Sitefinity 11.1 comes with built-in tools to monitor performance and scale up as usage grows and business needs change.

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Managing and Personalizing a Multi-Channel Experience
Delivering a compelling, personalized customer journey across multiple digital touchpoints has never been more important. At the same time, it’s also never been so complex—many organizations struggle to personalize their campaigns and build cohesive multichannel experiences that can engage prospects anytime, anywhere.
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NuGet Packages: The Recommended Way to Upgrade Sitefinity CMS Websites
NuGet packages are the tool that enables developers to create, share and consume code in a straightforward and easy manner. Sitefinity CMS has its own NuGet packages containing reusable code that you can use in your projects.
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Power Sitefinity Multilingual Support with Machine Translation
With Sitefinity you can simplify or automate a multilingual content creation process with cognitive AI services.
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Leverage Cognitive AI Services with Sitefinity
Cognitive capabilities enable a wealth of options for Web Content Manager (WCM) users, and can be applied in many directions beyond analyzing large amounts of data. With the help of democratized AI services we can now boost the work of authors and marketers so they can more easily publish best in class content.
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Sitefinity on the Azure Marketplace and One-Click Deployment
Sitefinity is now on the Azure marketplace, and you can deploy and evaluate it with just a click.
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Sitefinity CMS Security and Best Practices
With data breaches a constant threat, security is not open to compromise. We receive a full spectrum of questions when it comes to addressing security in Progress Sitefinity CMS. This whitepaper addresses those questions by listing the most common threats organizations face today and what Sitefinity is doing to prevent them.
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