Sitefinity Platform Features

No other platform gives you the power to create unique and engaging digital experiences like Sitefinity.

Content Management
Content Management

Take advantage of robust and intuitive multilingual and multichannel content management capabilities in Sitefinity DX. Our platform equips developers for productivity and marketers for agility with several top-of-the-line features, such as:

  • User-centric content editing and management
  • Custom content types
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Multisite and multilingual support
  • Intuitive form builder
  • Content approval workflows
  • Integrated content translation and localization capabilities 
Personalization and Analytics
Personalization and Analytics

Level up your website’s digital experience for customers and employees. Take your digital maturity to the next level. Gain proper insight into all touchpoints, visitor segments and prospects to effectively engage personas with content that resonates. Through Sitefinity DX, users can instantly gain access to:

  • Audience Intelligence
  • Customer Journey Personalization
  • Actionable Insights
  • Web Analytics & Data Tracking
  • Lead Scoring
  • A/B Testing and CRO 
CRM and MarTech Integrations
CRM and MarTech Integrations

Set the stage for marketers to improve upon their agility, by enabling the creation of orchestrated experiences for customers. Capture leads, remove silos and move data between key systems in your MarTech stack. Use low-code capabilities or prebuilt connectors to seamlessly integrate with nearly all platforms, such as:

  • SalesForce
  • HubSpot
  • Marketo
  • Eloqua
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Sharepoint
Experience Management
Experience Management

Scale digital experience delivery and management while optimizing security and performance so that it becomes a “business as usual” operation. Reduce IT overhead and save resources to dedicate to other mission-critical projects.

  • Content Governance and Workflows
  • Extensive user roles and permissions
  • OpenID authentication
  • Built-in Web Security Module
  • Centralized Multisite management
  • Continuous Delivery and Site Synchronization
  • Fully customizable back-end
Cloud Deployment
Cloud Deployment

Sitefinity Cloud delivers unmatched ease of use, enterprise performance, scalability and elevated security for the ultimate peace of mind. Reduce infrastructure complexity, get to market faster, and help marketing teams achieve measurable results, with these included features:

  • Load Balancing, Auto-Scaling and a global CDN
  • Auto-upgrade Service
  • Automated OS Security Updates
  • DDoS Mitigation and Failover Protection
  • CI/CD pipeline
Sitefinity DX Development Platform
Sitefinity DX Development Platform

Build and deploy secure and scalable API-driven solutions with an Enterprise-Grade Development Platform supporting:

  • MVC and .NET Core
  • Headless API
  • Low-code Integration
  • Drag-and-drop Page and Form Builder
  • Structured Content Module Builder
  • Multilevel template engine 

Platform Features

Enjoy rich, out-of-the-box features, an unlimited ability to customize, a flexible headless architecture, and seamless third-party integrations.

