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Sitefinity Insight Google Looker Studio Connector

A new look on omnichannel data.


Data in a Connected, Omnichannel World

In a data-driven world, the best marketing decisions are based on insights that account for the entire business. And it’s a connected, omnichannel space too, so you need to easily source the right sets of data and plug into all the systems that are relevant to your workflows and customer experience. In Sitefinity® Insight℠, you have a set of premium tools for digital analysis and content personalization and optimization.

Audiences, campaigns, conversions—you collect a wealth of data but do you make the most of it? One of the ongoing challenges in our line of work is to keep on extending the data connectivity to the entire Martech ecosystem (CRM, MA, reporting).

Get the data out of the silos and make it work for you.

Transform stats into insights that are visual, sharable and drive the right decisions.

Sitefinity Insight Like You Have Never Seen Before

Progress® Sitefinity® is the one of the first digital experience platforms that can directly plug into Google Looker Studio. With Looker Studio, you collaboratively create and share real-time interactive dashboards and reports with your team—and the world.

Link your Sitefinity Insight data to other sources, such as CRM and Marketing Automation Systems. Connect Sitefinity Insight and Google Looker Studio in minutes and get ready to dive right in. Google Looker Studio lets you slice and dice the stats and get to the level of detail you need. Audiences, personas, conversions, campaigns and more. Merge, visualize and share all the data you collect with Sitefinity Insight into configurable charts, elaborate dashboards and in-depth reports to gain a holistic view of your marketing efforts and outcomes.

Sitefinity Insight Connector
Martech Integration
Sitefinity is one of few DXPs that plugs into Google Looker Studio
Unlock Your Data
Export analytics data to aggregate, visualize, analyze and drive decision-making
Share & Collaborate
Share and collaborate on interactive dashboards and in-depth reports
Rich Visualization
Leverage a versatile and visually rich platform that’s free to use
Expanding Ecosystem
Enjoy extended Martech ecosystem integrations
User Friendly
Set up in minutes with the built-in Sitefinity Insight connector


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