Directly Impact Revenue With Lead Scoring

Qualify and influence leads on their path to conversion

Set Up the Scoring Rules

Once you have a common definition of what a sales ready lead is, you can set up the rules in the system so all anonymous and identified leads are ranked against your definition. Sitefinity provides a central panel where you can set up the scoring rules and score based on dozens of types of interactions in the customer journey.

Identify Sales Ready Leads

Once you’ve defined what a sales ready lead is and have defined the scoring rules in Sitefinity all anonymous and known leads get ranked against your definition. This enables your sales team to target the leads who match your target buyer profile and are ready for sales engagement and leave the rest to marketing for nurturing.

Visualize the Health of the Funnel

You can track how individual buyer and lead behavior impacts business on the macro level through meaningful reporting on how leads reach different stages of engagement. This enables you to see the major trends and patterns in your audience and quantify the health of the sales and marketing funnel.

Define Stages for Lead Nurturing

With Lead Scoring, you can establish a lead scoring methodology to rank your potential buyers. The score rank of your leads is typically in stages like "warm" or "hot" and determines a level of engagement. This information combined with the persona profile paints a multidimensional picture of each lead that your team can immediately turn into the correct follow up strategy.

Define a Marketing Qualified Lead

Lead Scoring is the process of ranking the sales readiness of all leads against a common definition of a qualified lead. This definition must be shared between sales and marketing teams. Sitefinity allows you to centrally manage the definition of different types of lead scoring and set a framework to determine this exact point when a lead is ready to start a conversation

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