Sitefinity Chatbot by NativeChat

Sitefinity DX and NativeChat make chatbot integration a breeze. Easy to build. Easy to train. Easy to theme and customize. Drag and drop the web chatbot widget on any Sitefinity page to personalize conversations and shape the journey to accelerate pipeline.


Sitefinity DX + NativeChat:
Integrated Web Chatbot Experiences

Engage visitors and provide a bespoke customer experience with a powerful AI-driven chatbot that seamlessly integrates with your DXP. The Sitefinity web chatbot by NativeChat is the complete package: 24/7 customer service • guided task conversations • FAQ builder fully integrated with Sitefinity content.

Easily integrate NativeChat chatbots with Sitefinity websites utilizing the configurable NativeChat widget. Drag and drop on both Sitefinity pages and page templates. Point your customers and prospects to the right resources. Craft conversations to collect all the information you need and steer the visitor on the journey and down the sales funnel.

Drag & Drop No-code Integration

Decrease time to market with the no-code widget designer that allows you to quickly deploy and configure your chatbots on different pages, language versions, and page templates.

Enterprise Chatbot Platform

Cloud-native architecture integrating best-in-class services in a scalable and secure way. Multi-tenant to quickly set-up and deploy. Single tenant for tightened security, enterprise features and dedicated infrastructure.

Non-technical subject matter experts can independently manage chatbot conversation content and flow. Defining the validation rules and bot responses is as easy as writing plain text. The bot engine processes the user input to elicit usable chunks of information required to successfully complete the conversation goal.


Customize both the widget appearance and behavior. Shape conversations towards goal completion: appointment booking, form fill-out, response to FAQ, support, onboarding and helpdesk scenarios.

Multiple Channels and Verticals

Your web chatbot for Sitefinity can be deployed on various voice and text platforms as well. The NativeChat platform lets you publish on multiple supported channels off a single code base. Maximize your digital presence with minimum effort. Connect with your audience on Messenger, Teams, Alexa and many more.

Bot training supports bulk import of questions and answers from a .csv or json source. Multiple variations of questions and answers are intelligently handled in the question properties. On top of that, Sitefinity integration lets you export structured content directly to NativeChat and train your bots without the need to manually create and edit FAQs in both places. Through the natural-language processing algorithms, chatbots can be trained to analyze input, extract meaning and respond accordingly. NLP and bot training make sure your website visitors can easily discover the information they’re looking for regardless of the way they ask the question, including using plain, conversational language.

Goal conversations automate a specific routine or business process, e.g. booking an appointment, submitting a request, filling a form. In a goal conversation, a properly trained chatbot will keep asking the visitor the right questions and making relevant suggestions to complete all the steps towards completing the predefined goal.

Capture Leads
Respond to FAQ
Form Fills
Book Appointment
Helpdesk & Virtual Assistance
Customer Support

Efficient interactions rely on data and business logic already existing in your connected ecosystem. Seamlessly connect to your enterprise backend systems for secure access to data and richer experiences.


One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to engaging your audience. NativeChat allows you to pull information from various systems of record, including Sitefinity Insight, and steer the conversation flow based on the available data and analytics.

Sitefinity Insight

Use Sitefinity Insight data to extract context and modify the conversation flow at any stage of the visitor interaction with the chatbot. Skip or change a question based on the user information you have or train the bot to engage at the right time.

Third Party Integration

NativeChat provides flexible REST API integration and samples on how to connect to your existing software infrastructure to deliver personalized user experiences.

NativeChat is SOC2 and HIPAA certified. The platform meets the highest security standards through support for SSO, two-factor authentication and single tenant deployment. Data is encrypted in both transit and at rest. Single-tenant deployment options with a dedicated environment in the cloud if your data protection and governance rules require it.

SOC2 Certified

NativeChat is SOC 2 certified, meaning the platform meets stringent data security, availability and privacy standards.

