Updated 6-2-2017

Below is a list of Progress Software Corporation’s (“PSC”) trademark/service mark uses, as of the date noted above, for PSC products, services and other features and/or slogans. Please refer to the Progress Software Trademark Usage Policy and Trademark Guidelines for specific information regarding proper use of any PSC mark.


Progress® Corticon®

Progress® Corticon® Collaborator

Progress® Corticon® High Performance Batch Processor

Progress® Corticon® Server

Progress® Corticon® Studio


Progress® DataDirect Cloud®

Progress® DataDirect Connect®

Progress® DataDirect Connect® for .NET

Progress® DataDirect Connect® for ADO

Progress® DataDirect Connect® for ADO.NET

Progress® DataDirect Connect® for JDBC™

Progress® DataDirect Connect® for ODBC

Progress® DataDirect Connect® XE for JDBC™

Progress® DataDirect Connect® XE for ODBC

Progress® DataDirect Connect64®

Progress® DataDirect Connect64® for ODBC

Progress® DataDirect Connect64® XE for ODBC

Progress® DataDirect XML Converters®

Progress® DataDirect XQuery® DataSource

Progress® DataDirect®

Progress® DataDirect® ODBC Driver

Progress® DataDirect® ODBC for Salesforce

Progress® DataDirect® OpenAccess™

Progress® DataDirect® SequeLink®

Progress® DataDirect® SequeLink® for .NET

Progress® DataDirect® SequeLink® for ADO

Progress® DataDirect® SequeLink® for JDBC™

Progress® DataDirect® SequeLink® for ODBC

Progress® DataDirect® Hybrid Data Pipeline

Progress® DataDirect® ODBC for Mongo


Progress® ADU

Progress® Archive/Delete Utility

Progress® Managed Database Administration

Progress® MDBA

Progress® OpenEdge®

Progress® OpenEdge® Analytics360™

Progress® OpenEdge® Application Server Basic Edition

Progress® OpenEdge® Application Server Enterprise Edition

Progress® OpenEdge® Management

Progress® OpenEdge® Pro2™

Progress® OpenEdge® Replication

Progress® OpenEdge® Replication for Enterprise

Progress® OpenEdge® Replication for Workgroup

Progress® OpenEdge® Replication Plus

Progress® OpenEdge® Replication Plus for Enterprise

Progress® OpenEdge® Replication Plus for Workgroup

Progress® OpenEdge® Studio

Progress® OpenEdge® Authentication Gateway

Progress® OpenEdge® Change Data Capture

Progress® OpenEdge® Adapter for Sonic ESB

Progress® OpenEdge® AppServer Internet Adapter

Progress® OpenEdge® Architect

Progress® OpenEdge® BP Modeler

Progress® OpenEdge® BP Server

Progress® OpenEdge® Client Networking

Progress® OpenEdge® Query/RESULTS

Progress® OpenEdge® SNMP Adapter

Progress® OpenEdge® Studio

Progress® OpenEdge® SQL Client Access

Progress® OpenEdge® TDE

Progress® OpenEdge® Translation Manager

Progress® OpenEdge® Ultra Controls

Progress® OpenEdge® Visual Translator

Progress® OpenEdge® WebSpeed® Messenger

Progress® OpenEdge® WebSpeed® Workshop

Progress® OpenEdge® Workgroup RDBMS

Progress® OpenEdge® WSA

Progress® OpenEdge® DataServer for Oracle

Progress® OpenEdge® DataServer for MS SQL Server

Progress® OpenEdge® Development Server

Progress® OpenEdge® Enterprise RDBMS

Progress® OpenEdge® Multi-Tenant

Progress® OpenEdge® Nameserver

Progress® OpenEdge® Nameserver Load Balancer

Progress® OpenEdge® Personal RDBMS

Progress® OpenEdge® Corticon® Rules 

Progress® OpenEdge® Kendo UI® Builder

Progress® OpenEdge® Application Server 

Progress® OpenEdge® Table Partitioning

Progress® OpenEdge® RDBMS Advanced Enterprise Edition (AEE)

Progress® OpenEdge® Developers Kit

Progress® Telerik Platform for OpenEdge®


Progress® Sitefinity™

Progress® Sitefinity™ CMS

Progress® Sitefinity™ Digital Experience Cloud

Progress® Sitefinity™ Thunder™

Progress® Sitefinity™ Feather™


Progress® Telerik® Analytics

Progress® Telerik® Platform AppBuilder

Progress® Telerik® Platform AppFeedback

Progress® Telerik® Platform AppManager

Progress® Telerik® Platform AppPrototyper

Progress® Telerik® Platform Backend Services

Progress® Data Access

Progress® Telerik®

Progress® Telerik® Complete

Progress® Telerik® UI

Progress® Telerik® Ultimate

Progress® Telerik® Fiddler™ 

Progress® Telerik® FiddlerCore Embedded Engine

Progress® Telerik® Fiddler™ Web Debugger

Progress® Telerik® FiddlerCap™

Progress® Telerik® FiddlerScript™ Editor

Progress® Telerik® JustDecompile

Progress® Telerik® JustMock

Progress® Telerik® JustAssembly

Progress® Mobile Testing

Progress®Telerik® Platform

Progress® Telerik® Reporting 

Progress® Telerik® Report Server

Progress® Test Studio® 

Progress® Test Studio® for APIs

Progress® Test Studio® Runtime

Progress® Testing Framework

Progress® Telerik® Web Parts for SharePoint

Progress® Telerik® UI for ASP.NET AJAX

Progress® Telerik® UI for ASP.NET MVC

Progress® Telerik® UI for ASP.NET Core

Progress® Telerik® UI for JSP

Progress® NativeScript UI 

Progress® Telerik® UI for PHP

Progress® Telerik® UI for Silverlight

Progress® Telerik® UI for WinForms

Progress® Telerik® UI for WPF

Progress® Telerik® UI for Xamarin

Progress® Telerik® UI for UWP

Telerik® DevCraft™

Telerik® DevCraft™ Complete

Telerik® DevCraft™ UI

Telerik® DevCraft™ Ultimate


DataRPM® Cognitive Predictive Maintenance Platform (CPdM)


Progress® Kendo UI® 

Progress® Kendo UI® for jQuery

Progress® Kendo UI® for Angular

Progress® Kendo Complete

Progress® Kendo Professional

Progress® Rollbase®

Progress® SpeedScript®


Progress® Services

Progress® OpenEdge Developer Studio

Progress Software Developers Network®

* in these DataDirect product names, the “for” is italicized and it (along with anything following it in the product name) is 2 points smaller than the rest of the product name.

Progress, Telerik and certain product names used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Progress Software Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries or affiliates in the U.S. and/or other countries. Java and all Java-based marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. Any other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

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