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Women Entrepreneurs Review May 11, 2024

National Technology Day: Women Leaders on How They Leverage Tech for Success

As a woman leader, how do you leverage technology to enhance your productivity and efficiency?


Insight Jam May 8, 2024

AI and Graph Databases: Where 1+1=3 (Or More)

This month's Jam Session explores the dynamic intersection of AI and graph databases and their combined potential to revolutionize data management and application development. Our expert panel gets into how AI is reshaping business models and the increasing relevance of graph databases in supporting social media, e-commerce, and mobile apps. They discuss specific graph database vendors, AI-enhanced data management tools, and practical advice for businesses looking to leverage these technologies for competitive advantage. Learn more about the '1+1=3' potential of integrating AI with graph databases, and get valuable perspectives from professionals for professionals.

DEVOPSdigest May 2, 2024

Human-Centered Software Design: Why It Matters and Where the Market Stands

In today's digital world, most people interact with technology every day — in a lot of cases, multiple times every day. These interactions should be coherent and consistent, but all too often, inaccessible interfaces make technology difficult to navigate and use. That's where human-centered software design comes in.


CMOtech May 1, 2024

Progress boosts AI capabilities in latest Sitefinity edition

Progress, an infrastructure software provider, has announced the addition of new and powerful AI capabilities and enhancements to the latest version of Progress Sitefinity. These advancements will further support marketers to hasten the delivery of personalized and impactful digital experiences.


CRN India April 23, 2024

Progress announces advanced AI capabilities to accelerate delivery of digital experiences

Progress announced new powerful capabilities and enhancements in the latest release of Progress Sitefinity. Building on existing AI support throughout the platform, Sitefinity 15.1 introduces AI-powered conversion propensity scoring, AI-powered content classification for faster content editing and improved customer data modelling, enabling higher ROI and productivity. Additionally, new support for ASP.NET Core in .NET 8 provides enormous flexibility to engineering teams, enabling them to develop and deploy using any platform of choice and accelerate time to market.

The Economic Times April 15, 2024

Why adaptability is the one skill freshers should learn to develop

While numerous soft skills can help individuals navigate through the employment landscape that continues to evolve, adaptability remains an evergreen and futuristic competency.

BetaNews April 11, 2024

Organizations plan to invest in 'human-centered' software

A new survey shows that 76 percent of respondents consider building human-centric applications more important than it was two years ago, driven by a combination of business considerations and cultural shifts.

SD Times April 11, 2024

Report: Companies are going all in on human-centric software development this year

While developers have always had to care about user experience, over the next year they will take this a step further by investing more heavily into what’s known as human-centric software development.


ITBrief April 11, 2024

Barriers inhibiting uptake of human-centric app development

A recent global survey titled 'Human-Centered Software Design: A State of the Marketplace Report', conducted by Progress, an application development and infrastructure expert, exposed interesting insights in the area of human-centric app development in Australia.

DEVOPSdigest April 10, 2024

Progress Releases Sitefinity 15.1 with Advanced AI Capabilities to Accelerate Delivery of Digital Experiences

Progress announced new powerful capabilities and enhancements in the latest release of Progress Sitefinity.


Business World April 10, 2024

About 90% Indian Orgs Prioritizing Human-Centric Software, Accessible Apps: Report

A report on Wednesday revealed that about 90 per cent of Indian organizations are prioritizing human-centric software and accessible applications in comparison to the past two years. 

UK Tech News April 10, 2024

Investment in “Human-Centered” Software Design to Increase in More Than Half of Global Organizations in 2024

Progress announced the results of its global survey, “Human-Centered Software Design: A State of the Marketplace Report.” Sponsored by Progress and conducted by independent research firm Insight Avenue, the survey is based on interviews with more than 700 application developers and IT decision-makers worldwide.


DEVOPSdigest April 4, 2024

Has DevOps Lost its Luster? Exploring a Platform Engineering Future

Nearly two decades ago, proponents of the DevOps movement rallied against traditional software models that called for the developers who write code to be organizationally and functionally separate from those who deploy and support the code. Despite taking a few years, DevOps gained full adoption, and Agile development practices like automated build and test became the status quo after Gartner got on board with the concept in 2011.


HR Daily Advisor April 4, 2024

AI’s Impact on Hiring: Keep the Human in Your Talent Acquisition Practices

AI is a tool like anything else. So, when I hear about AI in hiring, I think less about the AI itself and what it is capable of and more about how companies, teams and individuals may use it. Talent Acquisition (TA) and retention is a people-centered process: It wouldn’t be wise to overuse AI or replace TA with AI. 


Dynamic Business April 3, 2024

The insider’s guide for budget-conscious marketers

Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a seasoned marketer aiming to do more with less, join us as our amazing experts uncover cost-effective solutions, clever hacks, and ingenious approaches to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive market.


Solutions Review March 29, 2024

Breeding Customer Loyalty Through the Omnichannel Experience

On the consumer end, the average purchase—of a suitcase, a desk lamp, or an electric toothbrush—can feel relatively simple. But as any marketer knows, the path from noticing a product to actually buying it can, in fact, be enormously complex, facilitated on the backend by multiple teams working day in and day out on such complicated matters as UX design, behavioral analytics, and targeted ad copy. The better integrated these components are across platforms—i.e., the more seamless the experience is for the consumer—the higher the likelihood of a sale. 


Techstrong.ai March 28, 2024

Unconscious Bias in AI: How to Avoid it and Navigate Regulation

The human brain processes an inordinate amount of information every day. Scientists have tried to quantify it, with some saying it is 100,000 words and others suggesting it is 34GB of data. Regardless of the study, they all agree it is a massive amount. And as an evolved species, humans have found ways to quickly process much of that information without it even registering they are doing it. 

DEVOPSdigest March 26, 2024

Progress Partners with Veeam Software to Deliver AI-Powered Network Detection and Response to Global Enterprises

Progress announced a strategic partnership with Veeam Software, the #1 leader by market share in Data Protection and Ransomware Recovery, to provide customers with an enterprise-ready cyber defense solution that strengthens the security of their business-critical data.


BW People March 22, 2024

Diverse Minds, Infinite Possibilities: Neurodiversity At Workplace

Neurodiversity, the concept that neurological differences are normal and valuable, is increasingly recognised as essential in today's work environment. Shirley Knowles, Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer at Progress believes that embracing neurodiversity fosters innovation, creativity, and problem-solving by harnessing the unique perspectives and talents of individuals with diverse cognitive abilities. Inclusive workplaces that value neurodiversity not only benefit from a wider talent pool but also cultivate a culture of acceptance and belonging, leading to increased employee engagement and overall organizational success.


TechGig March 22, 2024

How embracing neurodiversity in the workplace can help companies; insights from expert

Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace is not just a social obligation but also a business benefit. Organizations may achieve creativity, productivity enhancement, and the promotion of an inclusive and welcoming culture by acknowledging and using the unique abilities of neurodiverse people. Organizations that have neurodiversity as a top priority are able to recruit a more extensive range of skilled persons and are seen as appealing employers by people with various backgrounds and skills.