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SD Times October 1, 2020

Progress Fiddler Everywhere web debugging proxy comes out of beta with 1.0 release

Fiddler Everywhere 1.0 is a web debugging proxy for Mac, Windows, and Linux that enables users to inspect and debug HTTP traffic from any browser.

Version 1.0 includes an improved traffic inspector that enables users to inspect requests and responses with different formats, including Headers, Text, Raw, JSON, and XML.

DEVOPSdigest September 30, 2020

Progress Introduces Fiddler Everywhere

Progress announced the launch of Progress Fiddler Everywhere, the new release of the web debugging proxy tool used by four million developers and hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide.

Toolbox Marketing September 29, 2020

Why COVID Is Driving Companies To Double Down on Digital Experiences

The economic downturn caused by COVID forced companies to make difficult decisions on budget cuts and where to reallocate their spending. At the same time, COVID drove these companies to fast track their digital efforts due to accelerated customer demand, limited in-person interactions, and remote employee needs. As a result of these two phenomena, digital experience (DX) initiatives have finally reached their tipping point, earning a spot on the enterprise decision-makers’ lists of priority investments, according to recent data we collected at Progress.

Data Center Knowledge September 24, 2020

Why Chef's Sale to Progress Could Be Good for Open Source

We won't know until until the deal closes, but one consequence of Chef's pending takeover by Progress might mean there will be more open source software headed for the data center.

SD Times September 17, 2020

Progress announces latest release of Telerik, Kendo UI and Telerik UI for Blazor

Progress has announced its R3 2020 release, which includes a new lineup of developer tools including Progress Telerik UI for Blazor and Progress Kendo UI.

Fortune September 10, 2020

The best back-to-school benefits companies are offering their employees

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, companies quickly realized the old workplace benefits—on-site meals and dry-cleaning, anyone?—wouldn't translate to remote work. Businesses raced to introduce benefits that their employees could take advantage of—and that would be most helpful— during the global crisis.

Now that the pandemic has reached the fall, companies are aiming to meet the changing needs of employees whose children are attending virtual school from home. These are some of the most innovative benefits tailored to the back-to-school season that businesses are now offering their employees.

Network Computing September 10, 2020

WhatsUp Gold 2020

Competition in the network monitoring world is intense but WhatsUp Gold (WUG) has always stood out for us thanks to its extreme longevity, ease of use and extensive troubleshooting features.

CRN September 9, 2020

Progress Software Could Massively Expand Chef’s Reach Through OEM Relationships

One reason Progress Software isn’t as well-known as might be expected for a nearly 40-year-old publicly traded company valued at almost $1.7 billion is that its tools largely go to market as embedded components of some 1,700 other software developers.

That indirect distribution channel, which reaches about a 100,000 end-customers, could prove a major boon for Chef, the DevOps pioneer that Progress agreed to acquire Tuesday for $220 million.

GeekWire September 8, 2020

Chef to be acquired for $220M by Progress in ‘next chapter’ for Seattle automation tech company

Business application platform Progress will acquire Seattle-based automation technology company Chef for $220 million in cash under a deal announced Tuesday.

TechCrunch September 8, 2020

Progress snags software automation platform Chef for $220M

Progress, a Boston area developer tool company, boosted its offerings in a big way today when it announced it was acquiring software automation platform Chef for $220 million.

Computerworld September 8, 2020

Biggest technology acquisitions of 2020

Which mergers and acquisitions does 2020 have in store? If January alone is anything to go by, there will be no slowing of major deals across the industry, with security already proving to be a hot area.

Here are the biggest technology acquisitions of 2020 so far, in reverse chronological order:

ClickZ September 8, 2020

It’s time to reevaluate your content management system (CMS)

A reliance on digital is our “new normal” due to COVID-19. Discover the five capabilities your CMS needs to withstand our foreseeable future. Will your CMS handle the new normal's five key must haves?

CMSWire September 3, 2020

Gregg Shupe: 'You Cannot Wait to Grab Hold of a Competitive Advantage'

A few years ago, Gregg Shupe struck up a conversation with an attendee following a presentation he delivered. They began talking about the evolution (or lack thereof) of products and, by comparison, the incredible transformation in consumers driven in large part by Amazon.

MarketingTech August 24, 2020

Exploring a content framework for compelling digital experiences

All digital experiences are built with content: images, text, video, audio, and even augmented and virtual reality. Content is not only used to communicate your company’s value, but to extend and connect its experience to all touchpoints end users may encounter. Because content plays such a significant role in digital experiences, it only makes sense it has its own experience framework.

DBTA August 12, 2020

Progress Adds New Connectors to its DataDirect Solution

Progress, a provider of application development and digital experience technologies, is releasing a new series of Progress DataDirect data connectors, bridging the gap between disparate back-office applications.

DEVOPSdigest August 11, 2020

Progress Releases New Version of Test Studio

Progress announced the latest release of Progress® Test Studio®, the automated UI load and performance testing tool.

With this release, Progress Test Studio provides advanced responsive web testing and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) features. It is also the first to offer exclusive test automation support for Microsoft Blazor components.

IoT Agenda August 3, 2020

Organizations seek digital experiences with IoT, AI and machine learning

Back in 2016, Progress conducted a survey to explore the state of what companies consider digital transformation. Fast forward four years and the marketplace has made great strides. The conversation has evolved to what many now call digital experience, which encompasses innovations in IoT, AI and machine learning.

CEO Today July 31, 2020

Yogesh Gupta & His Ever-Growing Love For Technology

Long before I became Yogesh Gupta, President and Chief Executive Officer of Progress, I was Yogesh Gupta, Computer Science graduate, author and inventor”, says Yogesh to me. He goes on to explain to me how over the years, his passion for technology has only grown stronger. “And if my leadership roles at CA and CEO roles at FatWire, Kaseya, and now Progress have taught me anything, it’s that technology has a crucial role to play in finding solutions to our most urgent challenges."

DEVOPSdigest July 15, 2020

Progress Releases Corticon.js

Progress announced the release of Corticon.js, the new serverless rules engine created to quickly and easily build, test and deploy rules to critical JavaScript applications.

DBTA July 15, 2020

Progress Releases Serverless Rules Engine for JavaScript

Progress, a provider of application development and digital experience technologies, is releasing Corticon.js, a new serverless rules engine created to quickly and easily build, test and deploy rules to critical JavaScript applications.