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List of the regulatory certifications that Progress Sitefinity Cloud complies with.

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Simplified Domain Management
Simplified Domain Management
Gain complete control over your entire digital presence with the ability to create and manage domains within the platform. Request additional SSL certificates from Progress or upload your own to streamline the process.
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Self-service User Management
Self-service User Management
Gain full control over a critical aspect of the Sitefinity administration with a centralized place to add and manage the users and roles that are key to your operation. Invite people to your Sitefinity project and give them granular permissions, in tight Active Directory integration. Manage both Cloud Management Portal users and Sitefinity users in a single, comfortable hub. 
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Multi-Regional Failover Add-On
Multi-Regional Failover Add-On
Reduce outages and their associated consequences (like missed opportunities, lost revenue or brand damage) with this Sitefinity Cloud add-on. Get insurance protection from extended downtime and improve resilience and agility without overinvesting in hardware or human resources. 
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Automated Upgrades
Automated Upgrades
Upgrading Sitefinity has never been easier. An automated pipeline is doing its magic to speed up a time-consuming process, reduce the overhead and minimize the margin of error.  
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