Site Synchronization

Securely synchronize websites and environments.

Sync ​Environments and Websites

Sitefinity Site Synchronization helps you keep your environments such as development, staging and production in perfect sync by automating the secure provisioning of content, code, templates and digital assets between them. Web administrators can create and schedule multiple synchronization tasks to automatically occur in the future targeting different destination servers and websites, or they can manually execute synchronization tasks through the user interface. 

Sync ​Environments and Websites

Selective Sync

Sitefinity CMS enables you to synchronize entire websites or do a selective sync of individual pages, content items, templates or localized content for selected cultures. These sync events can be manual or scheduled and can go as granular as draft versions of individual content items.

Browser-Based Administration

The management of content and assets distribution is simplified by an intuitive browser-based UI. Anyone with the proper access rights can schedule sync events and execute manual sync of the entire site or selected items. 


Code Sync & Deploy

Sitefinity CMS with Code Sync & Deploy introduces another layer of collaboration within a remote environment. Code Sync allows developers to share code, quickly fix bugs and develop widgets and modules.  Code Sync offers tight integration with Visual Studio through Sitefinity Thunder so developers can contribute and collaborate without using external tools.

As developers build widgets or modules, they may want to deploy that module to more than one instance. Using the Code Deploy option, a developer can select all the custom modules and widgets created and deploy them to the remote server.  From there, Thunder copies the files and makes the necessary configurations for you.  


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