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Digital disruption requires an application development platform fundamental to maintaining business operations. In order to thrive in the digital economy, your environment must also take advantage of innovative technologies and respond to shifting demands. Over 55,000 organizations worldwide trust OpenEdge to deliver powerful business results. Find out why.

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Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation

Staying ahead of technology trends can be financially and resource intensive. That’s why we do the work for you with our innovative and adaptable application development platform—which also happens to offer the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. From beautiful experiences to enhanced security to business intelligence, OpenEdge never fails to deliver.

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Modernization  that Matters

Modernization that Matters

Over 70% of IT’s budget is dedicated to maintaining aging systems. Investing in technology upgrades reduces maintenance costs, increases productivity, and drives strategic success. Escape from the burden of legacy systems. Capitalize on the expertise of the Progress Services team, with a thoughtfully planned and implemented modernization journey.

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Modernization  that Matters

Software as a Service

The SaaS wave continues to roll over the industry, with the ongoing surge in adoption cutting the need for on-premise customized offerings significantly. The SaaS opportunity is clear, but adding SaaS to your portfolio is a multifaceted effort that affects your business model in several ways. Progress has the programs and resources to help OpenEdge Application Partners embrace SaaS and the profitability it offers.

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For Businesses to Thrive,
Applications Must Evolve

Mission-critical applications need to be flexible enough to continuously evolve as the business does. That calls for a modernization strategy married to an innovative application development platform. The result—you can select the technologies that keep you competitive while keeping costs in check. 

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Deliver highly available, secure applications that scale

Your mission-critical applications need to be flexible enough to continuously evolve as the business does. See what our partners are saying about how the latest OpenEdge enhancements help them to address business demand.

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Partners in Your Success

Through our Progress Partner+ Program, OpenEdge Application Partners deliver attentive support throughout the entire business cycle, all fueled by the muscle of one of the largest multiple-platform, embeddable databases in the world.


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Deliver highly available, secure, scalable enterprise apps that evolve with the business.