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About the Awards

Since its inception in 2011, the Website of the Year Awards recognize websites powered by Progress Sitefinity for their excellence in user experience and their innovation in applying Sitefinity features and capabilities.

All submissions received as part of the Website of the Year Awards will automatically be considered for the “Best Web Experience” category of the 2019 Progress App Innovation Awards, announced at ProgressNEXT in May.

Who Can Vote?

Voting is open to the entire Sitefinity community. You can vote in one or many of the listed categories. However, you should not submit more than one vote for any given category.

In all cases, we recommend that you review the finalists prior to casting your vote.

What’s in It for Winners?

  • Extra exposure on
  • Additional website traffic
  • Opportunity for a joint success story with Progress
  • Engraved physical award
  • Special digital badge
  • Industry recognition and awareness via a Progress press release and social media promotion

Selecting the Winners

By tradition, winners are selected in two phases. First, an internal Progress jury shortlists the three best websites per category, for all preset categories. After narrowing the field, voting is opened to the community at large - via email and social media – to determine the winners in the respective categories.

Everyone can participate in the public voting. Remember – only one vote per user will count.


  1. Collecting Nominations

    November 20- February 1

  2. Shortlisting Finalists

    February 1 - March 6

  3. Public voting

    March 6 - March 17

  4. Counting the Ballots

    March 17 - April 3

  5. Winners Announced

    April 3


Visual Design

Visual design refers to the appearance of the website. Good visual design is appealing to the human eye, appropriate, and successfully supports the messaging of the website.


Content refers to the information presented on the site and takes different forms - text, music, sound, animation, video. Good content should be engaging, relevant and appropriate for the audience.

Layout and Navigation

Layout and navigation is how a website is structured, how content is organized and prioritized within the site's framework and how you move through the site. Sites with good layout and navigation are consistent and intuitive.


Innovative use of technology on the site. Innovative functionality should push the envelope of what has been achieved in the past and enable the website to best serve the needs of visitors.


Complexity refers to the level of technical difficulty employed when building the project, usually represented by website customizations and integrations with 3rd party systems - with or without the use of the available Sitefinity connectors.


Significance refers to the role of the website and its function, also its prominence in the Internet community, recognitions, site linkages.

Counting the Ballots

Voting has closed and we're currently counting the ballots. One finalist per category will be appointed as the winner. Stay tuned for the winners' announcement!


Implemented by
 The Greenheck Group

Sitefinity helped ensure visitors get where they want to go. Huge impact on metrics: Avg# Leads increased by 150%, Avg # Site Visits – up 50%, Avg Time on Site: increased by 62%, Avg Bounce Rate: decreased by 84%. In multisite with

Weaver Leather
Implemented by
Premier Group

Includes integration with SmarterCommerce, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP, SnapEngage chat, Power Reviews, Pixlee, SLI Enterprise learning search, Hubspot. In Multisite setup with four other brands under the Weaver family.

Implemented by
 Argo Ventures Digital

In multisite with two other websites, covering different aspects of QAA’s work. Features content in Welsh, utilizing Sitefinity’s support for language variations. More than 20% of visitors using tablets or mobile devices.


Weaver Leather
Implemented by
Premier Group

Includes integration with SmarterCommerce, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP, SnapEngage chat, Power Reviews, Pixlee, SLI Enterprise learning search, Hubspot. In multisite setup with four other brands under the Weaver family.

Best Plumbing Specialties
Implemented by

Integrated with ROC Commerce and Epicor Prophet 21. Features include real-time calls for customer-specific pricing, functionality for multiple accounts per customers, real time tax calculation, punchout integration and more.

Implemented by

One-page checkout, guest check out, real-time inventory availability and much more coming with the integration of ROC Commerce. Personalized pricing and payment/shipping options for B2B and B2C customers, driven by the tight integration with SX.e.

Financial Services

Axis Bank
Implemented by

Includes more than 4000 pages. Site Sync is widely used to allow moving new pages to production daily. Integrated with Vizury, AHA Chatbot, Akamai. Improved SEO metrics – increase in number of sessions and in number of pages per session, decrease in bounce rate.

Lead Bank
Implemented by

Utilizing Sitefinity’s headless CMS capabilities. Improved SEO metrics – better ranking in search results, higher organic traffic with by appx. 1,000 more users, YoY. Call numbers have dropped as more questions can now be answered on the website.

