Multichannel Management

Multichannel Campaign Management Platform

Centrally manage your entire digital presence delivering relevant content instantly for true multichannel engagement.

Your Challenge

Deliver Consistent Experiences Across Multiple Channels

Managing multiple digital channels is a must to deliver a consistent customer experience across whichever channel they choose. Sitefinity provides a truly modern, digital experience. Driven by cognitive capabilities, it's easy for marketers and developers to deliver meaningful content seamlessly through various multichannel touchpoints—with a single interface for your team to easily manage it all.

How Sitefinity Helps


Manage multiple channels from a single instance, easily sharing content, assets, permissions and resources.

  • Deliver Content They Want, When They Want It

    Generate and manage personalized content delivered via various touchpoints driven by cognitive capabilities.

  • Enhance Interaction and Visibility

    Increase customer engagement by delivering frictionless experiences across web, mobile, email, social media, and more.

  • Elevate Loyalty for Greater ROI 

    Engaged customers are easier to retain, become more loyal and are more likely to refer.  All this equates to an increase in revenue for your business. 

  • Minimize the Work With One Interface 

    Reduce costs and increase productivity with a central management interface for sharing and reproducing content, assets, permissions and resources.


Sitefinity's centralized management eases multisite, multichannel configuration and deployment:

One interface to manage all sites
Asset sharing across sites without copying
Granular permission management to scale governance
Single-click publication of shared content
Sharable, reusable templates
Single-click cloning of sites, pages and templates

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Success Story

Sitefinity CMS Delivers 200% Increase in Mobile Traffic

Dayton Superior’s Sitefinity CMS website utilizes a sophisticated platform to support state-of-the-art navigation tailored to specific users. Intuitive capabilities adjust the flow of information based on whether a user is browsing or searching the site.

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Headless Content Management and Single Page Applications
Sitefinity: Headless Content Management and Single Page Applications
An API-driven system like Sitefinity can power Single Page Applications (SPA) built on any frontend framework. A genuinely headless platform, Sitefinity can run more than just websites with no learning curve for content editors.
Managing and Personalizing a Multi-Channel Experience
Delivering a compelling, personalized customer journey across multiple digital touchpoints has never been more important. At the same time, it’s also never been so complex—many organizations struggle to personalize their campaigns and build cohesive multichannel experiences that can engage prospects anytime, anywhere.

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