Digital Asset Management (DAM) Integration Solutions

Organize, optimize and deliver digital content across channels with AI-driven website DAM integrations that fit right in your composable DXP.

Ready to Use Partner Integrations

Receive immediate access to enterprise-grade tools for digital asset organization. Make use of AI-driven image, video and document processing for cross-team collaboration and multichannel content delivery.

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Cloudinary is a SaaS Digital Asset Management platform enabling organizations to streamline media management. Automatically deliver enhanced and optimized visuals and allow for improved user experiences.

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Frontify is a cloud-based B2B brand management platform combining digital asset management, brand guidelines, creative collaboration features and various design templates in one consolidated, easy-to-use platform.

Reduce Clutter. Focus on What Matters

Remove friction points and streamline key processes to enable your organization to focus on moving the needle without pushing boulders.

Eliminate Low-value Tasks

Reduce your creative team’s workload by effortlessly transforming and repurposing digital assets with powerful, AI-driven tools and automation.

Keep Digital Assets in Sync Across Marketing Channels

Enable marketing teams to efficiently store, organize and deliver content to multiple touchpoints.

Compress Existing Workflows

Inspire cross-team collaboration and reduce bottlenecks by equipping your organization with everything needed to achieve business growth.

Compose an Elevated Experience Around Your Organization and Your Customers

Partner DAM Integrations

Reduce complexity with powerful, enterprise-grade DAM capabilities available through partner integrations from Cloudinary and Frontify.

Built-in DAM Capabilities

Use Sitefinity’s built-in capabilities to upload, store, organize and share your assets across all your websites.

Bring Your Own DAM

Integrate with your existing solution for managing digital media, by leveraging a powerful API that enables extensibility without sacrificing time to market.

All Your Digital Assets – Intuitively Organized and Instantly Available

Utilizing an all-in-one asset management platform translates into improved brand consistency across end-user touchpoints, increased marketer productivity and stellar operational efficiency.

Digital Asset Management helps your organization build, maintain and communicate a positive visual identity to partners, prospects and customers.

Foster collaboration

Improve workflow between teams with efficiency and consistency. Bring external contributors onboard and instantly deliver value.

Foster Collaboration

Discover new Ideas

Discover new Ideas

Elevate your storytelling by directly embedding high-quality media from leading stock image providers into marketing and campaign pages.

Neatly store, easily locate and take the afternoon off

Ensure no work is lost or misplaced by leveraging libraries, auto-tagging, powerful search capabilities and intuitive metadata management.

Neatly store, easily locate

Make fewer trips to the design department

No special tools required to modify assets

Take the guesswork out of choosing the ideal image size for your product page or social campaign. Convert and customize assets yourself, by changing features like colors and file type. Crop and resize images to fit your needs or switch the focal point of the asset for impactful storytelling.

Automate asset creation at scale

Supercharge the creation of asset variations for all channels, devices and platforms. Intelligent automation helps turn repetitive and boring tasks into works of art.

Automate at Scale

Protect your assets and brand consistency

Protect your assets and brand consistency

Grant internal and external teams access to specific assets while protecting your most valuable content by deploying approval and governance processes.

Keep assets in sync across channels and touchpoints

Establish consistency, integrity and quality of your visual communication - from innovative social media campaigns and website content to traditional collateral.

Keep assets in sync across channels and touchpoints

CDN – external

Treat your visitors to instant access to your content

Deliver adaptive and elevated experiences based on a user’s location, bandwidth and device for improved engagement and key marketing KPIs.

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