Increase Sales and Revenue with Lead Scoring Software

Qualify and influence leads on their path to conversion

Set Up Detailed Scoring Models

Set up refined lead scoring models that capture and take into account every interaction, allowing for detailed lead scoring of multiple personas across multiple channels and touchpoints including anonymous and identified visitors. Track leads throughout the funnel according to lead scoring rules that support your unique business and marketing requirements.

Visualize the Health of the Funnel

You can track how individual buyer and lead behavior impacts business on the macro level through meaningful reporting on how leads reach different stages of engagement. This enables you to see the major trends and patterns in your audience and quantify the health of the sales and marketing funnel.

Identify High-Value Prospects

Target the right leads at the right time to maximize sales opportunities and wins. Rank your leads in stages like "warm" or "hot" to easily execute the correct follow up strategy. Eliminate the need to overinvest into multiple touches to leads that have already converted or are not at the right point yet in their journey. 

Measure Conversion Attribution

Leverage a comprehensive toolset to track content-driven campaign performance, which spans across multiple sessions and supports several KPIs including first-touch and last-touch lead generation. Identify the exact interactions that are contributing to conversions with auto-discovered touchpoints.

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