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Powerful, Globally Available, Cloud-Native Content and Experience Management Platform

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Architecture & Infrastructure

A globally available, fully managed infrastructure, optimized for security, performance and scalability.

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Create, manage and scale digital experiences with a cloud-native Platform-as-a-Service.

Sitefinity Cloud Architecture

Elastic scaling environments with load balancing, autoscaling and geo-replication. A robust set of tools, services and CI/CD automation to manage the entire development lifecycle.

Production Azure Security Center Staging Cloudflare CDN WAF DDoS Protection Website Visitors QAs / Devs / Stakeholders
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Manage Your Experiences,
Not Your Infrastructure

The most effective digital experiences demand platform architecture that fosters agility, performance and scalability. Use a modern, globally available, fully managed infrastructure for enterprise content and experience management.

Build Global, Large-scale Projects
on a Fully Managed PaaS

Don’t fall for one-size-fits-all. Scale up when ready but enjoy market-leading usability, enterprise security and support right from the start. Want to ease into cloud-native CMS? Check out our SaaS offering.
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Host up to
100 websites1000 websites1000 websites
Pageviews / month
1 000 0005 000 00030 000 000
Uptime SLA
Domain, page views, environment and integration add-ons
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Success Story


Sitefinity Cloud Enables InvestorCom to Do the Work of a 40-Person Web Team with 3

As a result of a shift in strategy, InvestorCom needed to deliver client websites with greater efficiency and a smaller team. Progress® Sitefinity® Cloud takes care of much of the overhead, so the non-technical digital team can spend more time focusing on serving clients.

Sitefinity Cloud

Nurture operational efficiency and drive business growth.