Sitefinity DX Features

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Content Creation Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Fully customizable backend
Extensible Rich text and HTML Editor (WYSWYG)
Support for predefined styles in the HTML editor
Clean copy and paste from MS Word
Right-to-left support
Save as draft  
Page preview 
Preview for external audience
Content, metadata and template version control
Recycle Bin
Web Content Management Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Multisite, multilingual and Multichannel Conent Management
Page-based, hierarchical website structure
Predefined content types (News, Blogs, Events, Calendars and Lists)
Custom content types (module builder)
Custom modules support
Custom fields and content metadata
Related content and related media
Digital asset management (Images, Documents and Videos)
Backend search and content filtering
Automated search indexing and search indexes management
RSS and Atom Feed Generator
Section 508 compliance support
Customizable backend dashboard
Digital Asset Management Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Media libraries (Images, Documents, Videos)
Hierarchical Libraries (Images, Documents, Videos)
Image editor 
Image and video thumbnail generator
Embed Youtube and other videos
Support for multiple video formats
Support for 3rd Party file storage providers
Taxonomy and Classification Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Tags (horizontal classification)
Categories (vertical classification)
Custom classifications
Facet taxonomy
Forms Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Drag and drop form layout builder
Drag and drop form widgets (e.g. Textbox, Checkbox)
Rule-based forms 
Multipage forms
Form Email Notifications
Form rules for email notifications
Support for CAPTCHA and 3rd party spam validators
Form input validation: client-side and server-side
Form submission restriction rules
Form preview
Form Approval Workflow
Access Permissions per Form
Customizable email notifications (external and internal)
Duplicate forms
Incorporate form data in user profiles
Search within form submissions
Permissions for form responses
Export forms data in Microsoft Excel
Support for custom form widgets
Form events and hooks for developer extensibility
Sync form data with CRMs (e.g. Salesforce.com)  
Sync form data with Marketo  
Sync forms between websites and environments  
CRM, MarTech and System Integration Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Integrated Lucene search
Integration with Azure Cloud Search
Integration with Amazon CloudSearch
Integration with Elastic Search  
Support for Integration with 3rd Party Search (e.g. Google Search Appliance)
Support for integration with 3rd party systems
Low-code System Integration
Connector for Sitefinity Insight
Connector for Salesforce CRM Add-on
Connector for HubSpot Add-on
Connector for Eloqua Add-on
Connector for Marketo Add-on Add-on
Connector for Microsoft SharePoint Add-on
Ecommerce Integration Add-on Add-on
Chatbot Integration Add-on Add-on
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
SEO friendly and extensionless URLs
Vanity URLs
Multiple URLs support (per page and content Item)
Canonical URLs support for content reuse
Automatic URL updates on site structure changes
Content metadata (title, description)
Manual and Automatic 301 redirects
Support for semantic markup and microdata
Automatic sitemap generation in XML file
Support for the newest Google Page Experience requirements
Social Media Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
OpenGraph support
Content mashup
Twitter URL shortening service
Display twitter feed widget
Display facebook feed
Support for embedded social media feeds
Social login support (e.g. Facebook, Google, Twitter)
Multilingual Support Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Support for Managing 50+ Languages
Multilingual and multiculture content
Multilingual digital assets (Images, Documents, Videos)
Content versioning and revision history per language
Multilingual Spell Check
Multilingual URLs and Metadata
Synchronized translations (ensure consistent layout)
Copy content between languages
Side by side content translation
Approval workflow per language
Right to left support (e.g. Arabic)
Multilingual backend administrative interface
Content export and import for localization (XLIFF)  
Connector for FTP localization server (XLIFF)  
Translations management  
Support for Custom Integration with Translation Services  
Connector for Lionbridge (Clay Tablet Technologies)  
Connector for Translations.com  
Connector for Microsoft Machine Translation Add-on
Connector for Systran Machine Translation Add-on
Productivity Tools Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Drag and drop page creation and content management
Drag and drop website hiearchy arrangement
Page and content duplication
Page templates inheritance, sharing and duplication
Editable widget templates
Backend search and content filtering
Content scheduler
Content reuse and sharing between pages and sites
Content Personalization and Optimization Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Personalization per widget, page and template  
Personalization of custom widgets
Personalization per multiple segments (including custom segments)  
Personalization by Persona (requires Sitefinity Insight)  
Personalization by Campaign (requires Sitefinity Insight)  
A/B Testing  (requires Sitefinity Insight)  
Segment users based on IP location (MaxMind IP Geolocation Database), user role, browsing history, referral URL, query string and more  
Segment users based on Marketo or Salesforce Data (requires connectors for Marketo/Salesforce   
Preview personalized content by segment  
Sitefinity Insight 100,000 contact profiles  
Email Marketing Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Number of email subscribers Unlimited Unlimited
Email campaigns and newsletters
Drag and drop email layout and template builder
Mailing lists management, including dynamic lists
Import and export subscribers from CSV and text files
Subscribe and unsubscribe functionality
Reuse content items for emails
Text Email Version Support
Email preview
Email personalization with variable parameters
Email delivery scheduling
Email delivery in batches
Advanced reporting and statistics (e.g. Open Rate)
Email A/B testing with scheduling
Web Analytics Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Built-in Integration with Google Analytics
Contextual analytics for pages and content Items
Access permissions per report
Explicit tracking consent support
Support for 3rd party web analytics integration
Mobile CMS Capabilities Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Mobile-friendly widgets
Bootstrap support
Page preview on multiple mobile devices
Full control over the HTML markup and CSS
Support for HTML5 videos
Responsive web design engine and rules (*web forms only)
Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP Project) Support
Deployment Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Sitefinity Cloud ready
Support for Microsoft Azure Cloud
Support for Amazon EC2
Multi-regional deployment  
File storage provider for Azure Blob Storage
File storage provider for Amazon S3
System Health Check end point
Support for Akismet Spam Protection Integration
Support for continuous delivery
Machine. Translation API
Multisite Management Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Support for 100+ sites on a single Instance
Single codebase for all sites
Domains/subdomains/folders site configuration
System configuration settings per sites
Access permissions per site
Approval Workflows per Site
Web Analytics per Site
Search index per site
Share forms, pages, templates, content and digital assets between sites
Share users and roles between sites
Shared taxonomies between sites
Site Synchronization (SiteSync) per site  
Administration and Security Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Personalized system dashboard
Users and roles management
Granular permissions (frontend and backend)
User profiles with support for custom fields
Backend search for users and roles
Configuration policy administration
SSL Support
Website files manager
Encrypted configuration files support
Web security module
Protection against SQL injection attacks
Protection against cross-site scripting
Protection against cross-site request forgery
Open redirecs protection
Site shield for securely sharing pre-launch sites
Security audit and validation from 3rd party
FIPS compliance support
Site synchronization between environments and sites  
Site synchronization per tasks scheduling  
Site synchronization per item  
Workflows, Audit and Content Governence Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Predefined 3 level of approval workflow
Workflow reports and filters
Workflow email notification for aprovers
Workflow comments for approvers
Custom workflow for approval and automation
System audit trail reports (Elasticsearch and Kibana)  
System audit trail of user activity  
Performance and Scalability Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Client-side data binding
Support for content delivery networks (CDN)
Support for SSL offloading
Site performance diagnostics and optimization tools
Site warmup tool
Load-balancing and webfarms support
Support for cloud auto-scaling (Azure Wep Apps, Amazon EC2)
Support for redis and ElastiCache
Layer2 data caching in load-balanced environment
Configurable server-side and client-side output cache
Distributed cache
Caching for personalized pages  
Authentication Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
OpenID connect provider
Windows authentication
Pluggable authentication
Single Sign-on support
Encrypted user passwords
Active directory, ADFS (Azure) and LDAP support
Multiple and custom membership providers support
Claim-based and Form-based authentication
Layout and Templates Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Drag and drop page builder
Drag and drop template builder
Revision history for templates
Page templates inheritance, sharing and duplication
Predefined widget templates
Support for custom JavaScript, CSS and markup
Embed videos, images and documents
Development Platform Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Native Support for Microsoft .NET 4.7.2
Native Support for HTML5
jQuery, AngularJS & Other JavaScript Frameworks
Native Support for UI Frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap)
Native Support for ASP.NET MVC 5 & Razor Syntax
Native Support for Microsoft Visual Studio
Visual Studio Extension (Sitefinity VSIX)
SQL Server, MySQL & Oracle Database Support
Comprehensive & Fully Exposed Fluent & Native APIs
RESTful Web Services API (OData)
Web and service hooks
Export/Import site data
OWIN Extensibility
Built-in ORM (Telerik Data Access)
Multiple widget templates support
Geolocation API
Backend interface customization
Plug-in Framework for Modules and Widgets
Search service
Automatic widget generation for dynamic content modules 
Notification service
RSS Service
Dynamic content type builder (Module builder) 
Custom configuration editor (Widget designers) 
Bootstrap 4 support
Custom and user controls
Provider model
Native support for LINQ
Personalization module
Security module
N-tier Application Development
Unit & Integration testing support
Continuous integration & delivery support
Comprehensive product documentation
NuGet repository with free extension packages
Code samples on GitHub
Add-ons support (create and reuse)
Included Developer Tools Sitefinity DX Sitefinity Enterprise Package
Progress Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Progress Kendo UI
* Paid Option

