OpenEdge 12.1

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OpenEdge 12.1 continues the drive for high availability, boosts in performance and increase in developer productivity.

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The Business Can’t Wait

Today, technology is advancing so fast that companies are having a difficult time keeping pace. Trends such as cloud, responsive web, mobile, predictive analytics and APIs cause the business to constantly assess its technology and business strategy. New features in OpenEdge allow developers to quickly and easily meet escalating demands for application functionality, performance, availability and security.


Reduce maintenance downtime, speed error detection and resolution and practically eliminate the possibility of data loss in case of unplanned downtime.


Get up to a 200% improvement in database throughput performance for unprecedented responsiveness and scalability.


Strengthened security is baked into OpenEdge 12 across communication, infrastructure, file permissions and more.


Increase DevOps agility with continuous integration and deployment additions to improve developer experiences and increase efficiency.

Wondering What All the Excitement is About?

You may have heard us talk about how OpenEdge 12 delivers 200% increase in database throughput, provides essential enhancements toward delivering toward five 9’s, and has introduced new tools for agile development. If you haven’t tested it yet, don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what customers have to say about the most powerful, available and secure version of OpenEdge:

Progress has been working closely with Loxam's Power Access Division's software development team to support an OpenEdge upgrade from 11.7 to 12.1 of our ERP system, L-Vis. We have been very impressed with the ease at which our existing systems have automatically been upgraded using a utility that took only a few minutes to run. Over 2.2 million lines of code compiled with only one change to one procedure.

Phillip Leslie Group IT Application Development Director, LOXAM

One of our biggest, concerns is performance. The performance enhancements in OpenEdge 12 will help us move that process along and really deliver value back to our clients.


The performance improvements in OpenEdge 12 are really exciting, especially to our larger customers.


I see a great advantage to OpenEdge 12...the container technologies will be important as we move into more cloud-based offerings.


Evolve. Thrive. Compete.


Enterprises need to meet emerging app requirements: Data growth driving increased storage and connection needs, escalating expectations for seamless experiences, high availability and cloud deployments increasing the need for security, and more. Evolve your application to meet these emerging requirements and watch your business thrive.

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