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ProgressNEXT 2019: The Premier Conference for Application Development Professionals

May 06 - 09, 2019, Omni Championsgate, Orlando, FL
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12 February-14 December
Bracknell and Rotterdam

Progress Academy

Become an OpenEdge Developer in 3 Weeks
We are looking for young, talented people who want to retrain to meet the increasing demand in the market for OpenEdge developers.
Progress OpenEdge is a widely used enterprise application development platform, particularly for mission critical and transactional systems. Learn more about OpenEdge here. Progress Academy offers (starting) developers a unique opportunity to become an OpenEdge developer for 1.500 Euros / 1,400 Pounds in just 3 weeks.
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16 October
Lyon, France

Journée Progress

Point Sur Progress et Atelier Technique Point Sur Progress La modernisation, l’innovation, la transformation numérique et Comment tirer parti de l IoT, de l’IA et des chatbots OpenEdge 12, Atelier Technique : PASOE 11.7 et Kendo UI + Kendo Builder

17 October
Chicago, IL

IT Leadership & Digital Transformation Strategies

In this one day conference attendees will learn:

- How IT can Participate in your Digital Business Transformation – and make an Impact!
- People, Places, and Things: An Event-Driven, Real-Time World
- Top Trends in Digital Business that Make the Difference
- How to Develop a Digital Business Strategic Plan: A CIO’s Imperative (panel discussion)
- Effective Execution of Digital Transformation: Realizing the Business Value
- IT Optimization: Finding the Balance between Cost Cutting & Proactive Investments (CIO Panel Discussion)

17-19 October
Atlanta, GA


CONNECT.TECH is the Southeast’s premier annual conference dedicated to JavaScript, web and mobile-related technologies, tools and frameworks. Talk with experts from Progress Kendo UI about React, Angular and Vue!

21-24 October
New Orleans, LA


The LavaCon Content Strategy Conference started in Hawaii (hence our name) to give content strategists, documentation managers, and senior content professionals an opportunity to get away from the office and tend to their professional development. LavaCon's mission is to help content professionals stay ahead of rapidly changing technology and customer demographics, connect organizations experiencing content challenges with the consulting, translation, and tool vendors who can help and to create a community where content professionals can collaborate and advance the field as a whole.