Sitefinity Insight Features

The Sitefinity Insight Basic plan is complimentary to all Sitefinity CMS customers with Online Marketing and Enterprise Editions with active license maintenance.

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Customer Journey Database Basic Plan
Contact Profiling and Management
Custom Contact Properties
Contact Search
Contact Import and Export (CSV File)
Customer Journey Tracking
Marketing Dashboard with Configurable Reports
360o Customer Profile
Customer Journey Analysis Basic Plan
Profiling & Scoring of Anonymous Visitors
Contact Property-Based Lead Scoring
Persona Profiling
Support for Multiple Personas per User
Audience Breakdown by Persona Report
Lead Management & Scoring
Lead Scoring Email Notifications
Engagement Workflow API Triggers Based on Lead Scoring
Conversion Tracking
AI-Driven Conversion Attribution optional
Proactive User Notifications optional
Customer Journey Optimization Basic Plan
Audience Segmentation, Including Anonymous Users
Behavioral Segmentation
Demographic Segmentation
Touchpoints Discovery
Detailed Video Performance Tracking
Predictive Analytics
Prediction Accuracy (low, medium, high)
Customer Journey Personalization Basic Plan
Persona-Based Personalization
Lead-Scoring-Based Personalization
Third-Party Website Personalization
Mobile Apps Personalization
Custom Widgets Personalization (e.g. Banners)
Personalization API
Personalization Analytics
Personalization Attribution to Conversions
Predictive Personalization
Customer Journey Data Collection Basic Plan
Unlimited Data Centers (e.g. Sandbox, Data Separation)
Data Integration API and SDKs
Data Collection from Third-Party Systems (e.g. CMS, Marketing Automation)
Mobile Apps Tracking (e.g. User Behavior)
Traffic Filtering by IP Address
Cross-Domain Tracking
Cross-Subdomain Tracking
Connector for Google Data Studio optional
Connector for Microsoft Power BI optional

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