RGF Integrated Wealth Management
Implemented by
Opacity Design Group

Lots of customizations, both front-end and back-end, done with ease thanks to Sitefinity’s out of the box ASP.NET MVC support. Improved SEO metrics – total sessions increased 20%, number of visitors up 15%, average session length up 20%.


Change Healthcare
Implemented by

Integrated with Eloqua, Coveo, VidYard, Analytics Ninja. Over 90% YoY increase in all website traffic after launch, acquiring 1.6 million visits; +100% YoY increase in organic traffic; +70% YoY increase in pageviews; +250% increase in search visibility.

Lakeland Health
Implemented by

Various integrations, including Cactus (Medical Credentialing), Staywell Health Content. Utilization of Sitefinity’s headless CMS capabilities, workflows, load balancing, site sync. Visitors from mobile devices are now 50% of all users vs. 34% previously.

Implemented by

Integrated with memoQ Translation Management Software and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to allow import/export for memoQ and forms triggering email sends and subscriptions in the marketing cloud. Load-balanced.


Futures Academy
Implemented by
 Futures Academy and MOB Media

Utilizing Sitefinity’s personalization and multichannel management capabilities. Integrated with Pardot, Zapier, Heroku, Juicer. Both increases in site traffic and form fills have been seen since launch.

Nyenrode Business University
Implemented by
Fenêtre online solutions

Integrated with Click Dimensions, ADFS, GTM, and the Nyenrode alumni app. Significant improvements in SEO metrics, YoY: Mobile sessions up 40%, Users up 131%; Sessions up 108%; Page views up 115%; Bounce rate dropped 60%.

Pennsylvania Bar Institute
Implemented by

For their new website, PBI seamlessly integrated Sitefinity CMS with Aptify and Hawksearch to greatly improve user experience, particularly with their product catalog and search.

Public Sector

Arkansas Economic Development Commission
Implemented by
Team SI

After launch, AEDC saw a large increase in inquiries and leads from the site. SEO metrics improved as well: bounce rates dropped 60%, YoY; average time on site increased over 100%; unique page views increased over 60%.

Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan
Implemented by

The site had almost 1.2 million users and 4.7 million page-views during 2018. One of the very few websites to provide online services for the case management of a court’s docket. Integrated with Odyssey Case Management System.

City of Lecce
Implemented by
Co.M.Media srl

Load-balanced website, utilizing approval workflows, content localization and personalization capabilities. High customer satisfaction. Integrated with Google Analytics, Facebook and Telegram, as well as a custom internal application.


Implemented by
Mindstream Interactive

Catalogue driven website with a large data storage requirement. Sitefinity’s scalability and flexibility helped tremendously for the ongoing management of the website. Integrated with a custom lead dashboard solution.

Implemented by

Serving different content to different regions, thanks to Sitefinity DEC, which allowed setting different personas and personalizing content. YoY, unique pageviews increased 15%, time on site increased 20%, bounce rate decreased 30%.

Implemented by

Integrated with Pricespider, BazaarVoice, Salesforce and PIM. Utilizing many out-of-the-box features including roles and permissions, headless CMS capabilities, localization, site sync, load balancing.

Implemented by
 Justice42 B.V.

Attracted 84,000 visitors and 1,000 paying customers in 2018, their first year of existence. Integrated with Be Informed - for dynamic case management, and Mollie -for payment services. Clients rate their service with 8/10.

Ag-Pro Companies
Implemented by
Team SI

The site makes use of Sitefinity’s workflows, personalization and extensibility capabilities, as well as Sitefinity DEC for content analysis. Large increase in form submissions, calls and traffic after launch, reduced bounce rate.

Lehigh Hanson
Implemented by
Smooth Fusion

Since releasing the site in March 2018, the company has seen about 43% YoY increase in traffic; location accuracy is higher than ever before; RFQ submissions (conversion) has been growing exponentially. Integrated with Google Maps.


Implemented by
Bayshore Solutions

Integrated with Google Analytics and HubSpot. Compared to the first 90 days post-launch, day 91-180 showed significant increases in KPIs across the board: Sessions up 24.22%, New Users up 24.41%, Session Duration up 31.26% and Pageviews up 35.36%.

Implemented by

Powering websites for North America, UK and Pacific region (soon). Integrated with Marketo, Coveo, BoldChat, UberFlip and SSO. Impressive YOY analytics since launch: New users +49%,  Sessions +27% and +106% growth in top 3 keyword positions.

