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Apptitude is knowing you have the right technology and expertise to meet the demands of the digital age.
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Application Modernization? 

Application Modernization

Transforming into a digital business doesn’t happen overnight.  It starts with thinking about where your business is today, and where  you want it to be tomorrow. Progress Services can help regardless of your modernization challenge with our iterative approach and  proven framework.

The world keeps changing. You cannot afford to sit still.

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The OpenEdge Platform

The leading platform for simplifying and streamlining the development, integration and management of global enterprise business applications for fast time-to-market.

Telerik Platform

Development tools for designing beautiful enterprise-class mobile and IoT applications

Telerik Platform

Build beautiful mobile apps that integrate with data in the Progress OpenEdge environment with minimal coding, through easy-to-use, object-oriented access to OpenEdge relational data from within your app.

JSDO is an object designed to simplify access to OpenEdge relational data in a Mobile App.

More about Telerik Platform for OpenEdge
API Clients

Set of standards-based routines, protocols, services and tools for building and integrating business applications

Progress OpenEdge Pro2

OpenEdge Pro2

Safely access data for real-time reporting, mining, analysis, warehousing and consolidation

More about OpenEdge Pro2

Progress OpenEdge Analytics360

OpenEdge Analytics360

Bring your data to life for faster time to market, lower costs and increased ROI using our pre-designed and pre-developed 360 Framework

More about OpenEdge Analytics360
OpenEdge Companion Solutions
OpenEdge Deployment

Advanced Business Language

Advanced Business Language

A modern hybrid procedural/object-oriented language, specifically designed for developing enterprise-class business applications

More about Advanced Business Language

Application Server

Application Server

Innovative integrated environment, including Web Server, Application Server and Adapters, for deploying and running server-based business applications

More about Progress Application Server

Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Evolve from transaction-oriented to process-centric business application development to quickly define, document and analyze business processes

More about Business Process Management

Business Rules Management

Business Rules Management

High-performance business rules engine, with no coding required

More about Business Rules Management
Application Layer

RDBMS, Replication, Data Servers

RDBMS, Replication, Data Servers

Scalable, reliable, secure, industry leading multi-tenant database, management and monitoring tools

More about RDBMS Advanced Enterprise Edition
Data Management Layer

Introducing the OpenEdge Developers Kit 


We’ve simplified your ability to get the latest in OpenEdge technology--the Progress OpenEdge Developers Kit.

Whether you’re an independent consultant or a member of a large IT development team, you’ll find the edition that best suits your business needs.  

Select the kit that's right for you. Then, download and get started with our latest release—OpenEdge 11.6. 

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Learning & Support

eBook: App Modernization for the Digital Age


Application Modernization for the Digital Age

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Partners in Your Success

Through our Progress Partner+ Program, OpenEdge Partners deliver attentive support throughout the entire business cycle, all fueled by the muscle of one of the largest multiple-platform, embeddable databases in the world.


Partner + Program

Get training, knowledge and tools to help
your business grow and be more successful

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Progress and Infor help Power & Telephone lead the telecom distribution industry.

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