Eloqua Integration

Empower marketing to track campaign landing pages, online forms, and integrate contact data with Oracle Eloqua.

Connect Sitefinity CMS forms to Oracle Eloqua

Empower marketing and sales teams to track campaign landing pages and online form submissions. Enrich Eloqua contact profiles with Sitefinity CMS forms data in real time to enhance lead nurturing via Eloqua campaigns.

Connect Sitefinity CMS forms to Oracle Eloqua

Create and Repurpose Online Forms

Easily create and configure online forms to send data to and trigger automated lead generation workflows in Eloqua. Gain full control over field mappings, including custom fields, and collected data, so you can easily reuse the same form across hundreds of campaigns just by changing the associated Eloqua campaign. 
Create and Repurpose Online Forms

Analyze Segmentation and Campaign Effectiveness

Define and generate leads in various user segments and track different campaigns, so your data is associated with the proper marketing goal. Further synchronize data between Eloqua and Sitefinity Insight, so that all acquired contacts data is centralized, unified, and set in the dedicated data center for additional analysis and reporting.


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