HIPAA Certified

HIPAA certification ensures that the NativeChat platform can safely handle sensitive data, including protected health information (PHI). Deliver the chatbot experience on web, mobile and social channels but keep sensitive data safe within your own secure bounds.

The NativeChat Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine allows chatbot developers and business users to extract structured data and user intent from the user input. Through training, based on providing examples of how humans talk about a task they want to accomplish, chatbots learn to identify user intent and respond accordingly.

Text into Structured Data

The bot engine processes the information from the user input to elicit usable pieces of information required to successfully complete the conversation goal.

Query Existing Data Sources

NativeChat bots can be trained to elicit entities from data and records already available in your connected systems.

The NativeChat patented Cognitive Flow technology provides an efficient way to drive user conversations to a desired result or conversion. The bot engine automatically handles exceptions, validations, and edge cases. Defining the validation rules and bot responses is as easy as writing plain text.

Smart Slot Filling Algorithm

The smart slot filling algorithm with automation rules is responsible for defining the next best step based on the user input and contextual information.

Acknowledge, Suggest, Disambiguate, Validate

Query enterprise backend systems to provide relevant information. Request additional input from user to extract more structured data.

Add a Chatbot to Your Sitefinity Website

Tap into a new communication channel and model the visitor journey with a web chatbot that’s easy to train and personalize.

add-chatbot-to-your-sitefinity-website add-chatbot-to-your-sitefinity-website-tablet add-chatbot-to-your-sitefinity-website-mobile
Engage and drive visitors to a positive outcome and provide a personalized experience leveraging a powerful AI-driven chatbot platform. Optimize key workflows. Automate the first line of support. Offer 24/7 efficient self-service to both customers and prospects.

Deliver always-on, tailored experiences to visitors, integrated with your website content. A true multi-channel medium with a wealth of supported languages.


Make Web Chatbots Your Competitive Advantage

Invest in experiences, not solutions. Don’t just keep the conversation going - personalize it. Engage customers and enable visitors in real time, anywhere. Deploy and train cognitive, result-driven chatbots fully integrated with your content, to provide tailored, relevant experiences to visitors and customers, with a personal touch.

Finance Chatbots

Conversational marketing lets you amplify the user experience with online chatbots to attract and retain customers.

Automate the first line of support and provide high quality customer service around the clock.

Adapt traditional services to stay competitive. Leverage AI and enable customers to self-serve 24/7.

Healthcare Chatbots

Automate routine processes and augment your facility’s contact center across a spectrum of healthcare functions.

Improve care quality with a digital-first approach to providing personalized services and patient care.

Adopt patient-centric solutions with instant response. Make it easy for patients to connect and engage.

B2E/Enterprise Chatbots

Online chatbots help automate workflows and deliver innovative solutions, personalized onboarding and member services.

Connect to your enterprise software for secure access to data and richer experiences.

Onboard, engage and enable members in real time with an intelligent unstaffed helpdesk.

The Complete Chatbot FAQ & Search Package

Leave no dead ends in content discovery and FAQ management. Help website visitors discover the information they’re looking for, regardless of the way they ask the question. The Sitefinity Chatbot is fully integrated with content, letting you expose structured FAQs stored in Sitefinity to an extra channel with a compelling, interactive user experience. Engage visitors and guide them on their journey towards a conversion with a complete solution for conversational FAQ and Search. The integrated chatbot can be engaged through other non-web channels, like mobile and Facebook, delivering your content to a wider audience.

Structured FAQ content sourced right from Sitefinity. User-friendly bot training with multiple question variations, validation, and testing.

Setup FAQ chatbots

Low-confidence suggestions enabled through bot training, along with ability to analyze user response and feedback.

Bot Suggestions

Integrated website search as a fallback option where the bot has no definitive answer or is unable to extract meaning.

Search Fallback

Powerful Admin UI for bot trainers to assess bot understanding, track search patterns and phrases, store history and analytics.

Understanding Assessment

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