Omnichannel Customer Journey Experience Platform

Consolidate data across channels to better understand your audience and their journey.

Consolidate Cross-Channel Data

Measure beyond a single website and collect customer interaction data across multiple channels - websites, mobile apps, and chatbots, so that it does not end up siloed. Gain intelligence on cross-channel behaviors to foster a complete multichannel customer experience. Enable marketing to easily track campaign performance that spans across multiple systems such as campaign landing pages and lead form completions.


Expand the Data Ecosystem

There are several ways to collect external data and expand the data ecosystem in Sitefinity Insight.

Track every program and platform that is vital to your business with:

Pre-Built Connectors

Sitefinity Insight comes with pre-built, configurable connectors for Salesforce, Eloqua and Google Data Studio that enable direct data import from these systems.

Data Imports

Export data from any other systems inCSV files and upload it to Sitefinity Insight to easily track external data.

Straightforward Custom Integrations

Build custom automated integrations with third-party systems and leverage the Sitefinity Insight SDKs and REST API.

Google Tag Manager

Benefit from Google services to collect cross-channel campaign performance data via the Google Tag Manager.


Gain a Comprehensive View of Persona Profiles and Journeys

Get the complete picture of who your customers are and grasp the details of their journey across channels and devices. Build richer user profiles with external lead and contact data to enhance the journey timeline to help you truly understand the overall customer experience. Verify assumptions about personas and interaction attribution to provide tailored messaging.


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