Actionable Marketing Insights Platform to Achieve Better Results

Optimize your marketing programs and improve their impact on high-level goals.

Visitor & Persona Tracking

Measure the number of visitors that interacted with your site, anonymous and registered. Identify out of those total visitors, which of them fell into your segmented personas, and which of them converted.
Conversion Tracking

Touchpoint & Conversion Tracking

Discover the touchpoints in your digital journey that are most successful in getting visitors to convert and identify touchpoints that need optimization. Drill down conversion analysis – from what percentage of visitors converted, to conversion increases and decreases, to the most successful conversions.

Persona Profiling

Lead Scoring

Create lead scoring models according to each lead’s likelihood to convert, and track lead generations. Look at behavioral patterns and gather the most promising leads, as well as identify segments that have not reached an optimal conversion rate potential.

Lead Scoring

Measure ROI with Marketing Attribution

Align your digital marketing efforts with strategic business goals. Map content performance to organizational KPIs to track return on investment and convey marketing’s impact on the business. Easily identify what campaigns contribute bottom- and top-line results to prove the success of your marketing efforts.

Marketing Attribution

Optimize Content via Machine Learning Recommendations

Gain ML-powered experience optimization recommendations to create targeted and meaningful marketing content, campaigns and programs that yield the optimal increase in KPIs and drive lead generation. Test and validate content changes through A/B testing functionality to make intelligent marketing decisions based on data. Get real-time predictions on how campaigns will perform and notifications campaigns that are outperforming or underperforming.


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