About Their
Business Success

Replicating to a SQL database (with Pro2 replication), enabling that particular server to be the one the other applications tap into took the load off of our student production and worked flawlessly. Honestly, it kind of saved our bacon.

Tom Condo Supervisor, I.S. Operations, Seminole Country Public Schools Learn more

OpenEdge provides us a stable database of alignment and gives us a very powerful ABL language connected to that environment to implement our business rules.

Leon Kersten CIO, Villa For You Learn more

And OpenEdge has given us speed and responsiveness, no matter how big the database, how many users or how high the transaction rate—there is no downtime.

Mehrdad Komeili The founder of My Office Apps Learn more

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Progress OpenEdge 12.8

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