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Redirect Management Tool

The Redirects Management Tool provides an easy-to-use, intuitive UI for input and management of redirects, filtering and searching for redirects to update and edit. The tool lets you capture wildcard redirects, and query string keep/forward for campaign tracking. Users can export/import redirects and set the appropriate HTTP response status code.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 Integration Portal for Sitefinity

The Portal Connector is a platform that provides seamless two-way integration between Dynamics CRM/365 and Sitefinity.  Providing customers and partners with a flexible, scalable and highly secure web portal for enhanced customer service experiences.  With Sitefinity's intuitive, drag and drop tools, creating your web portal is a breeze.

Enhanced MVC Form Widgets

Rich, interactive forms are a Sitefinity staple, helping you engage website visitors and collect quality data. A new set of widgets is now available extending the already rich functionality of MVC forms in Sitefinity. Add to your Sitefinity CMS project to empower content editors and support more efficient user interactions.

Lionbridge Connector for Sitefinity

Lionbridge allows users to easily select content for translation, choose one or many target languages, add-job specific information and send content out to be translated. Lionbridge automatically receives the file and creates a translation job. The translation is then returned via the Connector, and the content is updated on the target pages.

Synx for Sitefinity

Synx allows users to connect Microsoft Dynamics/365 to Sitefinity CMS quickly and easily. Sync data between Sitefinity and Microsoft Dynamics and utilize that data to built effective portal experiences.


AdminApp Google Maps Address Field

This extension brings in a Google Map view for the address field. Also brings in Latitude/Longitude

Rotating Image Carousel

Use this Sitefinity content type and widget to display images in a rotating carousel, leveraging Sitefinity's out-of-the-box Bootstrap 4 support.

Personalization by Zip/Postal Code

Personalize content by a single zip code, list or range of zip/postal codes with an extension to location services.


Provides an extensive set of additional Sitefinity widgets as well as a comprehensive set of API extensions to assist developers.

Insert Symbol Rich Text Editor Extension

Insert special characters and symbols and into web content with the click of a button. Utilize a dropdown selection of special characters in the rich text editor toolbar to incorporate a wide variety of symbols into web copy.
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