Low-Code Integration — Connect, Automate, Optimize.

Create connected experiences effortlessly or move content and data between critical business apps with straightforward low-code integration.

Turn Tedious Work Into Exciting Business Transformation

Expand your automation and integration capabilities across the organization to reduce development costs and increase overall efficiency.

Integrate your key enterprise systems

Tap into low-code integration to seamlessly connect key business and marketing systems across the enterprise.

Enhance workflows

Add data and content processing using document automation, image and text detection and ensure internal and external compliance, resulting in a quicker time to market and reduced overhead.

Drive efficiency

Automate repetitive, routine tasks –from analyzing form submissions and lead routing to optimizing images for various devices to even expanding your social media footprint.

How Low-Code Integration Works

Less code. More automation. Intelligent use of smart technology.


Link your Sitefinity website to a middleware of your choice with just a few clicks.


Pass information between systems to improve workflow processes.


Let low-code integration remove obstacles and reduce resource constraints.

Expand your Capabilities. Drive Efficiency. Gain Competitive Advantage.

Here are some ideas on how to integrate new and existing platforms, streamline repetitive tasks -- and ultimately -- say “bye” to mind-numbing assignments.

Engage with prospects. Connect with customers

Take control of your cross-channel marketing programs -- easily share content on social media to drive engagement during critical campaign cycles.

Convert, and nurture buyer relationships to increase sales

Integrate your website with your MarTech stack to capture lead submission, segment audience, enrich your customer profiles and automate nurture campaigns. Drive measurable results, identify, engage, and accelerate the customer journey.

Put your content into context

Connect your content, media or forms to any endpoint for further processing. Optimize or analyze images on the fly, easily integrate with AI-driven text and media processing tools to understand the content and the context.

Ready to Get Started?

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