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What's New in OpenEdge 12.4?

Our newest release is now available.  Here are a list of the new features you'll want to check out.

Why OpenEdge

It’s reliability, cost-effectiveness and focus on addressing evolving demands, continues to make Progress OpenEdge a wise investment.

Forrester Consulting Study—The Total Economic Impact™ of Progress OpenEdge 12 Series

Total Economic Impact™ study quantifies substantial Partner ROI from OpenEdge 12 Series.

Choose Your Path to Application Modernization

OpenEdge offers a choice when it comes to modernizing your application. It continues to address the need to evolve your business by delivering applications that are highly-available, high performing and agile. Supporting your need to address the demands of your customers and users today and tomorrow, The Progress Application Evolution approach provides measured steps towards modernization that eliminate the need for re-architecting. Take a moment to discover what OpenEdge 12 can do for your business.


Significant database uptime enhancements to deliver closer to the demands of Five 9’s.


Improve monitoring of performance and availability through new DevOps tooling.


Continuous security improvements to help you operate with minimal risk of compromise.


Combine OpenEdge functionality with AWS Cloud services.

Hear from OpenEdge Users About Their
Business Evolution

We are particularly excited about its performance and ability to truly scale. We’re glad to have it in our production environment, especially for our larger customers.

Ken Walsh Product Manager Constellation Financing Systems Read Case Study

Most businesses are turning towards a business-to-consumer experience, and that is what both employees and managers are expecting.

Morten Janum CIO and Vice President, Mark Information Learn more Read Case Study

We didn’t want to use the production database for reporting and all the integrations with other applications. We needed something that would alleviate stress from the production database. Pro2 was exactly what we were looking for.

Izabella Legocka Director of IT Applications at Turtle & Hughes Learn more Read Case Study

Partners for Success

Progress offers many programs and expert services to partner with you for success.

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Database Trends and Applications Trend Setting Product for 2020

Progress OpenEdge was chosen by Database Trends and Applications as a trend setting product in Data and Information Management; recognized in helping organizations derive greater benefit from their data, make decisions faster, and do so with higher levels of security.

Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Award for 2020

Modernizing to the latest OpenEdge version will help you leverage new technologies while protecting the equity and familiarity of the OpenEdge codebase. Organizations can use the breadth of the Progress portfolio to realize “40% reduction in time-to-market for business-critical apps and a 60% reduction in app development and deployment costs.”

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Progress OpenEdge 12 Series

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