Sharepoint Integration

The best public face for your SharePoint assets

Intuitive Drag & Drop Interface

Sitefinity’s page editor makes it easy to present your SharePoint content by interacting with user-friendly interfaces and simply dragging & dropping layouts and widgets onto a page. Once in place, you can edit the widgets through a guided interface that produces content consistent with the website's design.

Accommodates Different Designs

Sitefinity offers full control of your website’s HTML markup, and the freedom to create any design. Each page in Sitefinity is based on a template. Within these templates are editable regions that deliver content authors can use. These templates and the location of the interactive regions are completely under your control, and give you the freedom to create any design.

Two-Way Connector for SharePoint

The two-way connector between Sitefinity and SharePoint allows digital assets and lists with items to be edited from both ends and synched. The connection enables the content authoring experience in SharePoint to be paired with the page design flexibility and mobile content delivery of Sitefinity without disrupting existing processes and infrastructure. It provides granular control over content synchronization.

Two-Way Connector for SharePoint

Lightweight Hosting and Scalable Licensing

Sitefinity is very lightweight in terms of hardware resources and is a great public-facing complement to your SharePoint intranet. This results in significantly lower hosting costs which in turn lowers the total cost of ownership for your public websites. The Sitefinity licensing imposes no penalties for additional servers so you can scale your solution without the concern of hidden costs.

Any Mobile Strategy Works

Connecting your SharePoint® assets to Sitefinity allows you to use any device-agnostic or device-specific approach to publish your assets to any device. You can deliver your content through the hybrid mobile app that Sitefinity builds for you or by adapting the Sitefinity pages dynamically through the built-in responsive design engine.

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