OpenEdge 12

OpenEdge 12: Powering Tomorrow’s Evolution Today

Introducing the highest performing, most agile, secure and scalable version of the application development platform that keeps your business thriving.

OpenEdge 11.7.5 is here!

Even if you are not quite ready with 12.0, stay current with 11.7. Updated security, Oracle certification for the DataServer and silent logging in PAS are just a few of the updates available.

OpenEdge Information Hub

New self-service information portal is filled with easily accessible technical content to fit your specific role and needs.

Introducing Pro2 6.0!

Easy, fast data replication with new elegant dashboards to improve efficiency, productivity and proactive monitoring. 

The Business Can’t Wait

Ever-escalating business demands and user expectations mean OpenEdge application evolution isn’t optional—it’s imperative. Exceeding the demand for application functionality, performance, availability and security and doing it quickly is a must to stay competitive.

OpenEdge 12 is brimming with new features to help tackle business requirements head-on to improve time to market, increase productivity and performance and lower overall costs.


OpenEdge 12 Overview

Today, technology is advancing so fast that applications are having a difficult time keeping pace. Trends such as cloud, responsive web, mobile, predictive analytics and APIs cause the business to constantly assess its technology and business strategy. OpenEdge 12’s new features and enhancements allow developers to quickly and easily meet escalating demands for application functionality, performance, availability and security.


The Most Powerful, Available, Exceptional OpenEdge Yet

Progress® OpenEdge® 12 is supremely secure, incomparably productive, and unequaled in performance of any OpenEdge to date. Critical to application evolution, OpenEdge12.0 will easily pivot to meet market demands, scale as your business does, and provide capabilities to boost operational efficiencies, increase availability and save expenses.


Get up to a 200% improvement in database throughput performance for unprecedented responsiveness and scalability.

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Reduce maintenance downtime, speed error detection and resolution and practically eliminate the possibility of data loss in case of unplanned downtime.

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Increase DevOps agility with continuous integration and deployment additions to improve developer experiences and increase efficiency.

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Strengthened security is baked into OpenEdge 12 across communication, infrastructure, file permissions and more.

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Demonstration of the Impressive Performance of OpenEdge 12.0

See a side-by-side comparison of two videos, one powered with OpenEdge 11.7 technology, and one powered with OpenEdge 12.0 technology. As the database completes a request, each video advances one frame.


Join Us at PUG Challenge events

As events put on by the OpenEdge community for the OpenEdge community, the PUG Challenges are great events to help your entire technical team get up to speed with the latest in OpenEdge. Bring home ideas and solutions to real-world problems presented by experts and customers. Hang out with other OpenEdge users, meet the Progress team behind the platform and have fun!

Exceed Expectations

The essential first step towards Application Evolution success, OpenEdge 12.0 helps you deliver apps that are more responsive, more available and more performant than ever before. With Progress as your partner and OpenEdge 12.0 on board, you are in an ideal position to seize new opportunities, combat the competition, satisfy business requirements and exceed user expectations today and in the future.


Introducing OpenEdge 12 
Powerful. Available. Exceptional.

But don't take our word for it. See the energy and hear the excited comments from customers and partners anticipating the release of OpenEdge 12.0.



Evolve. Thrive. Compete.

As business demands and user expectations increase, OpenEdge applications must evolve to keep pace. Organizations must position themselves to be more agile in order to continue to drive value to the business. The exceptional OpenEdge 12.0 is the essential first step in Application Evolution, providing exceptional power, availability and evolution tooling to improve time to market, increase productivity and performance, and lower overall costs.

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One of our biggest, concerns is performance. The performance enhancements in OpenEdge 12 will help us move that process along and really deliver value back to our clients.


The performance improvements in OpenEdge 12 are really exciting, especially to our larger customers.


I see a great advantage to OpenEdge 12...the container technologies will be important as we move into more cloud-based offerings.


Partners for Your Success

Through our Progress Partner+ Program, OpenEdge Application Partners deliver attentive support throughout the entire business cycle, fueled by the muscle of the most innovative, reliable and affordable application development platform in the industry. 

Partner with our OpenEdge Services experts to help solve your business challenges. Whether you need a hand with your upgrade, database tuning, application evolution, or a health check to identify gaps in reaching your business imperatives, the Services Team can help.


Progress OpenEdge 12

Powerful. Available. Exceptional.