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Build on Next.js. Manage in Sitefinity. Experience Headless CMS.

Develop on your preferred frontend technology. Deliver structured, technology-agnostic content to your React websites and apps. Create personalized digital experiences with no cap on skillset, speed and scale.

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Get Started With Sitefinity React Renderer

Learn how to build rich user interfaces and elevated user experiences with React and Sitefinity.

Headless Content to Your Frontend of Choice

Sitefinity delivers headless content to multiple decoupled frontends built on popular JS frameworks, complete with technology-independent WYSIWYG editing and personalization.

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The decoupled Sitefinity architecture separates content management from page and template editing. The standard-compliant APIs that push content to the platform’s native presentation layer can also feed other frontend consumers, regardless of the technology they’re built on.

Sitefinity is built on three distinct levels with the frontend (presentation), backend (content and administration) and data existing in separate, independent layers – a classic example of decoupling the presentation from the content and code.

Sitefinity has all the essential publishing tools of a traditional CMS with the added benefit of an API-first approach to content delivery. Create and edit content in one place—and distribute to multiple frontend applications. Layout and personalization APIs can retrieve metadata for the page structure for fully customized experiences that extend beyond web. 

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Build, Deploy, Connect and Scale:
A Decoupled React Frontend for Sitefinity DX

While the essence of web content management is delivering experiences through the web channel, Sitefinity’s content APIs can push structured, presentation-neutral content to additional channels. Develop websites on your preferred JS framework and share content via mobile and web applications.

Content ManagementStandard APIs & Data ServicesFrontend ComponentsLayout & Personalization
TraditionalDoes not support Standard APIs & Data Services Supports Frontend Components Supports Layout & Personalization
HeadlessSupports Standard APIs & Data Services Does not support Frontend Components Does not support Layout & Personalization
DecoupledSupports Standard APIs & Data Services Supports Frontend Components Supports Layout & Personalization

Get started with ready to use code samples. Code locally. Set up environment for React renderer. Connect to Sitefinity data services. Deploy.

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Seamless Integration with KendoReact

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