Simple, Reliable, Proven and Secure File Transfer Software by Progress WS_FTP managed server solutions.

Proven, Reliable, Secure FTP Software

The Progress WS_FTP software provides both an effective, highly manageable FTP server and the ability to provide each user a secure FTP client, assuring both reliability and security for data sharing processes.

The solution

Business-Grade FTP Software

WS_FTP secure file transfer products use industry-leading security at every level of data management, protecting data before, during, after transit, and verifying that files reach intended destinations uncompromised. With our solutions, you have the power to automate important tasks and integrate transfer activities with existing workflows and applications.

Secure FTP Server

WS_FTP Server is the easiest way to securely store,
share and transfer information between systems,
applications, groups and individuals.

Secure FTP Client

Over 40 million people use WS_FTP Professional Client to simplify file transfer tasks, save time, and improve communications. tasks, save time, and improve


Securely Send and Receive Business-Critical Information

WS_FTP delivers the strongest levels of encryption on the market. Industry-leading 256-bit AES
encryption and FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography secures files during transfers over SSL/FTPS
and SSH/SFTP protocols.

  • Ensure the security and integrity of your files 

    With the strongest end-to-end encryption available and built-in integrity checking, WS_FTP client-server solution does more than any other to protect your most sensitive data, before, during and after transfer.

  • Assure Regulatory Compliance  

    Track all track data movement and use auditable records of client-server connections and administrator activities to meet compliance regulations, industry standards, and corporate governance policies.

  • Automate tasks and save time 

    Schedule one-time or recurring transfers, integrate transfers into your existing workflows, configure event-driven email notifications, and much more.

  • Implement a cost-effective solution  

    Virtualization and silent install features make standardizing across the business fast and cost-effective. Flexible licensing means it’s easy to implement the ideal mix of products and services for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FTP software?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a standard internet protocol used, as the name suggests, to transfer files between computers. 

How do I use FTP?

Historically, FTP has been a popular means of moving large files between systems or between desktops and

Where Can I Find FTP software?

Progress offers the world's most popular commercial FTP client, WS_FTP Professional and the highly
popular WS_FTP Server, both of which support SFTP.


Progress WS_FTP

Making the networked world a safer place to share data.