Sitefinity CMS Custom Content Post Type UI

Quickly define and customize content types, modules & presentation with less hassle. Have full control even when requirements change.


Extend Sitefinity’s content to fit what your project requires using custom fields and dynamic content types. Whether you just need to add a few extra fields to an existing type, associate media with content or create a completely new type of content all together, the Sitefinity Module Builder makes it easy to accomplish these tasks without ever opening Visual Studio. Managing custom content is done in native user interfaces that make creating, editing and deleting custom content feel as if it existed out of the box.

Related Data

Sitefinity grants you full control over metadata and relationships between any items in the system. This means that content types can be associated with each other, allowing you to manage almost any data structure. Just by assigning a related data field you get front-end presentation and back-end selectors to productively manage associating speakers to sessions, sessions to events, blog posts to product listings, offered services to store locations and so much more.

Custom Fields

With Sitefinity, you can empower end users to manage a variety of custom fields for pages and content items, such as categories, related media and content, text or any other meaningful information that will help you meet requirements. This way, you can make full use of modern SEO techniques, embrace semantic markup, classify pages, integrate third party tools and more to create custom content interfaces. Developers can set all these scenarios in templates, letting business users take full control over updates.

Code References

Extend your custom content types immediately with our auto generated API reference. The Sitefinity Module Builder provides sample code for creating, publishing, querying and deleting content items. It's easy to import content from an external source into new modules. Or create custom Sitefinity extensions that interact with your content type using your technology of choice including Javascript and MVC.


Widget Templates

Regardless of whether you just need to make a few minor tweaks or want to completely overhaul the markup that’s being generated, Sitefinity gives you complete control of the presentation of your content through widget templates. Widget templates are fully customizable code templates that let you control which fields of your content items get displayed and what markup is used to do it within Visual Studio.

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