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Build engaging digital experiences
with intuitive multichannel content management.

Your Challenge

Seamlessly Deliver Relevant, Multichannel Content

Organizations struggle with the new era of content management, which includes managing multiple digital channels and reaching the right audience, on the right device, at the right time. Customers demand meaningful experiences every time they engage your content, ramping up the pressure to create and update content quickly and seamlessly.

How Sitefinity Helps

Multichannel Content Delivery—Quickly and Easily

Get a simple, affordable, user-friendly solution for creating, managing and delivering content through multiple touchpoints. Easily create new content and deliver it across devices within minutes with our industry-leading, desktop-like experience. Progress Sitefinity gives you:

  • Inline Editing

    Create and update content and images on the fly effortlessly.

  • Drag & Drop Layouts

    Create new design layouts easily by dragging and dropping widgets.

  • Content Personalization

    Deliver different versions of content to multiple audiences using parameters you choose.

  • Central Multi-Site and Multilingual Management

    Manage multiple sites and microsites from one place without worrying about translation.

  • Quality and Governance

    Ensure content quality and governance with approval workflows, granular permissions and version history.

  • Digital Asset Management

    Manage digital images and videos from a central location and share them across pages and sites globally.

  • SEO Tools

    Integrated SEO tools improve content discoverability in search engine results.

  • Form Builder

    Build, configure and publish web forms using drag-and-drop tools without programming, plus capture form submissions directly into your CRM and marketing automation systems.

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Success Story

ABB Rapidly Redesigns 111 Websites With Sitefinity

Using Sitefinity's multi-site functionality, the customer implemented country sites, solution sites and multiple portals for intranets and ecommerce, including languages and personalization—in less than a year.

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