Sitefinity 11.1

Introducing Sitefinity 11.2

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Sitefinity 11.2

HubSpot Connector for Sitefinity CMS

Sitefinity’s HubSpot connector enables marketers to easily create and configure forms to send data to and trigger automated workflows in HubSpot. Sitefinity CMS gives marketers full control over field mappings and they can easily reuse the same form across multiple campaigns.


New Content Editing Experience for Events and Calendars

Sitefinity 11 introduced a new content editing experience to help improve usability and productivity.  The latest release makes it even easier for marketers to create and manage events and calendars in the content editing interface.

Events and Calendars

Control Over the Number of Revision History Versions Stored

Site administrators can now limit the number of versions stored in revision history to help keep database size in check.

Revision History Settings

View Permissions for Form Responses

To help protect sensitive form submission data, site administrators can now control access to form responses. Permissions can be applied site-wide or per specific form. Separating the form builder from the submission data enables organizations of all sizes to deliver better content governance.

Users in non-administrative roles can now unlock content items and pages, locked by other users. 
View Permissions for Form Responses

Security and SiteSync Improvements

We’ve listened to our customers to deliver multiple refinements and enhancements. From strengthened security to improved website synchronization through SiteSync, the latest release delivers a host of new capabilities and bug fixes.  See the 11.2 release notes for more details.


Sitefinity 11.1

Improved Content Creation

Improved marketer productivity is at the core of the Sitefinity 11.1 release. This version now supports RTL languages (Arabic and others), and enables editorial teams to collaborate on multilingual content as they work on translations simultaneously directly from the content editor. Improved search features help locate content items and analyze their usage to help marketers successfully execute on their content strategy.

New SEO and Open Graph meta tags controls empower marketing to craft compelling titles and descriptions to help boost search engine results and social media engagements.


Workflows and Content Governance

In addition to its powerful content governance tools, Sitefinity 11.1 also offers the ability to define custom workflows up to three levels deep in any centrally managed multichannel, multisite and multilingual setup.


Sitefinity’s improved personalization engine helps deliver personalized content based on URL parameters. Tag and personalize inbound links to help improve bounce rates, and boost engagement for improved campaign ROI. Make data-driven decisions and focus marketing efforts where it really counts by tracking content touchpoints and gaining visibility on content items that have the biggest impact on conversion rates.

Personalization based on location is now much more precise as a result of updated geo location DB.

Multichannel Content Delivery

Sitefinity 11.1 introduces out-of-the-box support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for faster load times, lower bounce rates and better UX. Delight your visitors with a smoother, more engaging experience across devices and distribution platforms. Based on templates that are easy to extend and deploy and supported by Sitefinity’s dynamic content types, AMP pages help you maintain flexibility and control, yet reduce complexity in your operations.

For responsive, mobile-first, or immersive desktop web apps and sites, the built-in support for Bootstrap 4 enables frontend developers to rapidly deliver compelling and consistent web experiences that perform and look great on any screen across any device.


Improved Performance

Introduced in Sitefinity 11.1, distributed cache—using Redis, MemCached, SQL Server or AWS DynamoDB—can significantly improve the scalability of your Sitefinity CMS deployment.

Whether Sitefinity powers a single website or multichannel, multisite digital experiences at scale, the latest release equips you with all the tools you need to meet spikes in traffic and scale-up as usage increases.

Sitefinity 11.1 also delivers multiple refinements to the Azure and Lucene search for improved relevance of search results.

CMS Performance

Security and Authentication

Platform security is an integral part of everything we do. To help you stay ahead of the latest security threats, Sitefinity 11.1 provides out-of-the-box open redirect protection and offers easy configuration of security policies and HTTP response headers.

Improvements to the OpenID connector enable administrators to map external provider claims to Sitefinity users, which provides out-of-the-box support for Azure AD and Azure AD B2B.


IT and Site Management

IT Administrators will appreciate the improved System Errors widget, which provides insights and monitoring of SiteSync, Load Balancing and Module and Services to quickly detect and proactively troubleshoot potential issues.



Sitefinity 11

Sitefinity 11 delivers an intuitive and powerful content and experience management toolset within a visual and easy-to-use interface, making marketers more productive and effective. In addition, Sitefinity now offers one-click deployment and a set of developer tools, speeding time-to-market for web initiatives.

Reinvented Content Management

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