Enterprise CMS Platform

Build engaging websites and cross-channel experiences and manage multilingual content at scale with an easy-to-use, cloud-native enterprise CMS, offering robust integrations and headless CMS capabilities.

Multisite Management

Centralize content management with an enterprise CMS platform.

Progress® Sitefinity® enables enterprises to manage multiple websites efficiently, offering cost savings, consistent branding, improved user experiences and enhanced security. 

  • Lower the costs of maintaining separate systems for each site, including development, hosting and administration.

  • Launch new sites, product or campaign landing pages faster by leveraging existing templates and assets, widgets, forms and presets.

  • Manage all your content from a single CMS dashboard. Reduce the complexity and time required to update and maintain multiple websites across the enterprise.

Sitefinity Multisite Management
Emterprise Multisite CMS

Enterprise Headless CMS

Efficient content delivery across channels and devices.

With Sitefinity, organizations can leverage powerful enterprise headless CMS capabilities to separate content and presentation and deliver rich and engaging digital experiences across multiple channels.

Sitefinity’s decoupled architecture and its intuitive and robust enterprise headless CMS capabilities enable developers to achieve greater flexibility, scalability and customization. By using Sitefinity’s headless CMS toolset, organizations looking to implement a headless CMS solution can efficiently manage and deliver multichannel content, accelerate time to market, lower development costs, maximize available talent and easily adapt to emerging digital channels and devices.

Enterprise Headless CMS Capabilities
Enterprise Headless CMS

Cloud Deployment

Always-on, always available.

Eliminate the need for upfront infrastructure investments and ongoing operational expenses. Progress® Sitefinity® Cloud offers high availability, scalability and automated upgrades to enable enterprises to reduce IT overhead and foster innovation with access to the latest CMS features.

Sitefinity Cloud
Enterprise Cloud CMS

Multilingual Support

Engage diverse audiences globally with a consistent brand message.

Create inclusive, engaging and personalized digital experiences across the enterprise with intuitive multilingual content management capabilities and integrations with translations and content localization tools. Gain a strategic advantage in global market expansion and competitiveness, optimize content to boost SEO with region-specific keywords, increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty.

Sitefinity Multilingual Support
Multilingual Support Emterprise CMS

Enterprise Customer Data Platform

Make every interaction memorable.

Leverage intuitive, AI-driven Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities to access deep insights into customer behavior, preferences and interaction patterns across various channels. Designed to capture and normalize customer data from multiple online and offline sources,  Progress® Sitefinity Insight® CDP enables digital marketing practitioners to get a unified view of their customers and deliver one-to-one personalization.

Learn More About Sitefinity Insight CDP

Data Connectivity and CRM Integration

Maximize efficiency and foster innovation via data integration.

Sitefinity Integration Hub is an intelligent automation platform that allows organizations to connect their critical business systems and automate workflows seamlessly. By using Sitefinity Integration Hub, companies can easily connect to over 1,000 CRM, MarTech and other systems to automate repetitive tasks, maintain data consistency across platforms and enhance the digital experience for their customers by providing personalized, timely and relevant interactions. In addition, Sitefinity also integrates with leading Digital Asset Management platforms to enable enterprises to maintain brand consistency and drive efficiency with centralized digital asset management.

Explore Sitefintiy Integration Hub
Data Connectivity and CRM Integration

Site Synchronization

Make launches smoother.

Easily preview, test and enhance marketing content, design changes and new features in a safe space that mirrors your live website. SiteSync in Sitefinity enables content managers to confidently launch new campaigns and quickly update existing content while supporting internal compliance, brand and messaging consistency and website integrity. With SiteSync, enterprises can keep their brand's digital presence dynamic, engaging and well-executed, making content updates and campaign launches more streamlined.

Explore Sitefinity SiteSync
Enterprise CMS Site Synchronization

Continuous Delivery

Accelerate the pace of innovation.

IT's technical finesse with the dynamic needs of marketing. The CI/CD capabilities in Sitefinity enable developers and website administrators across the organization to automate feature releases, innovate while maintaining industry standards and enhance efficiency while reducing errors. Rapidly roll out new features and proactively push updates and improvements to deliver vibrant and competitive digital experiences.

Explore Sitefinity CI/CD
CMS Continuous Delivery

Content Governance

Maintain accuracy, consistency and internal compliance.

Sitefinity is designed for optimal content governance across the enterprise and enables organizations to easily define roles, access permissions and content approval workflows per site, page, prebuilt and custom content modules such as news, digital assets and forms. Using a content staging environment (e.g., SiteSync and Content Pipeline) facilitates content development and helps maintain brand consistency and website integrity. Web Administrators can use advanced logging for transparency and audit trails for compliance.

Sitefinity blends the ease of use of content management and website synchronization, the efficiency of continuous delivery and the power of the enterprise CMS to help maintain accuracy, consistency, internal compliance and efficiency.

Explore Content Governance in Sitefinity
Enterprise Content Governance

Comprehensive Security

Go beyond checking the box—enhance your security posture.

Our integral, standards-based security approach allows you to focus on protecting your customer's privacy and your business.

Sitefinity is a SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR-compliant platform, enhanced security capabilities to help protect sensitive information and maintain data integrity. Enterprises can leverage strong authentication mechanisms, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and role-based access control (RBAC), to restrict access to content based on user roles. The Audit Trail Module, SiteShield, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities and the Web Application Firewall (WAF) help strengthen security posture.

Read Sitefinity Security and Best Practices Whitepaper
Enterprise CMS Security

Premium Support, Training and Certification

Put together a custom package to meet your needs.

Our premium customer success packages offer a tailored blend of resources and expert guidance to help you get the most of your Sitefinity configuration, whether you're just beginning your Sitefinity journey or need expert advice to help you grow and thrive.

Sitefinity Support Offerings
Premium Support Training and Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Enterprise CMS?

An Enterprise Content Management System (Enterprise CMS) is a comprehensive platform designed to centrally manage an organization’s entire public-facing content and digital experience. Enterprise CMS platforms are tailored for large enterprises with elevated needs for unified content and digital asset management, powerful site search, a high degree of customization, CRM and MarTech integrations and enterprise headless CMS capabilities for multichannel content delivery.

Common use cases include centrally managing multilingual or regional websites where brand consistency, security and compliance are of the highest priority. Centrally managing the entire content lifecycle and supporting a single codebase translates into improved operational efficiency, quicker time to market and lower TCO.

Standard vs Enterprise CMS

Both standard and enterprise content management systems (CMS) are designed to efficiently manage website content. A standard CMS often caters to the needs of smaller teams and organizations looking to support low-complexity projects and small company websites.

An enterprise CMS offers more advanced features designed for larger organizations with complex needs. These features include enhanced composability, multisite, multilingual and multichannel content management and content delivery capabilities, elevated security and compliance, more robust workflow and collaboration tools and customization integration capabilities with other business systems such as CRMs, marketing automation, digital asset management and many more. Unlike traditional CMS implementations, enterprise CMSs are designed to handle larger loads and cater to the business needs of multiple stakeholders.

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