Salesforce Integration

Use Salesforce data to personalize website experiences, while arming your sales teams with online intelligence to guide influential conversations.

Integrate Webform with CRM Contacts

Thousands, if not millions, of visitors traffic your website every day. But how do you turn these anonymous visitors into real prospects in your CRM and build a fertile sales funnel?  By integrating web form data from your content management system with your CRM, you create an avenue for capturing prospect profile, demographic and behavorial data.  With Sitefinity CMS Connector for Salesforce, automatically populate web form data as a new CRM record into your database and tag as a lead with pre-applied business logic.    
Integrate Webform with CRM Contacts

Segment Visitors Based on Salesforce Data

Provide relevant experiences by segmenting customers and prospects and treating them differently. With Sitefinity CMS Connector for Salesforce, synchronize client information held in the CRM with the client and lead user roles of Sitefinity CMS. These user roles provide special permissions for your contacts to have a more meaningful online experience. 
Segment Website Visitors Based on CRM Information

Create Targeted Segments from Salesforce Contacts

With Sitefinity CMS Connector for Salesforce, your CRM lead and contact groups are now Sitefinity persona users.  Tailor and deliver content and site access uniquely targeted to each persona.  Deliver personalized messages, campaigns and journeys that strengthen your persona profiles and convert prospects into customers.  
Salesforce Contacts

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