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Identify valuable customer segments, shape individual journeys and drive revenue.

Your Challenge

Predict and Shape Individual Journeys

The abundance of customer data generated online presents a great opportunity for businesses to increase engagement, enhance loyalty, convert prospects and build revenue. However, many companies face technology limitations that make it hard to consolidate that data, turn it into actionable insight, and transfer that insight to marketing systems of engagement.

How Sitefinity Helps

Personalization to Influence the Journey Where It Counts

With minimal effort, Sitefinity helps you gain actionable insight into your high-value segments. Track digital behavior, isolate key touchpoints and influence the journey through personalization:

  • Tailor Messaging

    Shape messaging for key audiences and measure impact to website interaction and engagement.

  • Build Target Segments

    Consolidate information from multiple sources and quickly build laser-focused target segments for use in marketing initiatives such as web content, social and email campaigns.

  • Leverage Data

    Leverage APIs and integrated connectors to consolidate demographic and behavioral data for anonymous and known audiences from multiple systems, like CRM, Analytics, CMS, or MRM systems.

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Connecting an insight to an automated process like personalization helps you to make the most of each opportunity.  Predict behavior of personas, build one-to-one conversations to delight customers and increase conversion. 

360 Contact Profiling
See the visitor's complete journey across web channels, mobile apps, CRM and marketing automation systems and more.
Audience Discovery
Identify new marketing opportunities highly-correlated with new and defined audiences. The personalization engine enables you to target various prospect segments into buyers. 
Create meaningful experiences and optimize the journey through predictive analytics. Review Google Analytics reports from within Sitefinity.
Social Media
Increase conversations and website registrations through log in via existing social accounts. Add social sharing bookmarks to website pages easily, and push content to Twitter and RSS feeds automatically.
Audience Segmentation
Use predictive analytics that study behavioral patterns, single out the most promising leads and recommend relevant content. Easily assign visitors to persona profiles using our segmentation capabilities and deliver messages that resonate.  
Email Marketing
Increase conversions with targeted email marketing and A/B testing. Create effective emails fast using drag-and-drop tools, and test message performance.
Success Story

Wärtsilä Gets Personal with Sitefinity DEC

This customer chose Sitefinity to redesign and relaunch its website to deliver highly personalized messaging that enhanced the journey resulting in a 3X increase in web leads.

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How to Personalize the User Experience Across Channels
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Analyzing and Optimizing Customer Journeys
Analyzing and Optimizing Customer Journeys
Predictive analytics, recommendations based on online and offline customer activity are key to managing and personalizing the customer journeys. With Progress Sitefinity DEC you can orchestrate marketing success by tracking, analyzing and shaping every step of the customer journey from one single command center. Watch this free 30 minutes introduction and demonstration of Sitefinity DEC and experience how you too can manage customer journeys smart and cost effectively.

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