Sitefinity Audit Trail for Website Change Tracking

Maintain transparency and accountability by tracking actions and changes in your Sitefinity system. Prevent and fix errors before they impact the business.

Identify and Resolve Issues Quickly

The Audit Trail module enables site managers and organizations of all sizes running Sitefinity Enterprise Edition to maintain transparency and accountability by tracking user actions and changes in the CMS.

Multiple events are logged to help site administrators retroactively track changes to the site, plus plan ahead. Whether a critical piece of content has been updated or a widget template has been changed, the Audit Trail module can help attain the high level of operational visibility that organizations need:

  • Log create, update, and delete operations for multiple data types such as pages and content types, files, images, documents, forms, templates, taxonomy and more
  • Create, update, and delete operations for users, roles, profiles and role assignment
  • Track and log changes such as:
  • Configuration changes
  • Deleted or moved pages
  • Broken pages
  • Broken image references
  • Widget updates

Utilizing granular permissions, user roles and workflows, as well as the Audit Trail module and external integrations such as Siteimprove, organizations can prevent and fix errors before they impact business.

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Customizable API

Developers can easily modify code to implement audit for your custom events or for Sitefinity CMS events not implemented out-of-the-box.

The Audit Trail module supports custom loggers and integration with external reporting systems via API, and built-in support for Elasticsearch server for storing the logged records.

The ability to visualize data using Kibana enables site administrators to do anything from learning why they are getting paged at 2:00 am to understanding the impact that changes to the home page might have on quarterly financial results.

Site administrators will appreciate the ability to trace back user actions to a specific log event as part of their strategy for implementing better content governance across the organization.

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