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Business Continuity 

There's no escaping today's nonstop digital economy. For your business to thrive, your application environment must take advantage of innovative, proven technologies to be always on, always secure and resilient against any disaster. OpenEdge 11.7, with powerful security, high availability and disaster recovery features, will help you create and maintain an environment that never sleeps. Find out why over 55,000 organizations worldwide trust OpenEdge to operate at the speed of digital business.

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A cornerstone of the OpenEdge platform is its flexibility—giving you the ability to adapt, scale and evolve with changing business demands. Progress understands that responding to market shifts requires adapting your application wIth OpenEdge, developers are empowered to capitalize on emerging technologies while maintaining critical business logic—illustrated by our market leadership in the Software Construction Components (SCC) Market, as identified by IDC.

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Technology Evolution

The business value of modernizing a legacy application can boost customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs, and increase adaptability. By using an agile "best practices" approach, Progress Services works with you to efficiently leverage your valuable existing codebase while delivering a modern, responsive application that will best serve your customer’s needs. Get rapid, budget-friendly application modernization planning and implementation that supports your business and technology requirements.

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Software as a Service

The SaaS wave continues to roll over the industry, with the ongoing surge in adoption cutting the need for on-premise customized offerings significantly. Growing at an estimated 18% annually, the SaaS opportunity is clear. But adding SaaS to your portfolio is a multifaceted effort that affects your business model in several ways. Progress has the programs and resources to help OpenEdge Application Partners embrace SaaS and the profitability it offers. Get on the FastTrack to SaaS today. 

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For Businesses to Thrive,
Applications Must Evolve

Progress recognizes that the requirements for business application development and deployment constantly change. We’re committed to delivering agile solutions that enable you to not only embrace change, but turn it into a competitive advantage. OpenEdge has long been a mainstay in the application development space, valued by customers for its stability, security, broad connectivity, multiple deployment options and low TCO. 

IDC recognizes Progress as a segment leader in the Software Construction Components Market with OpenEdge and the broader portfolio aligning with market needs.

OpenEdge Leads with Application
Evolution Strategy


Simplify development through code reuse


Enrich opportunities for users to engage with applications


Accelerate ability to build apps that comply with regulatory protocols


Participate in the world of realtime data feeds


Grow through emerging tech: cognitive computing, machine learning, loT


Embrace digital transformation

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Partners in Your Success

Through our Progress Partner+ Program, OpenEdge Application Partners deliver attentive support throughout the entire business cycle, fueled by the muscle of the most innovative, reliable, and affordable application development platform in the industry.

See The Total Economic Impact Report from leading analyst Forrester to evaluate the potential financial value of OpenEdge 11.7 on Application Partner organizations.


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