Implemented by

By implementing Sitefinity, IANS had the opportunity to measure where leads are coming from on the website. Custom integrations with Pardot, SFDC, and events management software. New Users up 25%, Sessions up 28%, and Session Duration up 20%.

Associations & Non-profit

World Health Organization
Implemented by
Siili Solutions

Features integrations to various systems, including other CMS systems, Duraspace document repository system, Power BI, AWS CloudFront. Utilizes Sitefinity DEC. Improved audience engagement, broader user base and higher ranking in search results.

Implemented by
Vanguard Technology

Integrated with iMIS AMS. Utilizing the Sitefinity personalization capabilities. The new site enjoys more users (9% more YoY), visiting more often, exploring more pages  (pageviews per session increased 51%).

American Payroll Association
Implemented by

After implementing Sitefinity CMS for their new website, they measured a stunning 100,000 more sessions, a rise of 33% from the same month last year. Sessions per user is also up 39% with page views being up 34% overall.

Sports & Entertainment

Virgin Active
Implemented by

Multiple integrations. Enhanced customer experience with 75% of users rating it 4/5 or above for how well it represented their club; 79% rated it 4/5 or above for ease of use; 35% increase YOY in web leads submitted. Hosted in Microsoft Azure.

Packers 100 Seasons
Implemented by

Sitefinity checked all the boxes for Green Bay Packers. The 100 Seasons microsite showcases their team’s history in a user-friendly way, while letting them enjoy the level of control and ease of use they need. 

Virgin Active RED
Implemented by
Khanyisa Real Systems

Virgin Active RED had specific requirements for the blog module that were answered by Sitefinity’s rich customization capabilities. With the new CMS they can now easily integrate marketing intelligence, e-commerce and external data sources.

Travel & Tourism

Crystal Cruises
Implemented by

Decreased dependency on IT. Increased speed at which marketing can execute digital campaigns. Integrated with Salesforce Community, Versonix Seaware, Mapbox, Live View Feeds from Ships at Sea, Crystal Cruise’s trip booking web application.

Quest Apartment Hotels
Implemented by

Multiple integrations to help streamline the booking process and assist users in making informed booking decisions, including Salesforce, SiteMinder, Zomato, Australian Tourism Data Warehouse, Trip Advisor. Utilizing Sitefinity DEC.

Cuba Travel Network
Implemented by
 Cuba Travel Network

Shortly after launch, the site saw a tremendous 40% rise in direct leads for their tailor-made tours service. With Sitefinity, content management now takes half the time it used to for their marketing team.

Graphic Design

Implemented by
 Carroll Organization

Reduced marketing team's dependency on developers, which coupled with Sitefinity’s robust SEO capabilities lead to a significant increase in the domain authority and a major SEO boost.

Implemented by

A recipient of several global awards in design and quality for its own real estate projects, Kalpataru needed an aesthetic website with enhanced user experience that’s easy to use and maintain, while being SEO-friendly.

MAN Energy Solutions
Implemented by
 MAN Energy Solutions and Netspectrum

Favorably received by all stakeholders as well as the public. Several hundred documents from an external system are synchronized into Sitefinity. An expanded search facility spanning both legacy and new sites is provided by AddSearch.

Previous Winners

Automotive & Transportation

Aston Martin

A truly global site, reaching across 6 regions, 15 languages and 163 dealer websites, while offering a much-improved digital experience.

Implemented by POSSIBLE

Visit Site
Aston Martin
Consumer Goods & Services


This site has made a major leap forward in usability and scalability, while enjoying seamless integrations with NASDAQ systems and TALEO.

Implemented by Emakina Group

Visit Site
Tourism & Hospitality


Utilizing Sitefinity's marketing automation, the site realized a 30% increase in lead generation and 25% in bookings. The site's country rank pushed up to 4,875 and is now driving traffic of over 800K organic visitors.

Implemented by Idealake

Visit Site

Murdoch University

Shortly after launch, the site saw a 32% increase in traffic from mobile devices, along with a 194% increase in traffic to “Study” page.

Implemented by Precedent

Visit Site
Murdoch University
Food & Beverages

Nestlé Brazil

The new site lived up to stakeholders’ expectations – it improved SEO and maintenance, while keeping Nestlé’s standards for quality, technology and security.

Implemented by F5

Visit Site
Nestlé Brazil

Website of the Year