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Top 5 CMS Modernization Drivers in Financial Services


Great Digital Experiences Start with Content

A Content Management System is the foundation of any digital experience journey. It provides a platform for managing digital content and enables financial institutions to deliver personalized, relevant experiences to their customers.


Engage and Serve 24/7

Tailor conversations with AI-driven chatbots. Deliver bespoke and engaging user experiences on the channels your audience prefers. Shape the journey to accelerate pipeline. 


Deploy in the Cloud 

Take advantage of enterprise cloud-native PaaS to minimize maintenance cost and complexity and focus on what matters most. Scale when ready to serve multiple markets and geographies.


Build One-to-One Digital Relationships 

Personalize digital experiences to make them more effective, engaging, and actionable. Offer tailored recommendations, alerts, and promotions based on customer behavior and preferences.


Reach Audiences Where
They Are

Own omnichannel with headless content management, support for popular frontend frameworks and API-driven delivery. Tap emerging digital channels and serve diverse demographics.


Compose a Connected Ecosystem

Integrate critical business and backend applications with built-in and low-code connectors. Make the most of customer data to build trust and deliver value while maintaining a human touch.


Bolster Security & Compliance

Safeguard your assets, protect customer data, and meet internal and regulatory compliance requirements. Minimize risk and downtime and respond to rapidly evolving threats.

The Essentials of Digital Transformation

  • Reach audiences on their preferred channels
  • Integrate critical business systems and data
  • Personalize content and experiences
  • Engage and serve customers 24/7
  • Minimize cost and complexity
  • Secure own assets and protect customer data

Driving Digital Transformation in Financial Services


The Recipe to The Ultimate Digital Experience

Content-Driven Digital Experiences in FinServ

The right CMS is essential to building audience-centric digital experiences for financial services, providing a platform for managing digital content and delivering personalized experiences tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

For Marketers

Codeless Page Building

Go to market faster with reusable layout presets for page building that’s never been easier.

Omnichannel Content

Tap any digital touchpoint. Manage multisite, multilingual content from a single instance.

Conversational UI

Personalize conversations and automate support through AI chatbot integrated with content.

Data-driven Personalization

Build relationships through customer data-driven analytics and content recommendations.

Digital Asset Management

Organize, optimize and deliver digital content across channels with enterprise DAM integration.

MarTech Connectivity

Connect critical business apps and data sources to deliver informed, user-centric experiences.

For Developers

Headless Architecture

Own omniexperience with a hybrid CMS serving presentation-neutral content across channels.

Frontend Flexibility

Multiple decoupled frontends fully integrated with the native page building and personalization.

API-driven Delivery

Content and layout APIs deliver structured, presentation-neutral content to multiple channels.

Low-code Integration

Effortlessly create connected experiences and share data between critical business apps.


Fully managed enterprise PaaS to develop and orchestrate digital experiences at scale.

Enterprise Security

Security by design, infrastructure security, data protection and regulatory compliance.

Why Leading FinServ Providers Choose Sitefinity

Developing with the .NET core renderer, the ease of implementation of our design and accessibility requirements is no different than any other modern technology stack.

Randy Muns Software Developer, Payworks

Progress Recognized as 2023 Customers' Choice in Gartner® Peer Insights™ for DXP


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