Headless CMS Platform

Flexible technology integration eases delivery of content to any device for true digital experiences

Sitefinity Headless CMS

Sitefinity was developed with headless practices from its inception and has long been recognized for its flexibility and capabilities to integrate with multiple technologies.


API First Approach

With its decoupled architecture and robust APIs, Sitefinity delivers content to any device—mobile phones, smart watches and even refrigerators. All content types are automatically exposed through OData services and with the help of an SDK, your time to market is significantly reduced. Unlike other solutions, developers still have flexibility and full control over the data.


Content as a Service

Content-as-a-Service, also known as “headless in the cloud,” is effortless with smooth Sitefinity deployment. With the fully supported Azure and Amazon cloud options, organizations can adopt a headless strategy on any public or private cloud with minimal effort or advanced work.


Content Creation

Enjoy the same modern, user-friendly content creation and management capabilities that organizations across the globe already use and apply them to a headless project. By leveraging a recognized leader in user experience for content management, content authors now can create content for multiple channels without additional work.
Headless CMS Content Creation

Improved Customer Journey

The number one challenge organizations face with headless implementation is an inability to track and optimize across customer touchpoints. With Sitefinity Insight integrated into your headless experience, organizations can track, analyze and receive cognitive-based recommendations to improve the customer journey on every device.

Headless CMS Customer Journey

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