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Scalable, flexible and highly efficient, Sitefinity Cloud SaaS empowers business users to build superior experiences without engineering and IT.

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Live demo and Q&A on all the business and technology benefits of Sitefinity 15. Discover the exciting new tools that will elevate your digital game.

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Sitefinity 15 perfectly blends intuitive AI-assisted content creation and personalization capabilities, powerful technologies for omnichannel delivery, rich integrations and connectivity and flexible deployment options. A future-proof cloud-native platform that scales to your needs to drive growth and ROI.

Digital Experience Essentials

Key Features

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Content Management & DX

Bring more content to more destinations faster than ever and improve content governance for multisite experiences.
Content Management & DX

AI-assisted Content Authoring

Generative AI for one-click content creation, editing and personalization, available right within the Sitefinity WYSIWYG text editor.

Next Generation Page Building

Take content editing to the next level with page layout presets based on section widgets, which can be reused across multiple .NET Core pages.

Digital Asset Management

Organize, optimize and deliver digital content across channels with out-of-the-box integrations for image, video and document processing.

Advanced Search

Make your most valuable content easy to discover. Deliver relevant results with personalized, multifaced, high-conversion, AI-driven search integrations.

Key Features

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Multichannel Experience Management

Deliver experiences that engage visitors across every stage of the funnel and customer lifecycle quickly and easily.
Multichannel Experience Management

Seamless Headless Content and Experience Management

Manage a cohesive experience across channels with a content-as-a-service ready platform that can work with multiple UI frameworks in headless content delivery scenarios.

Integrated Chatbot-Driven Experiences

Engage visitors and provide a differentiated customer and prospect experience leveraging a powerful AI-driven chatbot platform that seamlessly integrates with your DX to drive visitors to a positive outcome.

Decoupled JS Renderers

Sitefinity DX delivers headless content to multiple decoupled frontends built on popular JS (Angular, React, Gatsby, Vue) and .NET (Blazor) frameworks.

Composable Commerce

Make commerce part of the experience. Manage complex product lines seamlessly integrated with both your content and your critical business applications.

Key Features

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Operationalize digital experience delivery to reduce total cost of ownership and increase return on investment.

Always-on Global Infrastructure

Elastic scaling environments, enterprise security, 365/24/7 availability management, 99.9% SLA. Available as SaaS and PaaS.

Enterprise PaaS

Deliver always-on customer experiences and multichannel content with fewer resources than ever—faster than ever.


Globally available & always up to date, business-friendly content platform to quickly deliver customer-centric digital experiences at scale.

Key Features

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Native CDP

Collect insights on customer profiles, improve marketing programs, and address specific customer needs with tailored content.
Native CDP

AI-Driven Audience Segmentation

Automatically generate segments based on your visitors’ activity. Understand which content resonates with your audience, discover overlapping interests, intent and behavior patterns.

Comprehensive Touchpoint Attribution Modeling

Track impact of complex and external touchpoints which span across multiple sessions to get a holistic view of campaign performance.

Personalized Content Recommendations

Maximize the content that drives conversions with AI-assisted algorithms for personalized recommendations tailored to each visitor.

Data-Enriched Experiences

Intelligent data connectivity and interoperability via low-code event-based automation and the no-code Sitefinity Integration Hub.

Key Features

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Connectivity & Integrations

Enrich your experience with expanded connectivity between systems, simplified workflows and reduced implementation efforts.
Connectivity & Integrations

Sitefinity Integration Hub

No-code business-friendly integration architecture with ready-to-use connectors to 1,000+ MarTech systems, enterprise apps and digital channels.

Low-Code System Integration

Achieve automation within key aspects of your marketing operations (publishing content across channels, collecting CRM data, etc.) with service hooks and low-code integration with middleware that aligns with your existing tech stack and business needs.

Secure File Transfer

Leverage tight integration with Progress MOVEit for PCI-certified file handling to securely store and transfer sensitive customer data.

Business Rule Automation

Business decisioning for transformative digital experiences. Winning synergy between Progress products to easily manage complex, rules-driven forms.

Key Features

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Secure, Always-On Experiences

Leverage the right toolset to optimize performance and security to ensure visitors have an always-on, reliable experience.
Secure, Always-On Experiences

Enterprise Security

Sitefinity, Sitefinity Cloud and Sitefinity Insight are HIPAA and SOC2 certified, providing a solid foundation for building safe and compliant digital experiences across multiple channels and verticals.

Security as a Service

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) in Sitefinity Cloud adds an extra layer of protection with data analysis, threat investigation and AI-assisted threat detection.

Simplified and Lightweight Authentication

Leverage a modern authentication solution with superior performance and greater extensibility, to support custom SSO scenarios and integration with a variety of identity providers.

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