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Low touch. High Impact. Content Management with an AI Edge

Sharpen your content authoring, streamline cross-channel delivery, maximize customer engagement and drive results.

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Integrated AI CMS Tools for Content Creators and Marketers

Sitefinity takes content management to the next level with AI enhancements to the robust toolset for content creation, omnichannel delivery, personalization and journey optimization. A new level of marketer independence and content authoring agility.

Create and publish content faster. Hone your writing to drive the message home. Take guesswork out of audience analysis and targeting. Engage customers and enable them to self-serve on their preferred channels.

Content Authoring

Content Delivery

Targeting &


Generative AI can make a difference across the entire value chain. Empower your marketing practitioners and get a leg up on the competition.


Great experiences start with content and Sitefinity makes it easy to manage complex digital experiences across audiences, channels and geographies. Deliver customer-centric experiences with the best tools available to craft truly engaging modern, digital journeys. Empower marketers to create meaningful content and UX, and seamlessly engage customers on their preferred channels—through a single hub to manage it all. 

Content Authoring Sitefinity 15

Compose and refine copy with a click of a button right within the text editor. Generative AI coming soon in Sitefinity 15.

Content Personalization

AI algorithms remove bias in personalized content delivery by combining content with visitor data from Sitefinity Insight.

Machine Translation

Multi-language localization seamlessly integrated with content editing using neural machine translation.

Sitefinity Insight

Connect, track and aggregate customer data to build one-to-one digital relationships. Orchestrate relevant, personalized user journeys and boost your marketing ROI with a powerful CDP toolset. Capture every customer interaction. Optimize campaign performance. Identify opportunities and trends through integrated audience analysis tools and integrations. Make data-driven decisions backed by advanced segmentation and attribution algorithms. 

Attribution Modeling

Identify the touchpoints contributing to conversions to inform content and optimization strategy.

Segment Discovery

Profile audiences with auto-generated segments based on consumed content.

Content Recommender

Maximize conversion rates with AI-driven recommendations tailored to each visitor.

Insight Alerts

Stay on top of key funnel metrics with timely notifications about deviations in conversions and touchpoint hits.


Bespoke experiences through a powerful AI-driven chatbot that seamlessly integrates with content. Engage and drive visitors to a conversion and provide a personalized experience. Optimize key workflows. Automate the first line of support. Offer 24/7 self-service to both customers and prospects. Deliver always-on, tailored experiences to visitors, integrated with your website content. A true multi-channel medium with a wealth of supported languages.

Natural Language Processing

More than just an answering machine. The NativeChat engine lets you generate natural conversation flows with clearly set goals. Cognitive bots adapt to context.

Cognitive Flow

Smart slot filling algorithm with automation rules helps define the next best step based on the user input. Automatically handled exceptions, validations and edge cases.

Low-touch Bot Training

Patent-pending technology for adaptive NLP model selection. Advanced ML algorithms enrich bot training upon validation by a human user.

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