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ITBrief July 16, 2024

Progress enhances LoadMaster 360 with AI-driven security upgrades

Progress has announced enhancements to its cloud-based unified application delivery platform, LoadMaster 360. The upgrades aim to provide organizations with improved capabilities to secure their web applications against sophisticated cyberattacks. The upgraded features use artificial intelligence to enhance security while optimizing application performance.


Intelligent CISO July 12, 2024

Progress enhances Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities in LoadMaster 360

The latest release of Progress LoadMaster 360 is pitched as empowering customers to tune their WAF to reduce false positives alerts, enhance web application security and provide an optimal application experience.


Cybersecurity Asia July 11, 2024

Progress All-In on AI, Touts IDS-NDR Integration as a ‘Strategic’ and ‘Necessary Evolution’ in Cybersecurity Defense

Cybersecurity is as much about strategy as it is about technology. Together, they can make a whale of difference in any organization’s defense initiative.


Cybersecurity Insiders July 11, 2024

AI and Ethics: Expert Insights on the Future of Intelligent Technology

The history of artificial intelligence (AI) is a fascinating journey of innovation and discovery that spans decades. From the early days of simple machine learning algorithms to today’s advanced neural networks, AI has become an integral part of our daily lives. AI Appreciation Day celebrated on July 16th, is a testament to this remarkable progress and a day to acknowledge the contributions of AI to society.


DEVOPSdigest July 11, 2024

Progress Enhances Web Application Firewall (WAF) Capabilities in LoadMaster 360 to Help Organizations Intuitively Secure Web Applications

Progress announced new and powerful enhancements in the latest release of Progress® LoadMaster® 360, its cloud-based unified application delivery platform. These enhancements help organizations protect their web applications against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and provide customers with an optimal application experience.


DestinationCRM July 8, 2024

The Top Marketing Trends and Technologies for 2024: Marketers Adjust to Dramatic Market Shifts

Has the world of marketing ever moved at such a fast pace in the past? Most in the profession would likely say no, and they’d be echoing the sentiment of professionals in fields of all kinds. Technology, the U.S. and larger global economy, changing consumer preferences, and a volatile employment market are all having an impact.


Economic Times June 24, 2024

Diversity skills are key to thriving in globalized modern workspaces

The ability to understand, respect and embrace differences in opinions and mindset is no longer referred to as a desirable skill; it has become a necessity in today’s highly globalized and diverse employment landscape.

TechGig June 23, 2024

Tech experts emphasize diversity on International Women in Engineering Day 2024

Today is International Women in Engineering Day, and this year’s theme is #enhancedbyengineering. This is particularly aimed at promoting women in technology and engineering careers, and this is because women are key players in the development of technology.


Intelligent CIO June 18, 2024

Humanizing Technology: The human element of AI-software development

In recent years, the digital revolution shifted into high gear, accelerated by the pandemic’s unprecedented demands. Traditional face-to-face interactions swiftly moved to digital platforms; a shift driven out of necessity. Schools, workplaces and social interactions quickly moved online. For example, the rise in telehealth in Australia enabled healthcare providers to offer services virtually, helping Australians access essential care during lockdowns.


TechGig June 13, 2024

How will the DevOps approach evolve in the coming years?

DevOps revolutionized software development, fostering collaboration and agility. Cloud-native technologies like containers and microservices presented new challenges. Platform Engineering emerged as a solution supporting modern DevOps practices in larger organizations.

Techstrong.ai June 12, 2024

AI Leadership Insights: RAG and Fine-Tuning

In this episode of the AI Leadership Insights video series, Mike Vizard speaks with Matthieu Jonglez, VP of technology for application and data platforms at Progress, about the difference between retrieval-augmented generation and fine-tuning.


Network Computing June 10, 2024

12 Network Metrics and KPIs You Should Probably Care About

It is a given that your network monitoring or network management solution collects data that drives metrics and key performance indicators (KPI). The trick is deciding which of these to track, analyze, and use as network performance and operational goals.

DBTA June 6, 2024

2024 VIEW FROM THE TOP: Progress

Progress DataDirect is a leader in the data connectivity space, facilitating seamless access to diverse data sources for organizations across various industries.


BetaNews June 5, 2024

The critical role of load balancing [Q&A]

When the internet first emerged, the need for load balancers was mainly to optimize the growing use of PC servers and to support the surge in Web traffic. Their basic functionality was designed to pool server resources to meet this demand.


Tech Collective June 4, 2024

The growing importance of “Human-Centered” software design

The importance of human-centric application development is not something commonly discussed outside of the developer community. This approach focuses on creating digital experiences—be it applications, websites, or wearables—that are intuitive and accessible to a diverse range of users. It encompasses considerations for individuals with varying mental and physical abilities, different demographic and personality factors, as well as varied language and cultural backgrounds. By prioritizing the user experience, developers can ensure their products are inclusive and accessible, which is not just a regulatory requirement but a moral imperative.


Visual Studio Magazine May 30, 2024

Progress Telerik .NET Dev Tools Integrate Gen AI Prompts

Progress shipped an update to its Telerik .NET-centric dev tools suite that facilitates generative AI integration into apps.


CXOToday May 29, 2024

Progress Sets the Standard for Application Development with Generative AI Integration, Enhanced Design System Capabilities and Accessible Data Visualization

Progress announced the R2 2024 release of Progress® Telerik® and Progress® Kendo UI®, the most powerful .NET and JavaScript UI libraries and tools for application development. Today’s release delivers artificial intelligence (AI) prompts to application interfaces, design-to-code productivity, accessibility features and a series of new UI components, including the first-to-market Blazor Spreadsheet component.

ITBrief Asia May 29, 2024

Progress launches R2 2024 Telerik & Kendo UI with AI updates

Progress, a trusted provider of infrastructure software, has unveiled the R2 2024 release of Progress Telerik and Progress Kendo UI. These .NET and JavaScript UI libraries and tools for application development have been equipped with significant updates aimed at integrating artificial intelligence, optimising design workflows, and enhancing accessibility features.


CMSWire May 28, 2024

Can Traditional Web Development Survive AI?

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to reshape industries across the globe, the field of web development stands at a crossroads. AI technologies, with their ability to automate complex tasks and analyze massive datasets, are making significant inroads into areas traditionally dominated by human developers. From automating routine coding tasks to revolutionizing user experience design, AI is not just altering how websites are developed, but is also redefining the skills required of web developers.

M&A Science May 27, 2024

How to Close Deals in 30 Days

When it comes to M&A, time is of the essence. As a buyer, it’s best to identify whether to pursue the deal or not as soon as possible to avoid wasting money and time. Also, if the seller is a good target company, procrastinating could lead to more competition. In this episode of the M&A Science Podcast, Jeremy Segal, Executive Vice President Corporate Development at Progress, shares their strategy on how to close deals in 30 days.