Decoupled CMS by Design. Superbly Connected.

Elevate your tech stack. Let a genuinely decoupled system supercharge your frontend development. Unlock custom integrations. Develop and deliver across platforms and devices.

Code and Deliver Across Platforms and Devices

Sitefinity has the content management genuinely decoupled from the frontend and the data services that store, fetch and serve the content have evolved with the platform all along.

Headless and decoupled CMS-min

What this means in practical terms is you can take the content that powers a website and was originally intended for web-browser use, to any medium regardless of the front-end tech stack.

Presentation is handled by a stand-alone application, separate from the backend and content management, consuming data from a set of OData APIs. The Page Layout service, for example, is providing content to the .NET Core widgets but the beauty of it is it can work just as well with any other frontend technologies.

Get ready to get anything plugged in, from microsites and web apps to mobile, AR and IoT devices. Take maintenance, scalability, security and productivity to the next level.

The Frontend Development Future. Now.

Don’t get trapped into legacy tech stacks. Let a genuinely decoupled system supercharge your frontend. 

.NET Core

New .NET Core renderer and frontend development suite

  • API-driven
  • Optimal Performance with native MVC .Net Core
  • Cross-platform
Page layout API
  • Create and consume content using OData protocol
  • Uncapped development potential and FE versatility
  • Omni-channel delivery: SPAs, mobile apps
New Page Editor
  • Reimagined page and layout builder
  • Completely new concept of “sections” based on Bootstrap 4
  • True WYSIWYG experience
  • Enables editors to build pages in no time

Developer Benefits

Sitefinity was built for extensibility, integration and flexibility. The platform overdelivers in terms of performance, while modern DevOps practices and workflows make upgrades and collaboration a breeze. Sitefinity is a pleasure to work with and secure by design.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do I need Sitefinity development skills to create different client-side applications?


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