DAM integration with MVC widgets


When you have configured and enabled a DAM provider, you can use your media content directly in built-in MVC content widgets and in custom MVC widgets, which utilize sfImageField and sfMediaField directives. 
For more information about the above field directives, see Image field and Media field.

The following MVC content widgets support seamless integration with a DAM provider:

NOTE: The integration only works if the configured DAM provider supports the corresponding media content types - images, videos, documents & files.  

Using MVC widgets when DAM provider is configured

When you have configured and enabled your DAM provider and try to select a media content item in your built-in or custom MVC widget, the media library selector in your DAM provider automatically opens. You proceed by selecting the desired content item (image/video/document) and inserting in a seamless way.
Note that you can still select media content from any existing libraries in Sitefinity CMS by clicking Go to Sitefinity libraries on Sitefinity CMS backend UI.


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