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Sitefinity DX + Angular: Out-of-the-box Headless CMS Experience

The decoupled Angular frontend for Sitefinity DX is fully integrated with the native page building, templating, and personalization of the platform. Build pages and SPAs on Angular that consume technology-agnostic content created and managed in Sitefinity DX.

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Headless Content to Your Angular Frontend

Sitefinity DX has all the essential publishing tools of a traditional CMS with the added benefit of an API-first approach to content delivery. Create and edit content in one place—and distribute to multiple frontend applications. Experience the best of both worlds of native content management and headless content delivery.

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Code + frontend templates

.NET 6




Web apps

Native apps

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Built-in support for multiple frontend technologies and UI frameworks allows unmatched developer productivity. Structured, technology-agnostic content involves no learning curve for business users and editors in delivering personalized digital experiences across channels and devices.

The page building experience and personalization are not coupled to a specific technology stack. Regardless of the frontend framework you prefer—.NET, React or Angular—drag and drop page building, widget configuration, WYSIWYG content editing and personalization options are available right out of the box.

The complete toolset of a modern CMS with headless delivery options supporting both OData and GraphQL.

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A Decoupled Angular Frontend for Sitefinity DX

While the essence of web content management is delivering experiences through the web channel, Sitefinity’s content and layout APIs can push structured, presentation-neutral content to additional channels. Develop on your preferred frontend framework and consume content managed by a headless CMS.

Content ManagementStandard APIs & Data ServicesFrontend ComponentsLayout & Personalization
TraditionalDoes not support Standard APIs & Data Services Supports Frontend Components Supports Layout & Personalization
HeadlessSupports Standard APIs & Data Services Does not support Frontend Components Does not support Layout & Personalization
DecoupledSupports Standard APIs & Data Services Supports Frontend Components Supports Layout & Personalization

The entire framework for the Angular renderer is fully set up, including integration with the WYSIWYG editor. All you need to do is build widgets. Widget development for the Angular Renderer is just like developing standard Angular components.

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Angular Components

Widget and
Page-Level Personalization

WYSIWYG Page and Template Editing

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Seamless Integration with
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