Sitefinity Release History

Sitefinity Insight Update

Released: Jun 22, 2021
Most Visited Keyword Report for Personas
Customer Journey Retargeting
Detailed Video Performance Tracking
Contact Property-Based Lead Scoring
Comprehensive Conversion Attribution Modeling
Self-Service Domains Management in Sitefinity Cloud
Enhanced Digital Marketer Usability
Enhanced Lead Scoring Notifications

Sitefinity 13.0

Released: May 14, 2020
A/B Tests support for complex events as goals
Support for SharePoint 2019 Server
Upgrade through CLI
AI/ML monitoring of conversion points and proactive alerts
Sitefinity ASP.NET Core Renderer .NET Core (Preview)
Marketo SOAP connector update

Sitefinity 12.0

Released: May 7, 2019
New page management experience
Rule-based forms
Single-item content sync between environments
Map form fields to Sitefinity Insight contacts
Multiregional deployment
Improved cache validation
Improved email settings management
Revision history improvements

Sitefinity 11.0

Released: May 30, 2018
Web Security Module
Data Encryption in config files
Systran Machine Translation Connector
New WYSIWYG content editing, advanced HTML editor
.NET 4.7.1 and C# 7 support
Reinvented content and media management
Machine Translation API
Sitefinity VSIX and CLI

Sitefinity 10.2

Released: Nov 15, 2017
Improved performance with optimized dynamic compilation of pages and page templates
Improved error logging in SiteSync and Authentication framework
OWIN extensibility
Improved Startup performance
GDPR support: Consent for Tracking
Configurable custom OpenID Connect Providers
Support for SEO and OpenGraph fields
A/B testing

Sitefinity 10.1

Data Processing Framework to track and modify database entries
Connector for Eloqua
Personalization for Web Lead Nurturing
Integrated Personalization Reporting
Personalizable Content Lists

Sitefinity 10

Released: Mar 14, 2017
User Authentication via Third party identity providers and OpenID Connect
Secure Web site preview via SiteShield
System Health check service
Site Warm up tool
Import and export of website data and structure
Improved lead and persona scoring analytics
Improved diagnostic and profiling tools
SVG support and sanitization

Sitefinity 9.2

Released: Mar 14, 2017
Touchpoints Discovery
Add-Ons Framework
Continuous Delivery Support
Website Performance Diagnostics Module
Page Template Revision History
Precompiler Tool
Improved Continuous Delivery Support

Sitefinity 9.1

Released: May 19, 2016
Personalization and Site Sync
Paste from Word and content clean-up

Sitefinity 9.0

Released: Mar 22, 2016
Continuous Delivery
Web Services API
Widget Designer
360 Degree View
Multilingual Images, Documents, Videos and Files
Multi-page forms

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