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LiveChat for Sitefinity

LiveChat Extension for Sitefinity

LiveChat is a cloud-based live chat and messaging platform that integrates with Sitefinity so that you can provide a delightful experience across the entire customer lifecycle.
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The Portal Connector

The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM/365

The Portal Connector is a platform that provides seamless two-way integration between Dynamics CRM/365 and Sitefinity
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Image Optimization CDN

ScientiaMobile CDN Integration

ScientiaMobile for Sitefinty provides real-time device detection to drive mobile optimization and analytics, and an image resizing CDN service to resize, compress and deliver optimized images, and accelerate web page loading.
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ROC Commerce Integration

This innovative, end-to-end digital commerce platform utilizes the Sitefinity CMS because of its elegant UI, scalability and ease of use. Deliver seamless, personalized customer buying experiences integrated with complex mission-critical systems to meet your specific needs.
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Hawksearch for Sitefinity


Hawksearch leverages advanced machine learning and pattern analysis to identify the best search experience to deliver to users.
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Cludo Site Search

Cludo Site Search

Cludo's AI driven platform gives you complete control over your site search, access to actionable analytics dashboards, deeper customer insights, and a better standard of customer support.
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Ucommerce for Sitefinity

Ucommerce Integration

Enhance customer experiences, increase shopping conversions and get data-driven experience management with the leading .NET-based commerce platform on the market.
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Siteimprove Integration

Scan your website for errors, fix mistakes, optimize content, and manage your site more efficiently. Siteimprove CMS Extension bridges the gap between Sitefinity and the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform.
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SYSTRAN Neural Machine Translation for Sitefinity

Reduce translation costs, drive multilingual collaboration, and automate processes with SYSTRAN Pure Neural Server for Sitefinity.
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SmarterCommerce for Sitefinity features comprehensive, real-time integration with JD Edwards, which allows for seamless control of commerce and content, all in one platform for all B2B and B2C sales needs.
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Microsoft Translator Integration

Machine Translation Connector for Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator API is a neural machine translation service which enables broad multi-lingual support. Drive global communication with the Machine Translation Connector for Microsoft Translator.
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Sitefinity Rotating Carousel Widget

MVC Rotating Carousel Widget

Sample Sitefinity MVC widget to show how to build one in an external assembly and assign a new icon for it in the Sitefinity Designer.
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Image Processing and Text Analysis Module

Image Processing and Text Analysis Module

Use AI to analyze an images and automatically generate metadata like tags and alternative text, as well as check for inappropriate content.
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Sitefinity Database Diagnostic Module

Database Diagnostic Module

View and rebuild database indexes with a click of a button.
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