Flexible API

Ease extensibility of your CMS with comprehensive REST APIs. 

Flexible Data Options

By using the Provider Model, Sitefinity’s API gives you the freedom to access your application data regardless of where it’s stored. Progress even offers secure cloud to ground data integration with Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline. Sitefinity goes on to provide handy ways to query and use that data.

Powerful and Fully Exposed API

Your code has access to the full power of Sitefinity through the API. You can freely use Sitefinity’s APIs to integrate with external applications or to extend Sitefinity itself. The available programmatic hooks not only cover any action that can be done in the UI, but also extend quite beyond that - providing programmatic access to all content, data, UI and tooling.
Powerful and Fully Exposed API

Built Using .NET

Sitefinity’s API is more than just classes and methods you can use in your C# or .NET code, it’s built using many common .NET concepts and development best practices such as .NET Membership providers, fluent APIs, event hooks and even full LINQ support. If you’re familiar with .NET, then you’re already familiar with Sitefinity and can get started right away.
Built Using .NET

Latest and Greatest Technology

With Sitefinity you always gain access to the latest and greatest technology coming from .NET and Progress. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to build with MVC control, experiment with .NET Core or even utilize HTML5 and Javascript for your custom components. Sitefinity comes not only with native and RESTful APIs, but also with the infrastructure to support for the latest and greatest .NET technologies--along with many Progress tools that make your life easier.

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