Multichannel Management

Multichannel Campaign Management Platform

Manage multisite, multilingual, cross-platform content. Deliver digital experiences across multiple channels and devices.

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Create and Deliver Compelling Experiences Across Multiple Channels

Tap into all the traditional and emerging digital touchpoints to deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels and devices. Use the best tools to craft truly engaging modern, digital experiences. Empower marketers and developers alike to create meaningful content and UX, and seamlessly engage customers on their preferred channels—with a single interface to easily manage it all.

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Add a Chatbot To Your Website

The Sitefinity Connector for NativeChat makes chatbot integration a breeze. Easy to build.
Easy to train. Easy to theme and customize. Drag and drop to any Sitefinity page to personalize conversations and shape the journey to accelerate pipeline.

Drive the Conversation with NativeChat


Manage multisite, multilingual content from a single instance. Develop and deliver experiences across platforms and devices.


Sitefinity's advanced capabilities and centralized administration enable seamless multisite deployment and multilingual content management for true multichannel and cross-platform engagement.

Multisite Deployment & Management
Centrally Manage Multilingual Content
Enhanced Digital Asset & Document Management
.NET Core Frontend
Development Suite
Sharable, Reusable Templates
Single-click Cloning of Sites, Pages and Templates
Native APIs and RESTful
Web Services
Cloud-native Web Content Management
Personalization and Customer Data Analytics

User Testimonials

“Serving both as the main CMS for several regions and HQ - as well as a departmental application CMS for standalone portals and platforms in a multi-tenant, multi-cloud approach.

The main reason for standardizing on Sitefinity is its flexibility and its omni-channel capabilities, allowing us to write once and use across platforms, channels and APIs throughout the organization and externally.”

Jochem B

World Health Organization

Sitefinity Web Content Management

The simple, affordable, user-friendly solution for creating and managing multichannel content.
Success Story

Murdoch University Drives 32% Increase in Mobile Visits with Sitefinity

Murdoch University’s existing website was built in 2007 and had become outdated over the years. With Sitefinity, Murdoch University was able to completely transform its website to deliver a better user experience and improve site management.

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