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As customers evolve, make your system evolve with them.

Delivering personalized messages to your customers dramatically increases customer loyalty and conversions, lowers customer acquisition costs and beefs up your bottom line. The challenge is managing global content and getting those messages to the people who need to hear them.

The answer is a modernized Content Management System.

Benefits of CMS Modernization

A modernized Content Management System is a key component of a digital transformation strategy. Serving the right content, in the right place, at the right time and nurturing the customer journey helps your organization to:

  • Add customer value and revenue by optimizing the customer experience
  • Expand existing market opportunities and capitalize on new opportunities at speed
  • Improve operational efficiency to ensure a rich omni-channel experience

Sitefinity Consulting from Progress Services

Transform your web and mobile presence into a far-reaching, high-converting solution with help from the experts at Progress® Services. Here’s what we can deliver:

  • Staff Augmentation

    Applies seasoned professionals when and where you need them without the administrative burden of onboarding FTEs. More about staff augmentation

  • Turnkey Project Development

    Crafts proof of concept projects and turnkey solutions

  • Digital Marketing Consulting

    Delivers a complete blueprint to deploy your modernized CMS.

  • Go-Live Boot Camp

    Helps with load tests and performance optimization configurations to deliver maximum performance and smooth launch of web apps.

  • Solution Audit and Performance Optimization

    Digs deeply into your project including code analysis with actionable recommendations to optimize performance, stability and user experience.
    Download Progress Solution Audit

  • Project Discovery Workshop

    Assesses the impact of your CMS on your business or project and uncovers required customizations.

  • Project kick-off – training and architecture consulting

    Get the development team trained on Progress® Sitefinity™, and walk together through the project’s requirements, architecture, key concerns and recommendations.

  • Training

    Teaches basic and advanced developer skills, customization proficiencies and UI/UX development. View training courses

  • Development Assistance

    Teaches tips and tricks to develop your Progress® Sitefinity™ project and steer around roadblocks and complexity.

Interested in Sitefinity Consulting?

"We had limited knowledge and experience in critical areas, and the Progress Services team helped guide us towards the best solution for our business."

SOURCE: TechValidate
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