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Sitefinity 13 Highlights

Sitefinity 13 enables organizations with sharp focus on leveraging technology to improve existing experiences (B2C, B2B, B2E), differentiate from competitors and accelerate digital transformation.

The latest release delivers peak performance, optimal security and access to a host of new capabilities that positively impact productivity and operational efficiency across marketing and IT teams.
Consistent Content Management Experience

Deliver enhanced productivity and flexibility with powerful image and taxonomy management tools

Persistent Personalization and Insights
Prove the ROI of your marketing initiatives with  ML-driven analytics, persistent personalization and reporting
Developer Productivity Enhancements

Deliver omnichannel content while  maintaining control over the presentation layer with enhanced Headless API support

.NET Core Support
Tap into a powerful .NET Core developer framework and the New Page Editor

Key Features

Scale team productivity to enable them to deliver anything from a single campaign to a global, multi-lingual experience. Efficiently. 

Release Timeline

Sitefinity 13.0
Released: May 14, 2020
Sitefinity 12.2
Released: Nov 6, 2019
Sitefinity 12.1
Released: Aug 1, 2019

Why Upgrade?

Put marketers in control and keep your business growing with the latest features, improved security and performance.
  • Stay Up to Date
    Simply put, upgrading your website regularly just makes things better.
  • Stay in Shape
    We continuously improve Sitefinity to make it faster, more capable and more secure.
  • Leverage the Latest Features
    We ship amazing new functionality with each product release.

Explore Previous Sitefinity Versions

Effortlessly Create and Deliver Fresh and Relevant Content

Ucommerce and Sitefinity are seamlessly integrated so that you can easily manage your web shop right within Sitefinity. This impressive combination allows you to align your content and commerce strategy to build the most engaging digital customer experience ever.

Powerful B2C and B2B Ecommerce

Customers demand an elevated, personalized and seamless digital experience. Boost your revenue by offering catalogs, multiple storefronts, targeted promotions and payment processing. Make every transaction an experience

Ucommerce for Sitefinity

Forget about complexity and lack of control. Drive growth and raise above the noise by building engaging, personalized, and fluid omnichannel experiences that your audience will love.
Optimize the Digital Customer Experience
Streamline the Buyer Journey
Drive Purchase Decisions
Integrate Critical Applications
Manage a Multitude
of SKUs
Handle Complex Pricing Scenarios
Track Orders with Ease
Go Global
Streamline the Buyers’ Journey

Craft Meaningful User Journeys

Forget about complexity and lack of control. Drive growth and raise above the noise by building engaging, personalized, and fluid omnichannel experiences that your audience will love.

Rapidly Develop, Extend and Deploy

The improved architecture, data ecosystem and developer tools speed up the time to market of your web initiatives. This ensures Sitefinity 12+ is even more performant and efficient without sacrificing capabilities and security. Sitefinity 12+ focal points are efficient development, hardened security and performance.

Offload the Burden on IT with Sitefinity Cloud

Hosted by Progress in Microsoft Azure, Sitefinity Cloud enables system integrators and digital agencies to develop, run and manage secure, powerful digital experiences without having to build and maintain a complex infrastructure.

Sitefinity Marketplace Integrations

Sitefinity Marketplace is a collaborative resource for users that allows you to easily share and download solutions that extend your site’s digital experience.
LiveChat for Sitefinity
LiveChat Extension
LiveChat is a cloud-based live chat and messaging platform that integrates with Sitefinity.
The Portal Connector
Ucommerce for Sitefinity

Ucommerce, the market-leading .NET based commerce platform focused on unifying content and commerce, now brings its ecommerce capabilities to Sitefinity.

Image Optimization CDN

Hawksearch uses advanced machine learning and pattern analysis to create the best search experience for your users.

ROC Commerce
ROC Commerce delivers personalized digital commerce integrated with complex mission-critical systems to meet specific business needs.

Progress Sitefinity

Meaningful engagement, elevated experiences delivered with ease.
Set your sites on Sitefinity.