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IT Infrastructure Monitoring Software

Monitor Up/Down Status, Availability, and Performance At-a-Glance

  • Avoid downtime with a network monitoring tool that covers both on-premise and cloud environments.
  • Catch network issues before users report them.
  • Troubleshoot faster and smarter with an interactive topology map that shows connectivity and dependencies.
The Solution

Availability and Performance Monitoring for Networks, Systems, Applications and the Cloud

WhatsUp® Gold provides complete visibility to everything that’s connected to your network. The unique interactive map lets you see network devices, servers, virtual machines, cloud and wireless environments in context so you can diagnose issues with pinpoint accuracy. 

Monitor Devices

Servers, routers, storage, wireless, virtual, cloud devices and more.

Monitor Applications

Alert and report on performance, response times and an array of other metrics.

Analyze Network Traffic

Identify bandwidth hogs and suspicious connections.

Manage Configurations

Automate configuration backups and restores to reduce errors and support compliance requirements.

The Business Benefit

Find and Fix Problems Fast

Get an instant view of what's up and what's down in all of your environments—in the cloud or on-premises. Know the status of network devices, systems and applications at-a-glance. Get smarter alerting from topology-aware monitoring that understands network dependencies so you receive important alerts, not worthless alert storms. Send your team alerts through SMS, email, web or Slack so they know about issues before users report them.

Discover and Map Your Entire Network—Automatically

See network resources, connectivity, and dependencies.

Empower Your Team with Custom Dashboards

Get data easily and take action quickly.

Stay Ahead of Network Performance with Customizable Alerts

Know about problems before service tickets come in.

Case Study

The City of Pleasanton Saves Hours Daily with New Log Management Capabilities in WhatsUp Gold

The City of Pleasanton wanted to monitor its network for security threats, but its log management tool turned this into a frustrating process. WhatsUp Gold 2021 helps, bringing embedded log management capabilities to the network monitoring software.

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