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Using content recommendation, you optimize your visitors’ journeys towards a precalculated conversion path. This can lead to more converting visitors, thus improving your customer journey and marketing funnel performance.

PREREQUISITES: To use content recommendation, you must have a paid subscription. For more information, contact Sitefinity Sales.

Content recommender feature uses Sitefinity Insight’s A.I. algorithms to combine the content managed in Sitefinity CMS with the behavior patterns of your previously converted visitors. The algorithm produces the next best step (a recommendation) for the current visitor’s journey.
For more information about the content used to generate recommendations, see Collect data through the connector » Content analysis data.

This next step is displayed by the recommendation widget on the pages of your Sitefinity CMS site, guiding your visitors along the optimal customer journey to increase their conversion rate.


  • To get the maximum efficiency of your optimization efforts, we recommend focusing on optimizing only the most important conversions at a time.
  • We do not recommend optimizing for more than one conversion on the same page.
  • We recommend placing the recommendation widget on multiple pages or all public pages of your website. This way, more visitors would be exposed to the recommendation widget, which maximizes its impact.
    The easiest way to do this is using pages templates. For more information, see Page templates and pages.
  • If you have a content item such as News items or Blog posts, which have master and detail view, and you add the Recommendation widget directly to the template of the content items, Sitefinity Insight may recommend the wrong page in the Recommendation widget.
    In this case, we recommend using the Recommendation widget on the page showing such items.
    This facilitates proper site navigation and ensures that the widget can properly recommend steps in visitor journeys which include such content items.
  • Sitefinity Insight does not fully support recommendations when multiple domains are tracked within the same datacenter and will generate recommendations, based on the partial journey for the current domain.
  • We do not recommend putting the recommendation widget on a variation of a page, participating in an A/B test or on a variation of personalized page.


When using the content recommender feature, there are the following limitations:

  • To get a recommendation, the current visitor of your website must have at least two interactions and must be part of the conversion’s segment.
    The recommendation widget is not rendered, unless there is a suitable recommendation available.
  • It is not guaranteed that Sitefinity Insight will produce recommendation in all cases.
  • If you have a content item with details view, such as news item or blog post, which participates in a visitor journey and is recommended by the recommendation widget. In addition, this content item is shown on multiple pages, some of which have recommendation widget, and some do not. In this case, Sitefinity CMS shows the first page which has the content item, and not the one with a recommendation widget.
    To avoid breaking the visitor journey, we recommend putting the recommendation widget on all pages, using page templates.
  • Sitefinity Insight calculates recommendations once per day. There may be a delay for up to 24h after your recommendation widget was placed on your website and it is visited by a visitor who satisfies the criteria and a suitable recommendation becomes available.
  • If you edit a conversion in Sitefinity Insight, recommendations will be stopped until the next calculation, which may take up to 24 hours.
  • Sitefinity Insight does not recommend pages which were previously visited by the user.
  • In multilingual setup, the recommendation widget may suggest resources in different languages. This could happen if previous visitors, who converted successfully, visited resources in different languages.


To enable or disable the content recommender, follow procedure Connect to Sitefinity Insight » Configure content tracking.

IMPORTANT: If you change the permissions, after the data has already been sent to Sitefinity Insight, and you want to make sure that newly protected data is no longer stored in Sitefinity Insight, you must sync the data to Sitefinity Insight again. To do this, disable then re-enable the content tracking, as described in the procedure Connect to Sitefinity Insight » Configure content tracking.

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