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A CMS Platform That Makes Building Scalable Digital Experiences Easy

With Sitefinity as the core of your digital experience
platform (DXP), minimize your bottom line and maximize
your top line with operational excellence.


What is a DXP?

Take your digital strategy to the next level with a DXP. And it all starts with Sitefinity.

Gartner: Adopt a Composable DXP Strategy to Future-Proof Your Tech Stack

Monolithic digital experience platforms (DXPs) have become minefields for businesses, making it difficult to keep up with customer expectations. Learn the pros and cons of monolithic solutions vs. composable DXPs.

What’s New in Sitefinity

Discover the latest and greatest in Sitefinity - including Sitefinity Insight's newest data-driven marketing capabilities and our first long-term supported version.

Nothing That’s Easy is Worth It… Unless It’s Sitefinity.


Average Total Cost Benefits


Average ROI

13 Months

Average Payback Period


Simplify Common Marketing and IT Challenges

With Progress Sitefinity’s intuitive, intelligent tools for marketers and stable, scalable architecture for developers, both teams can easily create and manage high-performing, enterprise-grade digital experiences

Take a Strategic Approach to Digital Experiences

Build a connected Digital Experience Platform with Sitefinity at the foundation. Get unmatched support for critical DXP capabilities, such as content management, personalization, cloud deployment and more.

Sitefinity at the Center

Sitefinity plays a vital role as the cornerstone of the modern DXP. Display content across customers’ preferred digital channels, integrate critical systems and streamline business process management.

Sitefinity Cloud
Cloud Support
Cloud Support

Leverage Sitefinity's enterprise-grade PaaS that offers additional developer capabilities to support multitenancy, high-availability and CI/CD development processes.

Sitefinity Insight
Content Analytics
Content Analytics

Track the performance of your digital content across channels. Identify the most successful assets and capitalize on your success. Identify potential problems before they negatively impact the business.

Sitefinity Insight
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Identify the best next step in your audience's digital journey with insight driven by machine learning. Optimize your web experience with ease and confidence.

Sitefinity Insight
Customer Data Management
Customer Data Management

Define buyer and customer segments, then identify their true preferences and behaviors. Refine future content and offerings with the help of cross-channel, all-encompassing data.

Sitefinity Insight

Drive better visitor engagement and conversions with content that’s personalized and targeted to specific audiences based off persona segment information tracked within Sitefinity.

Digital Commerce Support
Digital Commerce Support

Drive revenue through your online presence. Manage multiple product lines, payments across currencies and inventory, all while managing web content from the same central location.

Multichannel Support
Multichannel Support

Create, edit and manage content in Sitefinity and display experiences across multiple channels, including smartwatches, kiosks, mobile applications and more.

Extensibility & Integration
Extensibility & Integration

Easily connect existing platforms, legacy systems or emerging technology solutions to Sitefinity with implementation-ready connectors and flexible APIs. Automate workflows between platforms, combine a fragmented web presence and collect cross-channel data.

Productivity & Collaboration
Productivity & Collaboration

Work productively with cross-functional teams by simplifying workflows. Capitalize on an intuitive interface that makes day-to-day work easier. Achieve a faster time to market.

Security & Compliance
Security & Compliance

Safeguard your online experience and visitor data. Built with security best practices in mind, Sitefinity offers tools for simplifying security management and regulatory compliance.

Learn how to take your current content management and digital strategy to the next level with Progress. Our product portfolio makes it easy to deliver compelling, efficient, multichannel user experiences.

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Success Stories

SS_Toyota Motor Sales

Tom Tailor Builds Ecommerce Experience in Just 3 Months That Out Earns Brick-and-Mortar by 10%

When the global pandemic temporarily shuttered many of Tom Tailor’s brick-and-mortar locations, the fashion brand quickly pivoted to launch an ecommerce experience from scratch.

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Best Western
Best Western Builds Its Business on Progress Sitefinity
Sitefinity Cloud Enables InvestorCom to Do the Work of a 40-Person Web Team with 3
The Henry Ford Empowers Corporate Members with Touchless Access Built on Progress Sitefinity
CII Stacked PMS
Cambridge Innovation Institute Quadruples Conversions by Personalizing Its Customer Journey with Sitefinity

A Content Management and Digital
Experience Leader for 10+ Years

Recognized by customers, partners and analysts, Sitefinity is praised for how it enables businesses to deploy enterprise-grade experiences with minimal overhead.

"Sitefinity really appealed to me because of its multi-language support, personalization, customization, the fact it’s been around for years, the large development community and the frequency of new updates."

Marketing Manager in the Financial Services Industry


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