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Deliver Relevant Search Results

Delight users with personalized and multifaced search experiences powered by AI.

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Make Your Most Valuable Content Easy to Find

Convert visitors. Delight customers. Make site search easier for everyone.

Deliver Relevant Results

Make all your content easy to index and find across all your digital properties. Increase user engagement and maintain high customer satisfaction.

Personalize the Internal Search Experience

Deliver rich, AI-driven personalized search experiences that delight visitors and convert faster.

Remove Bottlenecks

Remove infrastructure bottlenecks and potential application performance penalties, protect sensitive content from being indexed and scale your internal search engine as needed to meet demand.

Be in Control

Reduce the overdependency on Google, Bing or other search engines for site search. Capture every click. Let your content dominate the search results.

Convert Faster and Delight Your Visitors

Sitefinity provides enhanced integration with Azure Cognitive Search to conduct AI-augmented full-text search, autocomplete and faceted content discovery. Implement efficient search capabilities in your marketing site, intranet portal or ecommerce storefront.

Full-text site search
Faceted Navigation
Intelligent Search
Personalized results
Chatbot search
  • Full-text site search

    Let users search on their terms.   
    Powerful, AI-augmented capabilities in Azure Cognitive Search work behind the scenes to process queries, retrieve indexes and sort content. 
    Deliver relevant results to full-text search queries in any B2B or B2C scenario without infrastructure overhead and performance bottlenecks.  

  • Autocomplete
  • Faceted Navigation
  • Intelligent Search
  • Personalized results
  • Chatbot search

Own the Search Experience

Gain complete control over your site-search experience, no matter the use case or business model. Sitefinity DX offers multiple integrations, all of which enable you to meet both your current needs and long-term goals. 

Cludo is a highly customizable, easy-to-integrate internal search service that can crawl public and protected content and serve relevant, personalized results from single or multiple domains on one search page

Explore Cludo Search

Partner integration offering advanced capabilities such as smart autocomplete, and recommendations, relevancy tuning and AI-powered personalization of search results.

Explore HawkSearch
Sitefinity elasticsearch integration

Elasticsearch can efficiently store and index structured or unstructured text, numerical and geospatial data and provide accurate near real-time search results.

See Documentation

Azure Cognitive Search is a fully managed service enabling organizations to reduce complexity, scale easily and augment the search experience with powerful AI capabilities.

See Documentation

Bring Your Own

Learn how to connect to third-party search services such as Solr, Amazon
CloudSearch and Coveo.

Success Stories

RDO Equipment Co. Leverages Progress Sitefinity During its Digital Transformation, Enabling First-Time Ecommerce Sales

When RDO Equipment Co. sought to transform their digital experience to allow for an Ecommerce sales model to capture online customers, empower the marketing team with greater control over the customer journey, to generate more leads, and to create a headless Ecommerce site for the first time, they turned to and Progress Sitefinity as key technologies in their digital transformation journey.

Maximize Your Technology Investment

Migrating from a legacy CMS or considering an upgrade? Access step-by-step documentation, find a Progress Partner or receive upgrade advice directly from our team of Sitefinity consultants. 

Upgrade Documentation

Review important information and technical procedures pertaining to the Sitefinity upgrade process.

Consulting Services

Find the best possible partner to help you transform and run your digital experiences.

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