The Enterprise-Grade Platform
for Creating Solutions That Work

Plan. Code. Build. Test. Deploy. Release. Upgrade. Integrate.
From smart devs, for smart devs.


Less Code. More Technology. Superior Tools.

High productivity and interoperability. Automated deployment and shorter time to market. Platform flexibility. Operational efficiency and high performance. Tighter security and easier maintenance

Create. Accelerate. Optimize. Sitefinity Puts The
Right Tools in The Right Hands.

A platform that fosters cross-team collaboration free of bottlenecks. Developers have all the right tools to empower marketers to work independently so they can focus on mission-critical tasks instead.

Textbook Content Governance

From single sign-on through role-based permissions to reliable and transparent content ownership and revision history, reap the benefits with no implications on performance and zero bottlenecks.

Popular Features
  • Multisite and multidomain support
  • Multilingual support
  • SiteSync for content promotion
  • Azure AD, custom identity providers
  • Workflows
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Superbly equipped for enterprise-grade performance, scalability, availability and efficient use of resources. Advanced toolset including CDN, load-balancing and distributed cache.

Popular Features
  • Load Balancing
  • Advanced Caching Tools
  • Site Warmup
  • Pre-compilation
  • SSL offloading
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Maintenance & Admin Tools

Maintain, troubleshoot and optimize like a pro. Use the rich system monitoring and error logging options to your advantage. Make the most of the built-in tools and capabilities and keep your assets in prime shape.

Popular Features
  • Audit trail module
  • Health check service
  • Performance Diagnostics module
  • Built-in Search widgets
  • Integrated SEO tools
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Built-in and Third-Party Integration Options
to Boost Productivity

Vibrant ecosystem. Rich data connectivity. Boost productivity and increase power and functionality. Resolve data silos and integrate with multiple CRM, ERP, MAS, DAM systems.

Tools & Architecture

Conceived and developed as a platform for scalability and growth, Sitefinity boasts a rich set of contemporary tools to automate, extend and enhance, including a RESTful Web Services API.

Built-In Connectors

A wealth of built-in marketing automation and system integration options to explore and boost productivity. Unlock the full potential of a superbly connected platform and your marketers will love you for it.

Popular Features

Sitefinity Marketplace

Sitefinity Marketplace is a collaborative resource for users letting you easily share and download solutions that enhance the Sitefinity experience. Boost your solution with powerful add-ons and integrations.

Deploy Anywhere. Scale at Any Time.


Deploy locally and enjoy the multiple benefits of a superbly equipped, enterprise-ready CMS. Load balancing, high performance and availability, advanced caching tools and enterprise-grade security with multi-site and multi-lingual support.

Popular Features
  • Multi-Regional Deployment
  • Multilingual Support
  • Multisite Support
  • Azure AD B2B
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Sitefinity Cloud

A full Platform-as-a-Service hosted on Azure, Sitefinity Cloud delivers a set of modern DevOps services and workflows to enable the IT organization to plan, collaborate, test and ship faster. Scale your business fast and support large-scale projects.

Popular Features
  • Fully-managed
  • No infrastructure and maintenance overhead
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • Secure, high-performing, scalable
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Custom Cloud

Host your Sitefinity projects on Azure or Amazon Web Services and leverage the power of a top-grade commercial cloud. Take advantage of the premium infrastructure and services to deliver both client-side and server-side performance.

Popular Features
  • Microsoft Azure Deployment
  • Amazon AWS Deployment
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The Frontend Development Future. Now.

Don’t get trapped into legacy tech stacks. Tap into a wealth of technology-agnostic content. Code and deliver faster, across platforms and devices.

.NET Core

New .NET Core renderer and
frontend development suite

  • API-driven
  • Optimal Performance with native MVC .Net Core
  • Cross-platform
Page layout API
  • Create and consume content using OData protocol
  • Uncapped development potential and FE versatility
  • Omni-channel delivery: SPAs, mobile apps
New Page Editor
  • Reimagined page and layout builder
  • Completely new concept of “sections” based on Bootstrap 4
  • True WYSIWYG experience
  • Enables editors to build pages in no time

Decoupled by Design

Sitefinity is an API-driven platform and enables distribution of content to multiple systems via REST for a wealth of integration and extensibility options.

  • Play to the development team’s strengths
  • Not bound by a specific tech stack, you can use the latest frontend framework and UI technology
  • Separation of Concerns
  • Content management decoupled from presentation
  • Content delivery to a broad set of enterprise apps

Develop. Deploy. Maintain. Extend. Go!

When duty calls, choose an extensible, connected and scalable platform. Enable marketers to manage simple websites, multichannel content, epic digital experiences and everything in between.

User Testimonials

“Amazing features. Powerful extensibility. Easy to use interface.
I really appreciate the UI that makes it easy to build new pages, drag content modules into them, and architect the structure of the site and the configuration options needed.”

Sean P

Software Development Director

Become a Certified Sitefinity Developer

Let our training experts teach you how to use Sitefinity’s best-in-class features. A convenient online curriculum with a final exam validates your ability to develop Progress® Sitefinity® projects and verifies you as a Sitefinity Certified Developer.

Developer Training
Make the most of the tools Sitefinity equips you with. Sign up for training available globally throughout the year. Get certified and boost your credentials.
Sitefinity Consulting
From tips and tricks to develop your Sitefinity™ project through architecture concerns and recommendations, to tests and optimization for maximum performance.
UI and UX Design
Leverage solution experts to help craft the ideal user experience for your application. We’ll help you handle any size of projects and teach you how to best use the available tools.
Customer validation program
Join the Customer Validation Program for Virtual Open Houses, to share pre-release feedback and help drive product direction